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In the boom of the online sports betting market, cricket has made a major contribution. Since cricket started, it has been categorised in multiple variants with some tweaks in rules and regulations in each format. 

The Indian Cricket Council (ICC) has separated the official international cricket matches into different formats – Test Matches, One Day Internationals (ODIs), and T20s. The different formats of cricket pose a difficulty to create a common betting system as all are bound to follow specific rules. 

So, how can you optimize your betting strategy in live cricket betting? You must be wondering about the factors that directly impact your wins on cricket bets. To know them, give it a read. 

How to Find an Optimal Betting System to Increase Profit? 

With different rules of cricket formats, you must start with identifying the key underlying factors that decide the outcome of the matches. To help you better, here is a brief comparison between the three formats and the rules or guidelines that impacts the formulation of your betting strategy: 

  • ODI Matches – These are played in limited 50 overs.
  • Test Match – This format is played in a span of 5 days with 6 hours dedicated for a day. 
  • T20 – Played for a maximum of 20 overs with each team having one inning. 

Understanding and analysing the cricket formats help you ascertain a spectrum for each fixture on the pitch where you can predict the accurate or near-to-accurate final score. 

However, what differs in the scoring capability in all the cricket formats is the run rate.

Here are the significant factors that impact your betting strategy: 

  • Expected Run Rate 

The newbies often fail to identify the expected run rates in the Test Matches. It is advised that you anticipate a lower run rate in this format and it indicates the number of runs scored by the batters. The ODI and T20 formats have limited overs gameplay and it implies that the players give out their maximum in each situation of the games. 

Test matches are played in a span of 3-5 days which provides the team with more time to shift the final scores in their favour and the bettors also gain added advantage. When valuing your cricket bet in live cricket betting, always take the expected run rate into account; it helps in accurate prediction, maximizing your profits.  

  • Strike Rate

The strike rate differs in all the cricket formats. Moreover, each batter plays with varying strike rates under ascertained cricket rules and pitch conditions. You shouldn’t overlook this factor and keep this thing in mind while conducting research and analysis to place your wager. For Test cricket, the average strike rate ranges from 85-90.  

However, if you are thinking of placing a bet on T20 matches, you must consider a striking rate that goes beyond 120. Some players have the capability to surpass 170.  

The run rate and the strike rate have a minimal difference, correlating to each other to a great extent. This figurative relation can also be seen in ODIs. In an ODI match, the teams play with higher zest than they play in long-day Test cricket matches. 

  • Individual Player’s Skills and Rankings

When assuring a certain bet, take the high-impact players into consideration as it directly impacts the score of the final matches. Before the match begins, each participating team separate the lineups for their efficient batters and bowlers. In the matches, the top batters prove to be potent enough to bring their team to the victory line single-handedly. 

Depending on the format of the game, a top batter owns a huge probability either to turn the game in favour or against, impacting the final score. If the match has a longer format, a good batsman is less likely to take chances. Resultantly, it reduces the volatility of the final score as compared to short-from cricket matches. 

A right evaluation of the player’s individual rankings and performances in T20, ODI, and Test Matches, enables you to adopt smart cricket betting strategies that vary depending on the high volatility odds rates in cricket betting sites

Summing Up 

The different cricket formats have multiple factors that impact your winning strategies in live cricket betting tips . A wise consideration of the above-mentioned factors and the free cricket betting tips by our experts promote more assured predictions for profitable bets.

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