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Today, in the betting market, fantasy cricket betting apps are driving a surge in gambling addiction among cricket enthusiasts. To place a profitable wager, it is important that you develop a sound strategy before jumping into fantasy cricket betting. 

There are a plethora of options in the online cricket betting market that allows you to earn a significant amount of money. Cricket comprises three formats – One Day Internationals (ODIs), Test matches, and T20. Fantasy betting apps allow you to bid on these formats of playing XI and you can decide on your staking amount to start with. Many players get entertainment value with multiple monetary benefits. For profitable betting strategies, we have put together a few tips & tricks that would surely help you for your next win. 

If you are wondering about what fantasy cricket is, let us give you a brief understanding.

A Brief on Fantasy Cricket Betting 

Fantasy cricket betting is an online market where the bettors pick the teams of 11 cricket players, including batters, bowlers, all-rounders, and wicket-keepers. Based on the real-world performances of the players, the bettors risk their money to turn it into profitable returns. 

Fantasy cricket matches aren’t bound to just the cricket tournaments but have wide betting options on other sports as well. Every cricket league has its own set of rules and regulations that you must consider before placing a bet. Whatever the cricket matches, irrespective of the host country, you can place a wager in leagues, such as IPL, T20s, World Cup, Test Matches, and much more. 

Moreover, from the playing XI squad, you get certain points to bid on specific players. Based on real performances on the pitch, your points fluctuate on the scoreboard and you can track your win. 

Every score, runouts, wicket-keeping, strike rate, and many other factors directly impact your bids. In the end, if your bet matches with the outcome of the cricket matches on the pitch, you get certain payouts instantly.

Pro Tips for Fantasy Apps 

The following tips can be beneficial for your improve your winning strategies:

  • Go through the Playing XI List 

It is a bad idea to spend money on the players who aren’t even included in the list of the final eleven. Before the match begins, ensure to have a final check on the finalists to confirm your selection of the players. Depending on different apps, you get 10-15 minutes to make changes to your selected team before the match begins. 

  • Opt for Late Changes in the Team

This is one of the secret tricks that help increase your chances of winning the bet. Try to make late changes in the betting team after the toss. This way, you not only make strategic adjustments but also assure the value of your bets on the right player.

  • Playing Conditions Into Consideration

Ensuring the effective bets on the right player turns your bet worthy. You must analyze the conditions of the pitch. To help you better, if the pitch condition in a specific match is fast and bouncy, you would want to load up on the fast bowlers to turn the game in your favour by collecting higher wickets. 

However, a flat pitch favours the batters, encouraging scores higher while in case of a rough or deteriorating pitch, the spinners have all the way to go and win hearts. 

  • PlaceTop Batters on the Top 

If you want the batters to draw out higher runs on the pitch, they must face some deliveries to get an extended time, especially, if you are betting on T20 or ODI matches, the lineups for the bettors become more important. In these formats, the lower batsmen are less likely to come on the pitch. 

  • Understand the Right Value of the Players 

The best thing comes with a cost which indicates that you have to pay more for great players’ performances. Along with this, if you succeed in finding the right option for the players at a lower cost, it turns out to be a crucial bet. This practice allows you to collect more points from the matches without extending your budget limit in live cricket betting tips.

Summing Up 

Fantasy cricket betting is a fun way to enjoy cricket matches while earning a lot of money followed by wise and logical strategies. There are many apps and cricket betting sites that promote cricket betting and pick your dream team. 

Looking for experts’ opinions on online cricket betting? We come up with effective strategies and pro tips. Stay tuned! 

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