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In 2021, the betting industry earned huge profits within the local as well as international boundaries. The figures depict that the craze for online cricket betting tips is growing at an unprecedented rate and more cricket enthusiasts are leveraging the online betting opportunities in India.

Irrespective of undergoing legal restrictions, the gamblers have paved the way for betting, making cricket one of the most popular sports on a massive scale. 

It is a bit tedious to gauge the accurate size of cricket betting in India. The reason behind this is that due to legal impediments, there is access to recorded data or the lack of government regulating authorities or agencies tracking the figures of this industry. 

However, from general surveys, the market has an estimation of the online betting industry increasing at a pace of a whopping 20% per year, fueled by the convenience offered by cricket betting sites and accessibility to the internet. 

This blog sheds light on the crucial facts and cricket statistics that reveal the tremendous growth of gambling in India. Let’s go through the blog to get a better understanding and the scope of the betting industry in India.

Cricket Statistics of Betting in India 

  • Of the billion cricket fans, there are approx 140 million regular bettors in India.   
  • During the major events of cricket, the number rises up to 370 million. 
  • Currently, the bettors have 37 cricket betting sites to gamble on. 
  • Betmatch, Dream 11, and Bet365 are some of the most preferred apps for betting.
  • Telangana, Karnataka, and Maharashtra are the major states with more popularity of cricket betting. 

Reason for the Growth of Online Betting in India 

The cricket betting industry in India is accelerated by a number of factors. In a recent study by Deloitte, it was revealed that the biggest contributing factors to the surging of online betting in India are stable internet connectivity, access to smart devices, and an urge to create disposable income. 

These factors are promising enough to fascinate Indian bettors to participate more in cricket betting. 

Factors in Online Betting 

  • Age 

According to some research, it is concluded that the younger population tend to indulge more in betting than the older generation. From the estimation, 44.6% of bettors are Indian bettors in the age range of 18-24 while 32.5% are between 25 and 34. 

  • Location

Online betting is not bounded to a specific region but takes place across the globe. Online cricket betting is mainly centred in urban areas of India, such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, and more. 

Moreover, it is observed that the northern and eastern states have less inclination towards betting due to being more conservative. 

Southern and Central states may be liberal enough to involve in betting, overcoming the stigma of losing all the money. 

The population from the following states come up for betting:

  • Telangana (18.7%)
  • Karnataka (13.2%)
  • Maharashtra (9.6%) 

Future of Online Betting in India

Currently, the betting popularity is uncertain and can take a twist at any time in the near future. Cricket betting through local bookies is not legal in India but the online betting sites and apps have broken off these restrictions, facilitating convenient betting in the tournaments of your interest. So, there can be possibilities of the government stepping to regulate the betting market to generate more revenue. 

The authorities can come forward to legalise the betting system if they observe monetary benefits in the betting industry. 

Summing Up 

The cricket betting industry is huge and uncertain and attracts a large crowd of bettors to earn more profits. The cricket statistics show convincing figures of the bright scope of cricket betting in India. 

Compared to the elderly, this has proved to be more of a younger person’s game. The population of urban areas develop more interest in betting.

The betting industry is tempting for all but you must restrict a specific amount for placing the wager. If you are new to this industry, we help you place effecting and winning wagers through free cricket betting tips

At CBTF, we are aiming to drive the individuals for getting assured wins in various cricket matches with our expertise.