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The admirers of cricket are not only in India but also in the corners of the other nations as well. It is the sport that unites people to cheer up their favourite teams and players. Gaining huge success in cricket in ICC IPL matches, Cricket Australia also started their domestic matches as Big Bash League (BBL) in the T20 format. T20 is one of the favourite formats for the bettors to place their bids. There are higher possibilities of winning the wagers in this format.  

BBL is a festival in Australia in the summer as it is the most popular sporting tournament. Simply put, BBL is a T20 cricket tournament featuring the best and emerging local and international players in a full-throttle cricket season witnessing the big hits and spectacular highlights of the matches. For the best BBL match prediction, make sure to follow the previews and previous BBL matches. 

The performances of the players in the varying cricket ground sizes and the type of league add spices to watching and betting on the matches. Big Bash League (BBL) entices cricket enthusiasts in all aspects from enjoying it in the stadiums and betting on it in online markets. 

Fundamentals of BBL for Predicting BBL Winner 

The pointers mentioned below would not only help you in BBL cricket prediction but also can be applied for other T20 franchise matches around the corner. 

BBL Tournament Format

Before predicting the BBL winner or accurate BBL match prediction, it is important that you understand the format of the league to put all betting advice into context. Have a look below: 

Regular Season

  • 8 teams participate in the competition.
  • Conducted with a home and away schedule. All the teams face off against each other twice (double round-robin).
  • A total of 56 matches are played. 
  • One table of standings with no conferences. 

Post Season

There are 5 franchises that qualify for the postseason knockout finals system (playoffs).

The finals of BBL are off sudden death matches, including the championship match. 

The highest regular season finisher gets a home ground advantage to play in all playoffs.  

BBL Match Prediction Tips 

BBL is a cricket league that is conducted among both men and women with separate tournaments. To bet on this league, here are prediction tips: 

  • Major Focus on Pre-Tournament Betting Markets

BBL is a fertile ground for gamblers who chase to win big in bulk future markets. For an accurate betting strategy, it is important that you keep an eye majorly on popular markets while developing an understanding of the trend of this particular cricket league. Once you strengthen your foundation, then, by all means, you can expand your betting horizons. To extend your betting strategy, here are the popular pre-tournament betting markets for BBL: 

  • Tournament Winner/Grand-Finalists/Team “to make” or “not make” the finals. 
  • Top batter to score maximum runs
  • Highest wicket-takers
  • A score of each individual team for most runs or wickets
  • Ground/Venue with the most runs scored

If you get exposure to these markets in the early stages, you have many options to cash out the hedge bets with the progression of the season. 

  • Climatic Conditions for Balancing Performance 

Different climatic conditions across the vast continent of Australia compel the franchises to get tough to play roster balanced. They must cover all bases, which allows the team to get competitive in all the matches irrespective of the playing conditions they encounter on the cricket ground. This juggling act is also practised within the salary cap constraints with a maximum roster of just 18 players. 

  • Importing of Players in the Tournament 

In a group of 18 rostered players, there can be two international players who have no routes linked from Australia i.e. non-domestic players in the tournament. These players are employed in the team to bring gripping performances, vast experience, and a tough playing level. They have it all to keep your eyes glued to the screens. To bet on BBL matches, be careful in the online betting market as their offerings differ when two proven international stars face off. The outcome in T20 cricket is often decided by a blistering individual performance of the players in the matches. In such cases, non-domestic players add value to the gameplay. 

  • Home Ground Playing Experience

If you are chasing for the value, looking at homegrown stalwarts is wise as they know the pitch conditions on their tips. The domestic players play fiercely when it comes to facing the renowned superstars of other nations. This can hugely help you with BBL match prediction. This can be a turning point in the career of the players. 

Wrapping Up 

BBL is an enticing cricket league that helps gamblers to earn a huge sum through betting on it in the online betting market. Whether you want to predict the BBL winner or BBL match prediction for other cricket, CBTF betting helps you all the way. 

For more cricket updates and cricket betting tips, stay tuned with CBTF! 

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