Winning Cricket Match Prediction

Many cricket enthusiasts love betting on cricket more than watching it on screen. With its increasing popularity, cricket has driven young individuals into the betting world. Resultantly, match predictions have become a popular pastime with the commencement of T20 competitions. This format is one of the common choices for gamblers to place their wagers and earn more profits.

Being played in three formats - One Day Internationals (ODIs), Test Cricket, and T20, the gamblers get a myriad of options to bet with the strategies backed by statistical analysis and a deep understanding of the sport.It helps to get the experience of free match prediction. If you are formulating a strategy for placing effective bets, look at the important aspects that are considered for cricket predictions.

Cricket Formats for Bets

Historically, there are four formats of cricket but listed here are popular three formats that are lucrative for best live cricket match prediction:

Test Cricket

This is the oldest cricket format that was played for the first time in 1877. With an extension of 5 days, this format tests the potential of the cricketers both physically and mentally. With that said, it helps the bettors to frame their best strategy on which to stake their money.

Also, test cricket is considered the longest form of sport and is popular among cricket enthusiasts for attracting ‘purists’. According to the original laws, these test cricket matches are taken as first-class games played at an international level.

From the early days of the 1870s, test cricket has transformed from the original two participating nations to attract a lot of other playing countries with high test status across the globe. These matches have more international competition in the modern day but, the key difference between test cricket and limited-overs matches is the length of time involved in the match. Generally, test Cricket matches are played between two teams, and the game went for five days as the duration of the game. Only qualifying teams with official test status can play the match of test cricket.

Important Aspects in Test Cricket

  • Test matches are played for five days, giving you multiple options to bet on a series of events.

  • Each participating team in the cricket rivalry gets two innings for playing the matches two times batting and bowling.

  • There are restrictions for fielding in Test Cricket which is played in unlimited overs.

  • Despite knowing the fact of it being of limited overs, the Test matches are played in 90 overs format.

  • Completing the innings in a day, the players have to come up for 30-over sessions on the pitch.

  • Between the gameplay of these overs, the players get a break of 40 minutes and 20 minutes for lunch and tea respectively. The bettors must be careful enough for betting as this can be an essential factor to determine their energy.

  • After completing 80 overs, both the teams get to play with a new ball towards the end of the innings.


Bettors just love the ODI format for betting on various events as it evaluates the outcome within the same day, ascertaining their winnings in the specific match. This format was brought into implementation in 1971 and was the first ever 'limited overs' format in the cricket world. This format developed the interest of the bettors to reap higher profits from the matches.

Important Aspects of ODI Format

  • In the ODI format, each playing team has 50 overs to show their potential on the field.

  • The bowlers in the ODI format get 10 over deliveries.

  • There are three power plays in each inning of the ODI format.

  • Due to only two innings in the match, the teams get only one break.

  • In the domestic matches in the ODI format, the playing overs may vary from 40-60 for each team.


The T20 format gives you a most exciting and thrilling experience for wagering on cricket matches with live cricket match prediction. It is one of the gripping formats that facilitate the gameplay of 20 overs in each inning for both competing teams.

With its increasing popularity among fans, you can place winning bets in the T20 format with cricket prediction tips.

Important Aspects of T20

  • In this format, both the bowlers get 20 overs to play their game and each bowler in the team gets to swing their arms for four overs only.

  • To play successfully in cricket matches, the participating teams follow the fielding rules for the starting overs and the two players are permitted to play outside the circle.

  • If it's a no-ball in the match, the opponent batter gets a free hit run as the added advantage.

  • For delivering the initial 20 overs, each playing team gets 80 minutes with 15 minutes break in between.

Wonderful Records of IPL for Effective Cricket Predictions

Indian Premier League (IPL) and its records are the compelling reasons that the bettors love to bet on the tournament and make it a popular league across the globe. With every IPL edition, there are new records set by the cricketers. This format is more intriguing because the players from different teams come against each other on the field and this is where the bettors find their opportunity to bet.

IPL matches have ten different franchises namely, Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Delhi Capitals, Kolkata Knight Riders, Gujarat Titans, Lucknow SuperGiants, Punjab Kings, Rajasthan Royals, and Sunrisers Hyderabad.

The cash-rich league not only provides the international players with a chance to play but also gives the emerging players exposure for their international cricket career journey.

Back in 2008, cricket lovers hadn't witnessed the thrilling cricket experience before IPL. It was impossible to see that run chase that was difficult to hit in a 50-over format made possible in a 20-over format. The surprises not just include the score figures but the performances of the players as they hit maximum fours and sixes within limited overs.

Here are some wonderful records that the enthusiasts have seen in the IPL T20 format that you can leverage for cricket betting predictions.

  1. 37 runs in One Over

    Have you ever wondered if is it possible to hit 37 runs in a single over? Yes, this was made possible in the IPL 2011 edition by Chris Gayle who smashed 37 runs against Kochi Tuskers Kerala, including four sixes, three fours, and one no-ball. Kochi Tuskers Kerala while batting first set up the target of 126 runs.

    At the time when the openers of Royal Challengers Bangalore, Chris Gayle and Dilshan came on the field chasing this bizarre record in IPL history. The duo's hit went crazy when Gayle recorded the runs in a single over.

    Will this record ever be broken in the future? From the analysis, it is concluded that if the batter tries to hit 6 sixes on a 6-ball over it will make it to 36 runs and it is rare that any bowler would throw a no-ball under such huge pressure. Resultantly, this will be more tedious to beat the records in the upcoming matches.

  2. 973 Run Score of Virat Kohli

    "Talents win matches, teamwork win tournaments" - are the perfect words to define Royal Challengers Bangalore. Reliving the moments of the 2016 edition of the IPL season, Virat Kohli went fierce as he was about to brag about his first-ever IPL trophy in his career. It couldn't be possible as RCB ended their game being the runner-up for the third time in that IPL season.

    In the season when Virat scored 973 runs including four centuries with six half-centuries - 38 sixes and 83 fours at an average of 81.08. The figures may look ordinary but Virat showed his potential and efforts to bring his team to the victory line.

    In the 14 matches league, Virat hit 973 runs with his bat and no one dared to record this under his/her name in 12 years, which gives you an obvious idea of the player's potential on the field to score such huge in T20 format.

  3. KKR Winning Streak for 10 Games

    As IPL is a 14-league match, getting a consistent 10 games winning streak sounds a bit impossible. Breaking it to you, KKR set this record in their name in 2014 & 2015, winning the games in a row.

    The flamboyant opener, Gautam Gambhir captained KKR in 2014 and defined the strategy of turning the table. KKR was about to be thrown out of the league but the next moment they were about to play the next game of the final match against Kings XI Punjab. This was all possible under the astute leadership of Gambhir during the match.

    The final win of KKR in 2014 and the first match of 2015 against Mumbai Indians (MI) makes the tally of 10 game win streak in the name of RCB. In the coming future, the numbers seem to be impossible to break.

  4. RCB With Highest Team Total

    In the IPL history, team RCB has the highest team total record of 263-5 in 20 overs. The figures that feel next to impossible, RCB made it smoothly in a 20-over game format. For owning such a record, the team needs extraordinary talent and this was completed by none other than Chris Gayle. In 2013, on April 13, the stellar performer from West Indies shocked the world, registering the records in his name.

    When RCB batted first, the RCB opener, Chris Gayle showed jaw-dropping stroke plays; first recording the fastest century followed by being the highest individual scorer at 175 runs in 66 balls, including 17 sixes and 13 fours, contributing 263/5 for RCB in the allocated 20 overs IPL match. During that match, Chris Gayle went unbeaten to score 175 which was the highest individual run score in the T20 format.

    It would be interesting to see if the record could be broken in the coming season of IPL.

  5. 10 Playoffs By Chennai Super Kings

    The most consistent win in IPL history goes to the Chennai Super Kings (CSK). They have a record of 10 seasons and 10 playoffs including 8 Finals, 3 IPL trophies in 2010, 2011 and 2018, and Championship League T20 winners in 2010 and 2014. These numbers clearly define the potential of CSK with the talented players in their team.

    CSK has the highest win percentage in the game with 60.14 and is the second highest run-scorer in league history; Suresh Raina is the prime reason for the success of CSK over the years. The CSK records are enough to wobble the spirit of the opposing team on the ground.

    CSK has been such a team who have grabbed a run score of more than 100 in 6 overs powerplay in 104 editions of IPL in which Raina got 87 runs off 25 balls but he was run out in between. If it didn't happen, CSK could own the title of fastest run-chaser in IPL history. With so many records under the feather, the bettors have more chances of making a cricket win prediction.

Considerable Factors for Live Cricket Match Prediction

For winning wagers, there are certain factors that bettors must consider:

  • Most Recent Version of the Teams

    To reap maximum profits from betting on different cricket matches, the bettors keep their current form in mind that makes a significant influence on projecting a cricket match. A team that performs better against its counterpart has a higher chance of winning the cricket match. Moreover, a recent analysis of the team's performance in the recently 5 played matches before forecasting the cricket match to get an idea about the teams with greater winning probability.

    The analysis of the player's performance can be simple as a mathematical observation for the cricket match prediction. For predicting the best players from either of the teams, it is essential to pick the batters and bowlers and compare them with other players to be assured of your wins.

  • Head-to-Head Records

    Before jumping to bet on cricket matches, it is wise to look at the head-to-head stats of the encountering teams on the ground. It gives you a better understanding of who has great potential. As cricket is a game that includes uncertainty, the teams with the better head-to-head are expected to win most of the time. Resultantly, the head-to-head record marks a significant impact on live cricket match prediction.

  • Table With a Point

    When a cricket tournament starts, the professional bettors know the eventual outcome of the match or the eventual outcome of a few matches. The performances of the teams in the first phase give you a rough idea about the winning team. With cricket prediction tips, you can win a huge sum from the cricket matches.

    If a team finishes at the first in the points table, it has a higher winning probability and more chances of defending the championships than the club finishing fast.

  • Strike Rate

    The strike rate of the players differs in various cricket formats. Each batter in the game plays with a different strike rate on the pitch, following the cricket rules and the pitch conditions. If you are thinking of betting on different cricket events, don't overlook this factor and keep this in mind when researching for the best cricket betting strategies. In the test cricket format, the average strike rate of the players ranges from 85-90 and the bettors place the wagers accordingly.

    However, if you wish to bet on T20 matches, the striking rate can be a crucial factor to consider for that may go beyond 120. Some players even have the potential of stretching the strike rate up to 170.

    In cricket matches, the run rate and the strike rate don't have a major difference. The figurative analysis in the cricket matches can be observed in ODIs. As the ODI matches are wrapped up within the same day, the players in the matches play with higher zest and potential than they perform in long-day test cricket.

  • Skills and Rankings

    The bettors consider the skills and rankings of the players to be crucial factors when placing the wagers. Before ensuring your bets in a particular cricket match, take the impact of players on the match into consideration as it directly affects the score in the final of the matches.

    Prior to the beginning of the matches, each team on the ground separates the lineups to bring the batters and the bowlers on the ground. During the matches, the top batters show their potential for bringing their victory to their teams single-handedly.

    Depending on the format of the game, an efficient batter has all the potential to turn the game in favour or vice-versa. If the match has a longer format, there are chances that a good batter would take fewer chances of taking risks. For betting, you must be cautious here. As a result, it lowers the volatility of the final scores in that format in comparison to short-form cricket.

    A smart evaluation of the individual rankings of the players and their performances in different cricket formats encourages you to make smart decisions according to higher betting odds.

  • Situational Analysis in the Match

    The condition of the cricket field has a significant influence on cricket predictions. In multiple conditions, a cricket ground can be a deciding factor for the best wagering strategies.

    Here is the ground condition that affects your winning bets:

  • Pitch Assistance

    This is another factor that marks a significant impact on your live cricket predictions. If there is rain, there are chances of the match getting canceled. Such details in cricket matches influence the outcome of the game. In the bouncy pitch condition, the game favours the bowlers while a humid pitch condition sides the batters to score more runs.

  • Historic Status of the Pitch

    Before placing the wager on the cricket matches, it is essential for you to go through the best winning record in that particular stadium, based on the historic reports. If the records of the teams in the home ground or away tournaments, the different players have different winning records on different pitches.

Understanding Cricket Betting Odds

Having deep knowledge about cricket betting odds is pivotal for accurate cricket betting tips. The betting odds in varying cricket formats indicate a certain factor that may influence your winning bets. For a clear and concise understanding of betting on cricket, assume that there is a match between India and New Zealand and both the teams are squaring off against each other for ODI matches, with India being at the probability of 1.85 for winning the match. You might be in a dilemma about this figure but it signifies that winning chances are more on the end of India, signaling India to be in the odds of 1.85 turning the game in their favour. The bookmakers disclose these figures that help the punters to place effective bets.

For cricket win predictions, understanding the betting odds is crucial for the bettors. Simply put, with these, you are more likely to increase your chances of doubling your profits through cricket betting.

If you get a good command over the tactics of turning the odds and implementing them for your profitability, you increase the possibilities of winning the bet.

Methods of Calculating Betting Odds

The calculation of cricket betting odds follows a simple rule for calculating the odds. The methods are as follows:

The rule for Odds' Calculation

The implied probability of an outcome = Stake/Total Payout

where Stake = The amount you wager for a cricket match

  • Converting Decimal Odds

    It is useful to indicate the probability as:

    • Implied Probability = 1/Decimal odds

    • We considered the probability of India's win at odds is 1.85

    So, 1/1.85 = 0.5405 = 54.05 %

  • Fractional Method

    If bookies estimate the odds of India defeating New Zealand at 8/13. Putting the figures in the above-mentioned formula implies 8/13 = 61.5% probability. With a higher number, there are higher chances of the probability of a favorable outcome.

    In decimal odds, if a player has a probability of having 2.60 odds of his/her selection in the next matches, so the implied probability would be 38.46%.

  • American Method

    Sometimes, American odds are known as Moneyline odds, which follow a (+) or (-). The plus sign indicates the outcome of a lower probability that would give higher payouts.

    When the bets come, the odds vary accordingly and you should consider this till the selection of your teams at the last moment. It signifies that the estimated probability for bettors changes as the beginning of the matches comes nearer. This is the reason that every bookie has differentiating calculations to show the odds to the gamblers. Hence, their odds are not always reliable and you have to stake your amount at your own risk.

    The betting industry is tempting for the novice as well as professional bettors but you must limit your staking amount for placing the wager. If you are new to betting on cricket matches, we help you place effecting and winning wagers with cricket prediction tips.

    Wrapping Up!

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