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Betting in Cricket: Tips for Beginners

Is cricket on your mind, but you’d like to find more ways to make it all work in your favor financially? Then, you can join the 140 million cricket gamblers that analyze teams, and make money by guessing the outcome of the games they play on betting platforms like CBTF.

Compared to other sports, cricket is the third most popular in the world, offering a multitude of opportunities for lovers of the game and moneymakers like yourself. Therefore, we must emphasize that you must know the right way to bet before you can earn substantial profits from betting on cricket.

Therefore, let’s focus on this. What are some ways to make money betting on cricket? In this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know about gambling on the sport, including some cricket tips for getting it right.

Betting Markets that are Most Popular in Cricket

If you’re interested in betting on cricket, these are the most popular markets to start with.

Match Betting

Match betting is by far the most popular cricket bet, and this is due to its simplicity. A bet can be placed on either the away team or the home team to win, or you can bet on both teams to tie.

Completed Match

Betting odds are used to predict whether a particular match will end in a day. It is possible that unfavorable weather conditions will affect the match, causing it to be delayed. Therefore, if your prediction of the match was accurate, you would profit.

Tied Match

There is also another simple bet called a tied match bet. Select this option if you believe there will be a tie in the match. A tied result would win you your bet if you predicted it.

Innings Runs

An interesting option is the innings runs bet, which predicts how many runs a team will score during the first innings of a single match. Playing innings runs involves predicting whether the game will have more or fewer runs, displayed as over or under, based on a range provided by the computer.

Bowler Match Bets

Another straightforward betting option is the bowler match. Choosing between two players in this situation would mean choosing which of the two the best bowler is.

Top Bowler

Choosing a top bowler to bet on is an easy task. This bet allows you to select a player from either team who will be the best bowler during the match. After the game, if your prediction was correct, you won the bet.

Best Bowler or Batsman

This is easier, isn’t it? You have to carefully identify which player will be a good batsman or bowler and perform exceptionally well by the end of the game. Who will score the highest and who will take maximum wickets? 

Over/Under Score

As a beginner, you can also explore the over/under-betting market. But you have to be very careful about picking your options. If you are able to predict the correct scores, your win is certain.

Series Winner

Cricket allows two teams to play a series. So rather than playing a single match, they will play more than one match. There are usually five matches or three matches. 

You can be on any time which you feel will win the match by the end of the series. If you are doing so, remember that you are betting for the winner throughout the series and not for one match.

Tournament Outright Winner

If you wish to gamble on any renowned cricket tournament, we suggest that the “Cricket Tournament Outright Winner” is the best thing you should take into consideration. During wagering make sure to select a team that you think will defeat the rest of the teams playing in the tournament. Well, with this cricket betting tip, we hope the wind blows in your favor. 

 Series Score

Live cricket betting also allows you to bet on the final score of the cricket series. What you have to do is predict the score and hope for the best.

Man of the Match

This is one of the most common and interesting bets in the world of virtual cricket betting. If there is a cricket series then you are likely to choose ‘Player of the Series’ who you think will perform exceptionally well by the end of the game.

It should be noted that not all betting sites have the option of choosing ‘Man of the Match’ or ‘Man of the Series. 

Win Toss

Usually, most betting platforms allow you to bet on the cricket game results. However, a few allow you to choose which team will win the toss and this is done at the beginning of the match. This is amazing as it helps you win big while predicting right.

The Bottom Line   

Betting on sports virtually via cricket betting sites is undoubtedly rewarding. It offers one of the most satisfying experiences you could ever imagine. Well, the payouts are huge and betting odds are quite enticing.

The good news is that you can always rely on CBTF to understand the betting market and improve your chances of winning.

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