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Amit Majithia the Mind Behind the CBTF Brand | CBTF

Predicting a team’s or player’s performance has become a popular pastime for cricket fans that are among the sport’s numerous supporters worldwide. 

Although those who accurately forecast the course of a game are few and far between, there is one who has dominated this field thanks to his keen game expertise. Yes, we are talking about Amit Majithia, who is referred to as India’s Cricket Guru known for his enormous knowledge & skill in cricket.

Who is Amit Majithia?

Amit Majithia, the CEO of CBTF news, possesses the uncommon ability to anticipate the outcome of a game in advance, and many times his forecasts are spot on. This has impressed a large audience who have attended his prediction extravaganza.

A platform dedicated to cricket that offers updates around-the-clock about the sport, CBTF Speed News, is just one of the successful projects.

With only Rs 3500 in his pocket, he started his career, and today he is the king of his own company worth millions. 

Amit Signed Emraan Hashmi – Brand Ambassador of CBTF

Bollywood celebrity Emraan Hashmi has joined CBTF Speed News, a rapidly growing sports media outlet, as their Brand Ambassador.

Mr. Hashmi, who is well-liked for his athletic achievements in Jannat and Azhar and is a fervent cricket fan, has a sizable fan base among young sports fans for his vivacious persona.

According to the latest updates Emraan Hashmi, a well-known Bollywood star, has joined CBTF Speed News as the Brand Ambassador. He is highly known among fans of sports for his roles in movies like Azhar and Jannat. Due to this, there is a lot of confidence in this relationship, stated Mr. Amit Majithia, CEO of CBTF Speed News.

Due to the fact that it provides viewers worldwide with immediate cricket updates, news, and tips, CBTF Speed News has become incredibly well-liked in India.

The CBTF Speed News representative stated during a chat with the media that they broadcast cricket matches worldwide and provide viewers with comprehensive information (i.e., the appropriate amount of news, live scores, etc.).

Mr. Amit expressed knowledge and happiness, saying that their company is proud to be connected with the seasoned Bollywood star Emraan Hashmi. The actor’s declaration of his desire to do sports is even more motivating. Emraan Hashmi wants to rule the world stage and Indians’ hearts as the brand ambassador of CBTF News.

Three Filmfare Awards have been given to Mr. Hashmi for his outstanding acting. In 2002, he started his career in the Indian film business as an assistant director on the movie Raaz. Jannat, Azhar, Gangster, Murder, Shanghai, Hamari Adhuri Kahani, and The Dirty Picture are among his popular and well-regarded flicks. He is one of the actors in the Indian cinema industry who is most admired, desired, and gifted. Even now, many hold his performance in the films Jannat and Jannat 2 in high regard.

About CBTF 

The Cricket Betting Tips Guru of India, Amit Majithia, has contributed to several successful endeavors, including CBTF Speed News. This website has all the latest cricket news, advice, and tactics. The website continuously provides live sports updates. 

The well-known cricket news portal CBTF has Emran Hashmi as its brand ambassador, and Amit Majithia, who mutually wants to expand the following by connecting with additional individuals. Mr. Amit wants to share his expertise with others and, as a premier cricket analyst, he also wants to have a positive impact on society. 

With his exceptional abilities and knowledge, he hopes to distinguish out from the competition.

Wrapping Up

If you’re a die-hard cricket fan, you’ve probably heard of Amit Majithia, the nation’s cricket guru who has astounded the world with his match predictions. You should check out his website, CBTF, for all the latest information, techniques, and recommendations before you try your hand at cricket betting. 

He began his career as a straightforward cricket enthusiast and is now the proprietor of a multimillion-dollar firm. His intense love of cricket propelled him to great heights, and he is well recognized for his accurate cricket forecasts.

For the latest cricket updates, follow CBTF news. 

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