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Guide to Online Cricket Betting for a Beginner | CBTF Tips

Guide to Online Cricket Betting for a Beginner

It might be a little difficult to bet on a game of cricket but you might be unsure about where to start. However, if you can comprehend the essentials such as how to register with an online betting website and how the odds function, it is very easy and convenient. With reliable cricket betting tips free at your fingertips from reliable sources, you can enter into the cricket betting world. 

Cricket Betting Forms

There are a number of cricket betting forms available in cricket

  • A match betting is one in which you can estimate who would win the game and bet your money on that result. 
  • A handicap bet evolves when one side has a benefit over the other because of their playing level or since they are playing at home. 


  • 1st Wicket Method – The bet is placed on the method of dismissal for the first wicket of the match. In case a batsman gets injured and has to be rested, the bets get settled when then the next wicket falls, in spite of the fact that who is dismissed. If a batsman retires out, all the wagers are worthless and null. 
  • Over/Under – This bet is placed on whether the average total of the two teams would be fewer or greater than a figure established by the betting provider. 
  • Highest/Most Match Sixes – These bets are placed in the team with the most number of sixes, the team with the highest first six overs and the winning team. 

Choose a Betting Site for Cricket in India

It is an important step and hundreds of sports betting sites are available online all across the world. This makes it hard to choose any one. You should go only for the reliable ones such as 888Sports, Parimatch, Betway or Bet 365 first. Consider which features are the most essential for you while you browse through the perfect betting sites. You should consider whether you like a website that offers a huge, one-time welcome bonus or is user interface a high priority for you. 

Select Your Team Carefully

People bet on cricket matches for different reasons and these are not essentially a part of the winning strategy. Some bettors would always bet on their favourite team or player no matter what. Some people bet on unfamiliar teams for passing the time until the next regular match. 

It is essential to select the right cricket matches to wager on if you want to get a kick start when beginning to bet on cricket. Place bets on matches about which you are absolutely sure and have trustworthy information. You would not always be correct, but you would have a better chance than others. 

Analysing the Odds

The odds indicate the amount of money that a gambler can win or lose in a wager. Betting odds might get confusing initially but you can comprehend it after some time. Betting odds are of various shapes and sizes. You should look for decimal or fractional chances, along with Indonesian, Malaysian and American odds. Most of these odds are quite similar and you do not need to be good at math for being an expert at betting. It is easy to convert percentages to decimals and vice-versa. Theoretically, decimal odds of 1.00 equals 100% but there is nothing like a 100% guaranteed bet. As a rule, the greater the decimal number, the less probable the event is. 

Consider In-Play Bets

In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of players who prefer in-play bets. In-play bets are quick and easy to place and you might do it from your smartphone. You can also view how the game is advancing before you place your bet. 

You should decide what type of wager is good for you. Novice bettors should bet on high-odd bets such as singles or a banker as they provide big pay-outs and more options of risk-management if things do not go according to the plan. 

Wrapping Up

If you are interested in cricket betting, you can look for a reliable cricket betting site to bet on in India and register yourself and place your wager. However, if you are unsure about your bets CBTF website provides you with some amazing and reliable cricket betting tips which you can rely on. These tips help you to score big as these tips are produced by our analysts after examining all the data available. 

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