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"The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep."

Contentment is good, but stagnancy is not. Doing just the bare minimum is no more enough to make a mark on the world. The urge to keep moving and becoming a better version of yourself each day will take you through the rollercoaster ride called 'life'.

Life has its fair share of challenges and opportunities. Challenges for us to face and opportunities to make the best out of them.

Don't you feel like trying something out of the box? Do you look for ways that are different from others? Have you been wondering about what leads one to success ?

Let's take you through the life of one such person who wanted to lead an extraordinary life, breaking the shackles of the societal norms and rules of what an ideal career should be. He never wanted himself to be labelled just a 'minimum guy'. The Founder is a brand now but that wasn't always the case, he had his struggles and challenges in place too. But what has been consistent throughout his life is his futuristic ideas and smart work.

Interested and fascinated by the concept of sports betting tips, young and enthusiastic The Founder created a Facebook Page in the year 2010 where he shared his betting tips and opinions with the public. The Page got pretty good response. In order to widen his reach, The Founder launched a website (www.cricketbettingtipsfree.com) (www.cbtf.in) the following year, 2011. It was the world's first cricket betting tips website solely designed, conceptualised and developed by The Founder himself. At that time there were many international websites on football and tennis betting tips, but (www.cricketbettingtipsfree.com) (www.cbtf.in) was the first website for cricket betting tips in the world.

At that time, The Founder had no source of income. The Founder's mother was the one who gave him the assistance of Rs.3,700 INR for the website. The Founder has always considered his mother the driving force and pillar of support for his dreams. By the grace of God and blessings of his mother, from six thousand visitors per year to one lakh visitors per year, his website grew in just two years.

Then came the turning point in this life when one day, The Founder got a call from Mr. Amar of Jaipur, India who offered him an amount of Rs.20,000 INR per month for SMS tips. The Founder previously had no idea about the wide arena of paid betting tips that it can be given in exchange for money. With Mr. Amar as his first paid client, The Founder soon launched paid tips, posted match & sessions on his website that proved to be a boon to his website. In this way, The Founder became the first Cricket Betting Tipster of India. At that time, when paid tips were launched on the website, the prediction accuracy of the website was a whopping 90% because match fixing in cricket was very less then.

The golden period had knocked at the doorstep of The Founder. The Founder was now on the path of becoming 'The Founder- CBTF, The Brand'. His tips and predictions regarding cricket matches were getting accurate day by day.

Some major highlights of his career as a Tipster are that in 2012-2013, his betting tips of wins for nine England Vs India matches were 100% accurate. 85% of title winner predictions before start of any tournament of ICC, IPL and other big tournaments were accurate. His website got fifty thousand daily visitors everyday during this period.

In 2015, The Founder appointed the first staff for his brand, which now has grown to more than two hundred active staffs working for his brand and he wishes that more people join him in the near future.

To expand his horizon of work and share his knowledge in the field of sports and betting, The Founder launched his YouTube channel ( https://youtube.com/c/cricketbettingtipscbtfamit ) . He has always envisioned to provide the public with a platform to share and gain from his own experiences. He has always delivered anecdotes and informative posts that can save the punters from incurring losses and make them aware of scams in betting market.

From 8th November, 2016 when the whole of India when through the historic demonitization, local bookies were shut down and cash flow in the market was restricted. How could tips be given when the whole betting market was in complete shut down? The Founder then came up with his revolutionary idea of Online ID Service that would enable punters to enjoy the benefits of online transaction with the need for cash. The Founder launced India's first Retail Exchange ID Provider Service, called LC EXCHANGE which was a hit from the very first day. This venture boosted the trust & faith that people had on the CBTF Brand.

From LC EXCHANGE ID Provider where the minimum ID was provided with a deposit of Rs.30,000 INR to ALL ID PAY WALLET of today where the minimum ID starts from only Rs.100 INR, brand CBTF has come a long way and has kept itself updated with the abruptly changing times. As of today, there are more than fifteen sports and casino products available in all branches of CBTF.

One more feather to the hat of The Founder was the launch of his own Exchange,(www.cbtf247.com) in 2020. The most revolutionary feature of this website is the concept of Rolling Commission. This is the first ever milestone feature in world of Betting, Sports and Casino that was launched with the vision to benefit the punters.

At the end of 2020, CBTF started CBTFSPEED (www.cbtfspeed247.com), a Business-to-Consumer website which provides self-deposit and withdrawal features starting from as low as Rs.1000, which is unique to 'The Founder- CBTF, The Brand'.

In September 2020, CBFT hosted the first ever reality contest of India for punters and gamblers called Sabse Bada Punter, Season 1. The top three punters got a sponsored trip to Dubai , 5-star accommodation & a chance to win upto Rs. 1 Crore . It was a grand success for team CBTF.

The season 2 of this contest is coming up soon. More details about the contest will be soon announced on the website (www.cbtf247.com) . Team CBTF believes that the second season will set even better milestones in the world of Betting, Sports and Casino.

The Founder and team CBTF is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year in 2021. To commemorate this occasion, team CBTF launched ALL ID PAY WALLET  . Through this wallet, one can make an Exchange ID from Rs. 100 INR. All deposits and withdrawal can be made 24×7 through this, which is one of a kind service provided by 'The Founder- CBTF, The Brand' for the first time in India. We are also coming soon with a Video Section on our website (www.cbtf.in) so that no restrictions, no confinements can stop us from delivering our knowledge and exposing fraud exchanges in the world of Betting. The Founder will stop at nothing to fulfil his goal of providing the punter community with the best.

It has been a cherish worthy journey for 'The Founder- CBTF, The Brand'. From a Facebook Page to 250 visitors on website in first year to becoming a brand with more than millions of visitors from 20 different countries, from Rs.3,700 INR investment to a Million Dollar Brand, from one staff to over two hundred active staffs, the voyage has been quite a challenging one. The journey of The Founder is saga of a person who has brought revolution in Indian Betting Market from the very first day.

Team CBTF expresses it's heartfelt gratitude to all the people who have joined it in its journey. The Founder will be ever trying to launch products for the benefits of the punter community. There are more visions and endeavours that The Founder and team CBTF wishes to make a reality in the coming years. There's something in store for everyone. With the love and support of you all, The Founder became CBTF-The Brand.

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