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How Do Bookmakers Set the Odds in Cricket Betting? CBTF Tips

In recent few years, betting has gained significant popularity in cricket, and with a good reason. One of the major reasons behind this is the excitement and potential of the huge profit. However, if you are new to betting you might be unaware of how to read odds. So, in this article, we will have a look at the cricket betting odds and will explain how Bookmakers set the Odds in Cricket Betting. We will also provide you with some cricket betting tips to get the most out of them.

Odds are one of the most important factors that might affect your cricket bets. So, it is necessary to read them correctly to avoid bad bets. If you have a better understanding of the odds, you can easily calculate what amount of money is at risk. Different bookmakers show different odds depending on the sports and location. So, it is advised to make comparisons between different bookmakers’ odds before you place your bet.

How Does Cricket Betting Work?

Whether you are a new bae or an expert in cricket better, you will find online cricket betting fulfilling. The first ever step is to make sure whether the bookmaker has a valid license or not. It is also important to enquire that the sportsbook covers different cricket tournaments, including all forms of the ICC Cricket World cup. The final pro tip while choosing suitable cricket betting sites is to check the review of the bookmaker and understand the operation of that in depth. 

Once everything is set up, now you can start betting on cricket, which will entail predicting the outcomes of the tournament and match. The cricket prediction is dependent on the available market. After the end of every match, the operator compares the outcome with the prediction to determine your win or loss. If No, you will not get anything while if yes, the betting amount will settle in your account with the winning amount. 

How do Bookmakers set the Odds in Cricket Betting?

If you are new to cricket betting, you have to acquire the knowledge of how Bookmakers set the Odds in Cricket Betting. Just like other betting games in cricket betting also the odds are accessible in decimals or fractions and you have a choice to choose the format as per your requirement. 

For example, you may see the odds of “two to one” or “three to two”. It implies that for every rs. 100 you bet, you might win rs. 200 or rs. 150. You will also get your original bet back. Here, the second thing to remember is that odds denoted the probability of a distinct outcome. So, above, the odds of “two to one” denotes the possibility of a two-in-three chance of the team winning.

Another way is an online bookmaker displays the probability of an event in decimal format. Higher the number, the higher the probability. For example, if there is a team at off of 0.50, it leaves the bookmaker believing that team has a probability of 50% winning. If the team’s odds of winning are 0.90, it denotes that the probability of winning is 90%.

The decimal cricket odds format is the most helpful format when you are trying to understand the occurrence of an event. However, always remember that the bookmakers are businesses and they might set the odds based on what they think will attract people to bet. Hence, keep in mind that gods are not always a perfect reflection of reality. Still, you can use it as a useful tool for a better understanding of an event occurring. 

For example, India has to play with England.

Odds offered: India (1.35), England (2.45)

As per the operator, India if you bet on India of Rs. 100. After winning you will get Rs. 135. England is the underdog here & and Rs. 100 in England will give you Rs. 245. To calculate the return, you simply multiply the odds with your bet.

Top cricket betting tips to remember 

Now, you are familiar with the cricket betting tips free, so now follow the below-mentioned guidelines before getting into the game.

  • Always compare the odds at various bookmakers before making any bet. It will ensure that you might get the best possible values.
  • Never worry to make a bet on the underdog, there are certain conditions in which the underdog team will give good values.
  • Be attentive to the possibility of the odds. It will give you an idea of the particular outcome to occur.


So, from the above article, it is clear that betting is not as people assume and not as easy. You always need accurate information and planning to minimize the chance of your loss. Make sure to choose the right and trusted cricket betting sites. It is also advised to not follow the cricket betting tips blindly. Know all about cricket betting and updates at CBTF betting. Get the updated expert betting tips at cricketbettingtipsfree.

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