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Betting Tips for Cricket that Every Punter Should Know | CBFT Tips

Betting Tips for Cricket that Every Punter Should Know!

Every cricket bettor needs a logical understanding of which market to bet on, whether pre-game or during the game.

Understanding the variables involved in wagering on a match is essential to understand how cricket betting functions. One of the crucial factors that will undoubtedly impact the result is first and foremost taking into account the pitch’s condition.

Additionally, doing your research before making any form of wager will greatly increase your chances of success. Here, we’ll look at a few cricket betting strategies that will help you win more frequently than not.

Cricket betting tips

  • Understanding the betting market

Getting a betting market is the following step once a cricket betting platform has been wisely chosen. In essence, this involves deciding precisely when and where to place bets.

Regarding betting on cricket, there are primarily two sorts of betting markets. The pre-match market is the first, and the in-game market is the second.

Let’s start by trying to comprehend the pre-match market.

One may find some of the most excellent cricket betting odds in pre-match markets. The only outcomes that need to be bet on include, but are not limited to, Player of the Match, Best Bowler, Winning Team, and Best Batsman (player who scored the most runs throughout the game).

If, for instance, the odds of Virat Kohli being the best batter in an India vs. England game are 3.48, you would win INR 348 for every INR 100 you bet should the former Indian captain end up being the game’s highest scorer.

It’s crucial to realize that each player will have a unique chance of winning. The greater the risk you take, the greater the rewards.

Now, let’s take the in-game market into consideration.

Since it requires the prediction of numerous factors, in-game betting is only appropriate for experts or those who thoroughly understand the game. For instance, you may wager on things like runs on the next ball, the next batter to go out, runs over the first six overs, wickets over the next over, and more using the in-game market.

A T20 match is viewed in this market as a bettors’ paradise since it frequently has seasoned gamblers with in-depth knowledge of both the betting world and the game.

  • Analyzing the conditions

This brings us to the next crucial aspect of cricket betting: evaluating the nature of the match. In contrast to other team sports, the game of cricket is significantly influenced by the weather, the type of pitch, the dew factor, and whether or not there is wind at the location.

On the other hand, cloudy weather implies that bowlers are expected to dominate the run of play as they will receive more swing and the ball will move in the air. Good weather and a clear sky help batters score more runs.

Pitch conditions are still another significant factor to consider, as mentioned earlier. Flatter pitches typically favor batters who enjoy playing on such grounds.

  • Play with mind and not heart

Those who wager on live markets are more adept at understanding how emotionally charged cricket can be at times than most of us. The in-game market commonly referred to as the ball-by-ball market, is, to put it mildly, impulsive. There isn’t much time to consider your options because the odds are changing so quickly.

Therefore, when you feel things are getting out of hand or over your head, you must pause and assess what has happened. Wagering impulsively on emotion could result in significant losses. Therefore, the ideal method to win big is to place bets in a cool-headed, emotionless manner that is measured and composed.

The form is temporary, but class is forever, based on a famous statement. This, however, has no place in the betting market because cricket betting heavily relies on an individual’s or a team’s form.

As much is at stake, it is always advised to maintain track of recent performance rather than relying on intuition or prior successes. Before placing a wager on any betting market, the bettor should know recent statistics and how the player or team has fared under the circumstances.

For example, Sri Lanka hasn’t recently played at its best on Indian soil. Assuming that the Lankan Lions have never beaten India in a bilateral ODI series played away from home, the match result is expected to follow what precedent has shown. Punting a Sri Lanka victory entails a significant increase in stake danger.


Betting can be an excellent fun activity that is frequently engaged in. Since you have nothing to prove, choosing the cash-out option when you are in need can be a better choice than you think.

It provides you the option to take back a portion of your initial investment. Of course, the amount withdrawn will depend on the current team odds being provided, but doing so can help you avoid losing all of your money. 

At CBTF, we offer you a comprehensive betting guide covering every aspect of betting online cricket.

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