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Expert Talks By Amit Majithia On Cricket Betting Tips

Cricket is one sport which is loved by everyone in India, may it be One Day format or T20, both have a serious following in our country. A few fans who have been following the sport for years gain an in-depth understanding of the game and have gained expertise in the area of cricket prediction. Today we have our expert who has been termed as Cricket Guru when it comes to cricket prediction, Amit sharing cricket betting tips.


CBTF Amit Majithia utilized his knowledge of the game to predict the outcome and the results swayed in his favor most of the time making him a well known name in the cricket betting industry. He gives credit to the intensive online research and meetings with experts over the years for his achievements. We are listing down Amit cricket betting tips to help you with getting the maximum from your wagers.

As per our expert Amit, the most important thing with online cricket betting tips and prediction is the knowledge of the game and the research one puts into it. Watching the match and betting on it are a bit different and one needs to put in a bit of effort to reap the benefits. 

The key factors to keep in mind are player’s performance, teams recent performance, weather and pitch conditions.


When betting on the team you are essentially focussing on the players so it is very important to understand the players strengths and weaknesses. The players’ performance varies and thus looking at the recent matches makes a big difference. Also keep in mind to follow the performance for the format one is betting on. If you are betting for a T20 match, look at the T20 performance of the player and not One Day or Test series. 

When betting for a series like One Day Series or IPL, the team one is following and the opposing teams past results is something you should go through before taking a call. 

The weather and pitch conditions play a huge role in the outcome of the score so looking at the weather helps in making the right call as well. 

As per Amit, understanding the odds is another way of finding which team is more likely to win the game. Also, as the odds change during the game, keeping an eye on the live updates is essential. Online betting gives the option to make multiple bets so make use of it.

Another important step is using the betting apps well. A good betting app offers a range of features to help take the right call. Cricket betting tips by CBTF app gives you support throughout the match to make a good call. 

Lastly, he adds don’t forget to enjoy the match and win big!