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Cricket Betting Tips and Strategy to Win Your Game

By now India is known for fantasy cricket, isn’t it? It has become one of the hottest topics not only in India but across the globe. Fantasy cricket is an online game in which you need to create a virtual team and finally earn points as per their performances during the real cricket match. We are writing this article to make you aware of smart cricket win tips. These tips will help you know how to approach a team selection in the best possible manner.

What are we waiting for then, let’s begin!

Select the Right Platform

The most important cricket win tip is to select the right platform to play fantasy cricket. Today, the online market is flooded with plenty of platforms but do you know how many of them are genuine platforms? We suggest you rely on CBTF. Here your chances of winning are more.

In-depth Research

You also have to build a smart strategy but this point is usually overlooked. In order to choose the best team, you simply have to research the match. 

Consider the below mentioned the following stats:

  • In what form is the team?
  • What is their head-to-head record? 
  • What is the venue? Is it the home ground of one of the teams?
  • How is the pitch? Dry or moisture?
  • Who are the best performers of the team?

Pick the strongest team

We hope you are liking our cricket betting tips free. Let’s move on to the next. After an in-depth analysis, the next step is to choose the best 11 players. It is not important that a strong team will have the best players. Look for the players that are expected to stand out and help you score the most. It is important to have differentials in your team. 

Look for an all-rounder player

Another cricket win tip is to grab as many all-rounders as you can in the team you create. The major advantage of this is, that these all-rounders help you score maximum score with their brilliant performance as a batsman, fielder, and bowler. This is another reason why they are an amazing choice as a captain and vice-captain. Also, keep an eye on the cricket betting rate.

 Join contests early

Do you know that the contest of the match is available a few days before the real game? Joining in advance will help you win the game as your opponent may not update the team after the toss. 

You should join early but don’t make the mistake of building a team immediately. For that, wait till the last moment.

Remember to create multiple teams for a match

Creating multiple teams for a single match will undoubtedly help you a lot. But make sure all your teams are different from one another. Create different captains and vice captains. This will increase your chance of winning. How? If you lose one time, the probability of winning with another is more. 

Update your team after the toss

Another winning strategy is to update your team when the toss takes place. Pick the ones that are actually playing in the game. Later on, you are allowed to change your strategy according to the team which has decided to bat first. 

We will explain this with the help of an example. If the team that has decided to bat first has a powerful batting lineup, it is very crucial for you to take more batsmen from their team. You have to carefully strategize according to the toss.

Keep a strong backup

We will not advise you to invest all your money in a single match. Never invest more than 50% of your balance in one match. If things are going unfavorable for you, you should have enough in your wallet to play other matches so that you can seamlessly recover.

 Have patience

This is something really important but it is a little challenging to follow as you bet on the cricket game. Never panic, or get excited. Stay calm and have patience.

There is nobody who wins all the games. There are chances that you will sometimes fail losses. But that doesn’t mean you should quit. What you should be doing is learning from your mistakes and coming up with smart strategies for the next cricket matches.

Create long-term strategies

Create a long-term strategy. With this we mean you should build a blueprint of the strategies for the complete series.

You will need a notepad and a pen. Jot down the points and learn from failures. This way you surely reap the benefits of betting and it will certainly help you win.

Take calculated risks

Are you someone who has invested wisely and is playing smartly? Good but this doesn’t mean you will keep risking. We recommend you always take a calculated risk and don’t follow your heart blindly.

That’s it! We hope you loved our cricket betting tips for free. All the Best!

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