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Best odds, direct from The Founder

Every punter and cricket lover knows the name of the match prediction genius The Founder insights and analysis of all cricket matches played are legendary. And CBTFMyTube Channel gives you access to all his online free cricket betting tips, match predictions, analysis tips and tricks and everything you can learn from this match prediction genius to win the match.

100% full-on entertainment

Who’d want to attend boring lectures on match predictions, cricket betting odds, cricket betting tips and game analysis on a betting site?
CBTFMyTube makes everything more entertaining, exciting and interesting. It’s our fun way of presenting cricket prediction tactics and commentary on every match, be it the Cricket World Cup, Test Matches or the Indian Premier League. It is what sets us apart from the other match predictions and tipsters out there. You will love to learn cricket betting tips, match prediction with us and win the match!

Accurate insights and the best cricket betting tips

We love the game and would love to see you win the match even more with our insightful betting tips and match prediction!
We pour our heart and soul into this channel and our betting site to provide betting tips that are accurate and insightful and can help you win the match in the cricket world by providing accurate cricket betting tips and live odds for today's match with accurate match prediction. Hours of analysis and data interpretation and a deep-set understanding of the game help us see trends and directions that most miss out.
Whether it is predicting the highest score or who will win the match, our opinions and betting odds are the best you will find on the web for match predictions!

Punter Tutorials

We are here to help you master the cricket betting game and match prediction so you win the match! Not only can you use CBTFMyTube for IPL cricket betting tips and ideas, but you can also learn how we make our match predictions. We are here with the best cricket betting sites to help you master your betting game with match prediction to win the match.
Get together with our amazing presenters as they teach you about match predictions, cricket predictions, data interpretation, betting tips and what to watch out for to forecast who will win the match.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

CBTF is a reputed and reliable betting website that provides cricket betting tips. They provide 24*7 customer support, have transparent terms and conditions, flexible payments method, and a user-friendly UI design. CBTF has betting experts that provide accurate IPL predictions.

The betting industry is filled with tipsters and some of them are excellent, awful, and some of them are even scammers. That’s why taking cricket tips from a reliable website like CBTF is important to earn money. CBTF will help you with their expertise and will provide you with accurate match odds.
If you don’t want to lose in betting, take advice from the experts. Visit CBTF for free cricket betting tips. CBTF has betting experts who give accurate information after statistical analysis.

First, we have to understand the term gambling. If you do anything without any knowledge or information, it becomes a gamble. When you do anything with proper research, it becomes a skill. Don’t gamble, visit CBTFand ask for help from the expert, they provide online cricket betting tips.

Tipster makes our lives easy by giving the perfect prediction. We will win or lose depending upon the tipster. CBTFis a betting website that gives free cricket betting tips. It is reliable and reputed and your money is safe with CBTF.
The Founder is a cricket legend who gave first ever tips in 2011 after that CBTF has helped many Punters to win the betting. If you also want to win the betting and earn money, visit CBTF. The Founder provides cricket betting tips online.
After the introduction of online betting, cores of people have started betting. Competition has increased in betting still the percentage of loss of Buki has increased. Do you know why? The tipster has helped people to win the bet from Buki with cricket betting odds. CBTF is a reliable and reputed website, where you will get cricket betting tips free.

Do you know? After the introduction of online betting, the percentage of loss of Buki has decreased. Still, many punters complain about their loss because the percentage of winning has increased among smart punters. Become a smart punter by taking cricket betting tips from CBTF.

There are thousands of betting websites but taking cricket tips from a trusted website can increase the percentage of winning. Even some websites are scammers and may be the reason for the loss of money. Visit CBTF and take free cricket tips and win money.
The formula for winning a single bet or multi-bet is the same. If you can predict correctly you will win the bet. If you want to become right at every prediction, visit the CBTFwebsite and take cricket win tips directly from The Founder. He has over 10 years of experience giving cricket predictions.

The Most Effective Free Cricket Betting Tips

We offer betting predictions on a variety of different bets in addition to the match winner, which we believe can be the best bets in a match. The total number of run-outs in a game, whether a player scored 100 runs, if a player struck a six, the highest score in the first ten overs, and many other statistics are examples.

Why Opt For Cricket Betting?

Cricket has long been a significant sport and is currently the second most popular sport around the globe. The size of its fan base has also made it possible to profit from the games by making predictions and placing bets.

There are several ways to bet on a cricket match, including working through sports books, middlemen, and online venues. Betting has been wildly popular in the cricket industry for a number of reasons. Not everyone can look at the match, consider various essential factors, evaluate the game's winner, and be assured that they are willing to invest huge dollars for that sake. We at CricketBettingTipsFree, also known as one of the best online platforms for providing online cricket betting tips free that help you win on every possible bet.

Not every human being is gifted with this special quality of predicting the game of cricket and putting the right bet for the winning team. However, if you are this specific individual who loves to dig deep into the wide horizon of cricket, then don't let this power go out of your hands. If you nodded to the above-written question, then you have landed at the right spot.

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About Our Match Predictions and Cricket Betting Tips

We, at CBTF, are professional and experienced individuals; welcome to our page with free cricket betting tips!

Here, we will provide match predictions for today as well as analyses of the forthcoming cricket matches taking place all over the world. We also provide you with our finest and free cricket betting tips for the players we believe will be the most lucrative bets depending on the odds.

Match Predictions

We want to release our match predictions as rapidly as possible and cover as many games as we can.

We make an effort to publish the forecasts 48 hours before the contest starts. We will also examine and provide our Dream11 forecasts, which will comprise an examination and a predicted Dream11 team.

Cricket Betting Tips Offered By CBTF

Considering our research, the betting odds provided, and the likelihood that the outcome will occur, we will also include live cricket betting tips we like the most in addition to assessing the matches and projecting the results.

As previously said, we will always provide a betting tip based on our predictions for the outcome of the current match, but we will also include a few bonus bets.

An example of a bonus betting tip can definitely be CSK vs. MI IPL prediction.

We may also serve some impactful strategies to CSK in order to score the max points in their first six overs:

  • 1st dismissal by LBW
  • The highest opening partnership will be at MI.
  • Man of the Match will be MS Dhoni
  • And there may be many more bets similar to this.

We back our cricket betting recommendations based on the odds available. So occasionally, we might bet on an unlikely result, but the payout you would receive would imply that you could stand to profit over time.

Live Cricket Betting Tips To Help You Win!

Top cricket betting tips from the experts:

  • Look at the current ratings and rankings. Each cricket team receives rankings and ratings based on their overall performance.
  • Watch for the weather forecast.
  • Learn about the pitch grounds.
  • The coin toss.
  • Overall team experience.
  • Batter's experience.
  • Bowler experience.

When you want to bet money on cricket, expert predictions and tips are quite important. But what distinguishes an expert's prediction from others?

The professional predictions are made by tipsters who have a penchant for watching almost all cricket matches and who are knowledgeable about the various aspects of a cricket match, such as the pitch conditions, the weather, the in-form players, the in-form team, etc., which are crucial for placing profitable bets.

In terms of match predictions, our specialists have a solid track record.

Our forecasts will undoubtedly benefit you if you are new to cricket betting to help you become a major player in this industry. As our crew changes the match predictions 24 to 48 hours prior to the play, you may learn about all the betting picks for any specific match.

The primary betting option in cricket is the winner prediction bet. You may get match-winner predictions on our website, CBTF, along with comprehensive justifications for each forecast, which can help you learn more about betting in the future.

Benefits of Cricket Betting

If you are wondering to step into the online cricket betting market, here the benefits that you should know about:

An Easy Way to Make Extra Money

One billion dollars can be made by bettors worldwide in a run of five one-day international matches, according to a survey report by the Doha-based group International Centre for Sports Security.

Online betting has become more popular as well, simplifying the procedure and allowing users to earn money quickly by placing bets on their favorite teams. The main factor luring millennials into the gambling sector is the simplicity of earning money through bidding on different cricket matches.

Increase in Online Platforms for Betting

Even though cricket betting is prohibited in some nations, the online platform has allowed the betting community to become more international.

The internet betting method is more organic and gives everyone equal possibilities. In addition, it is accessible from anywhere in the world, allowing you to improve and maintain your betting statistics no matter where you are in the world. With the introduction of websites like cric (10 Cric), Dream 11, and more, the payment methods have become more secure online, which has increased interest in cricket betting.

Growth in the Gambling Market

Everyone is looking for chances to invest in stable markets to increase their profitability. The cricket betting market has only grown and is possibly the safest to place bets on.

Over time, the gambling sector has generated revenues that are almost three times what they were ten years ago. The market is currently estimated to be worth 150 billion dollars, and young people are still interested in it.

Entertainment and Engagement

Cricket betting adds an extra layer of excitement and engagement to watching cricket matches. It enhances the overall viewing experience by providing a vested interest in the outcome of the game

Broadening Knowledge

Betting on cricket encourages individuals to delve deeper into the sport. Bettors often research teams, players, statistics, and other relevant factors, which expands their understanding of the game.

Simple Working Mechanism

The key factor contributing to cricket betting appeal is how simple and easy it is to do. If you have a winning streak going, you will want to keep it going, and if you lose, you will try again to win.

With a little focus and knowledge of cricket, one can take advantage of this game's ongoing cycle. Online training is available to help you master the art of betting and apply your knowledge to succeed.

An Activity for the Leisure Time

For many people, playing or watching cricket is a popular pastime. Most individuals prefer taking a day off to watch a sport when a high-intensity game is in progress.

Cricket betting enables you to generate extra income during this free time with little effort. By placing a bet on the likelihood of your favorite team winning, you can also help them.

Variety of Betting Options

Cricket offers a wide range of betting options, including match outcomes, runs scored, wicket takers, player performances, and more. This variety allows individuals to explore different online cricket betting strategies and preferences.

How We Make Cricket Match Predictions & Share Tips?

Any day you play, it is crucial to consider the strength of the opposition. The same holds true for forecasting. Choosing a successful team is essential for the forecast. Check on the counterpart on the opposing team if you think any specific player will win the game for the team you are backing.

Four Tips On How To Win At Cricket Betting

Like any other sport, cricket betting requires a lot of talent, tenacity, and luck to be successful. You can be one of the fortunate few who pull off amazing wins if you're committed and prepared to pick up the necessary skills.

However, unlike playing at online casinos, betting on cricket doesn't operate by just signing up, making a deposit, placing a few bets, and anticipating an immediate revenue flow. Even if you're using your casino bonus to gamble on a betting website, you'll still need the correct abilities in addition to the necessary knowledge if you ever hope to succeed.

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro, you will discover some useful advice in this brief tutorial that will help you win cricket betting with the help of cricket jackpot tips:

  1. Gain knowledge

    While some luck is required to win a large sum when betting on cricket, relying only on it will not result in any meaningful gains. If you want to place more accurate bets, you must have extensive knowledge of the cricket game.

    Understanding cricket betting involves more than just being aware of how the game is played, how the scores are reported, and how the winners are selected. More information on the players, their playing styles, and their skill levels would be necessary. Before trading on any match, you should also research the teams' prior performances and game data. Finding knowledge about the run rate and innings total from past performance is helpful.

    The sort of pitch and its state, where the game will be played, are further crucial considerations. Home teams typically have a significant advantage. The fact that they would be playing on the same field as where they train might be a huge advantage while others don't, some pitches favor bowlers or batters.

  2. Analyze Rankings, Ratings, and Performances

    Cricket teams receive ratings based on their performance, the same as in football (total number of games played and points). These rankings provide insights into team and player strengths that might assist you in deciding whether betting on a particular team would be profitable for you or not.Ratings indicate individual player performance, form, and consistency, influencing outcomes. Examining recent performances helps assess team dynamics and identify patterns that may affect results. Additionally, studying head-to-head records and pitch conditions assists in making informed betting decisions. Before placing a bet, it is crucial for anyone seeking to win at cricket betting to research each team's ranking, ratings, and performances.

  3. Check the Weather

    As absurd as it may seem, the weather can actually affect how a cricket match turns out. Even a light drizzle or a bright sun can have a big impact on the surface, which is why many games are postponed if the weather makes it difficult to play. This will have an effect on how the ball moves, including how it bounces, spins and interacts with the surface. The bowlers may be at an advantage in inclement weather, but if the sun is out, the benefits will change for the batters.

  4. Bet As Per Your Affordability

    Even while many online casinos provide new customers significant casino bonuses, betting on cricket can quickly drain your cash if you don't know when to stop. Like the majority of professional gamblers, you should only stake money you can afford to lose and refrain from overextending yourself if you don't have enough expertise.

    You should start out betting as little as you can until you have some gaming experience. Going pro allows you to proceed with taking some required risks without incurring debt or going bankrupt.

Make Fortunes With Strategic Cricket Betting

Remember that there are no assurances of consistent victories, not even with the best technique or approach. You'll occasionally lose money. Strategic cricket betting can potentially yield substantial fortunes for astute individuals. By analyzing team form, player statistics, pitch conditions, and other key factors, one can identify valuable betting opportunities.

Effective bankroll management and a disciplined approach are essential to mitigate risks. Employing a diversified betting portfolio and adapting strategies based on evolving match dynamics can increase the odds of success However, if you work hard and adhere to our principles, you can drastically cut losse. It is crucial to acknowledge that betting outcomes remain unpredictable even with cricket win tips, and responsible gambling practices should be adhered to at all times.

Detailed Odds Comparisons To Boost Your Profits

Sportsbooks are constantly seeking bonuses, promotions, and other methods to entice customers because the industry is highly competitive. An odds enhancement is one of these methods.

A boost in the odds on a certain line or parlay is precisely what it sounds like.

Sometimes the odds enhancements come in the form of picks for parlays that you receive in advance from the sportsbook. For example, Fanduel frequently offers at least a couple of odds boosts to its members each day. Three golfers making the cut that weekend, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson scoring 50 points combined in the Warriors game, or a three-team college basketball parlay are all possible outcomes.

It's crucial to complete your study on the bets, even if these odds boosts are frequently highly beneficial in terms of expected value and plainly better than if you took the bet without the boost. Even though (ideally) no results are predetermined or guaranteed, remember that whichever sportsbook is providing the odds bump, such as Fanduel, Draftkings, Barstool, or BetRivers, is feeding you a specific wager that they have designed.

It's not always a good wager just because the chances are increased. Use the OddsJam calculator tools in addition to analyzing odds from other sportsbooks to make sure that the odds boost is actually lucrative, especially in the event of a parlay when vig can be included in each leg.

When you make the exact same parlay on another book, it's already over +200 without a boost, which calls into question the fair odds profitability of the boost. In some cases, a book will claim a specific parlay is boosted from +180 to +230.

For instance, FanDuel recently offered a parlay with NHL odds that included wins for the Wild, Rangers, and Kings. Increased from +290 to +400.Use the OddsJam ideal line and the no-vig calculation to see whether the boost has a positive expected value. Add the no-vig odds to the parlay calculator after that.

The Wild are currently -203 on the OddsJam perfect line, while their opponent is +180. The genuine, fair odds, according to the no-vig calculator, were -187. The fair odds for the Wild were -151, and the fair odds for the Kings were -129. Three numbers entered through the parlay calculator result in a parlay with +352 fair odds. FanDuel is providing a +400 increase, so there is a positive expected value for this addition.

Don't just take any odds to increase offers without thinking. Additionally, the limits are frequently relatively low because sportsbooks are aware that they frequently lose their house advantage on these boosts. You can consistently bet money up to $50 on Fanduel odds boosts as a bettor with a reasonably small unit size.

But despite the fact that I haven't won thousands of dollars on Barstool, they frequently set limits on my access to their odds increases. They occasionally send me $5, and other times a seemingly arbitrary sum like $11.77.

How To Use Profit Boosts at Sports-books?

The idea behind profit boosts is quite similar, but you have more control over your bet. For instance, DraftKings occasionally awards a profit bump that can range in percentage from 10% to 100%. Usually, the profit increases are connected to a certain type of bet. Arizona customers profited more from a same-game parlay for the Suns-Nets game in February. While this does limit your options to a same-game parlay on Suns-Nets, you are still free to make your own bets rather than accepting suggestions from sportsbooks.

Because the sportsbooks' objective with the offer is to entice you to love betting on same-game-parlays rather than for you to become wealthy, this profit also frequently boosts modest maximum bet amounts. The highest limit for this Suns-Nets profit boost was $50. However, it may differ based on the conditions and specifications of the particular profit boost.

Books frequently provide boosts that must be used to parlay. Utilize the opportunities on the book from the positive EV page to increase your expected value on these. The parlay is +EV if all of its legs are +EV. Go to the odds page and search for odds where that book is offering the best line if you don't find anything you like there or it doesn't meet the criteria for your boost.

To ensure you're taking full benefit of the promotion, getting best cricket betting tips, and not skipping a step, carefully read the terms and conditions like with any other offer. The profit increase virtually never takes effect automatically; instead, you must choose to use it in your bet slip before securing the stake.

The conditions frequently include a "max extra wins" limit in addition to a "maximum bet" limit in case you hit the jackpot on a longshot parlay.

Even while you shouldn't expect to win these bets frequently, if you get close to the maximum winnings, one win can have a significant impact. So, for instance, if there is a 20% profit boost, you might be limited to betting no more than (let's say) $100, but if you form a parlay at +1000, the boost increases your possible payoff from $10,000 to $12,000, and you may not be able to wager more than that. The bookies may cap the extra amount at a particular level because they often wish to avoid that $2000 extra winnings number.

If you decide to go this route, construct a +EV parlay that comes as near to the maximum wager and maximum profits as you can. In spite of the fact that it might require some trial and error, this is taking full advantage.

It's usually a good idea to take advantage of these profit increases, and they may have fewer restrictions than a same-game parlay on a single game. Even if it's just one game, DraftKings occasionally gives a generic "college basketball profit boost" token, or it can just be a direct wager. Please read the terms carefully once more. It's sometimes a live bet or a parlay, and other times the bet must be placed before the game begins to qualify for the boost. The bookies may have lost money on the particular profit increase offer, but they are aware that they will make it up by introducing novice or ignorant bettors to novel betting strategies like same-game parlays and live-to-bet.

Top Betting Tips For The Most Exciting Matches

All of today's cricket betting free tips, picks, and predictions can be found on our website, including those for Tests, T20s, IPL, and ODI matches that are going to be held across the globe. The betting advice presented on TheTopBookies is created by cricket aficionados who are extremely knowledgeable and skilled in the sport. To ensure that their predictions result in winning bets more often than not, they employ a high level of analysis.

While success in cricket betting is never guaranteed—the sport's unpredictable nature is one of the reasons we adore it so much. You may be confident that you are in the proper place if you're looking for cricket betting advice. You can find everything on our site, including IPL and CPL live cricket betting tips and betting sites!

Cricket forecasts are challenging because the outcome of a match is so greatly influenced by variables like the weather and pitch quality. Our analysts consider all of this when deciding which bets to suggest because the toss can have a significant impact on which team is likely to win.

We have several matches covered by our cricket betting specialists every single day, so you can place your bets before the toss using our match predictions for today, which are posted in plenty of time. Accordingly, it makes no difference if you like to wager on T20 events in the Big Bash League (BBL) or the Indian Premier League (IPL), or on Test matches like the Ashes games.

We promise that you will discover the best and most precise cricket predictions right here and get free cricket betting tips online. They are completely free and published every day by us!

Step-by-Step Protocol To Kickstart Your Online Cricket Betting Journey

If you believe that placing a bet only requires transferring funds to your wallet, choosing an odd, and then confirming the bet, you are gravely mistaken. You may successfully put cricket bets online by following a number of steps.

  1. Understand the Basics of the Game

    Whatever the sport is, being knowledgeable about the rules and technicalities is essential to placing profitable bets. Cricket is a varied sport that has changed a lot throughout time. Its scope has expanded to an unparalleled degree, the rules have changed repeatedly and new formats have been created.

  1. How Much Money Can You Risk?

    Online betting does not involve a physical exchange of money, and adding money is a quick and easy process. You can end up spending more money than you intended to if you start betting without a clear limit in place. Therefore, it's crucial to calculate how much you can spend on gambling.

    Always use other sources of revenue in addition to betting as a general betting rule of thumb. Always bet only with the amount of money necessary to cover your demands and everyday expenses should you lose.

  1. Always Do a Pre-Match Analysis of Teams

    Always conduct a fast match analysis before the start of the game, in addition to reviewing the previous results and head-to-head records. To obtain a sense of the predicted dew intensity and rain, check the weather reports. These two parameters can help you win when betting on cricket because they both influence the teams' toss-choice decisions and game strategy.

    Additionally, keep an eye on the starting lineup because it is typically revealed just a day or two prior to the game and perhaps even the day of the game.

  1. Shortlist Betting Sites

    When learning how to bet on cricket online, one common error novice players make is not signing up with the appropriate group of bookies or choosing the appropriate sites. Before selecting your bookmakers, you must consider a number of variables for assured wins.

    To benefit from the greatest odds available across the various sites, it is advised that you open accounts with multiple bookmakers. The greatest odds for all cricket betting markets cannot be found on a single platform; therefore, having multiple accounts is beneficial to get the expert suggested today cricket match prediction tips. Another crucial thing to keep in mind is that if you're betting on cricket from outside India, you should only use legitimate bookies.

  1. Pick Your Betting Markets

    You have a wide range of betting markets that provides you with free cricket tips to choose when you combine it with the game's characteristics. For specific tournaments, betting sites also create new odds to keep their customers interested and enthused.

      Here are some popular cricket bets:
    • Top batsman
    • Match winner
    • Man of the match
    • Over/underscore
    • Most wickets
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