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IPL Cricket Match Fixing – How It Works

Each one of us has sometime in our lives encountered this word “fixing” right. Cricket match fixing is the most talked about and highlighted in the top national newspapers in their headlines whenever it happens. Match fixing, primarily means there is this match which is going to be played but its outcome is fixed and predetermined. This is completely banned in India and any person found practicing it is punished by the law.

Usually, if we say, a match is to be played and we don’t know until the last ball who’s going to win this match, but when the same match is fixed, everything is pre-decided including the result. 

Now comes a question: why is IPL match fixing actually being done? The answer is simple- to earn money. In this game fixing leaves a huge amount of money which is why players, referees, officials and bookies are involved and conduct banned activities. 

There are two kinds of fixing namely:

  1. Match Fixing: In this the results of the match are fixed about which team is going to win and which is going to lose.
  1. Spot Fixing: Here the specific point in the whole match is fixed for instance where will the bowler throw the ball or it’s going to be a no ball or wide or the batsmen is going to hit a six on that ball. And so detecting spot fixing is a bit challenging for the officials.

Next what comes in mind is who all are involved in this match fixing. Well there can be a lot of parties involved in match fixing. Firstly, a bookie who takes care of all the bets, then people who pay to them and the players who actually play in the field. All of these fixers in IPL are beneficiaries as everyone gets their share of money.

Moving further, how does IPL fixing actually work? 

Knowing the fact that match fixing is illegal in India and a punishable offense, the match fixer’s priority is to maintain the secrecy so that they are not caught, and further can easily manipulate things. People involved are limited, as if they are caught they will be in jail for sure. They also ensure that everyone gets their part of money safe and securely. For that very reason, they attempt to fix a few number of outcomes initially rather than fixing the complete match. 

Cricket is a such sport where the fixers get immense opportunities to fix things as there are 300 balls in a 50 over match and 120 balls in T20. They just have to take care of a few balls and rest is played normally, which is why it is easy for them to do spot fixing and chances of getting caught are extremely rare.

The fixers already decide certain hints which when given to the player, he knows what is to be done next. 

So, this way match fixing happens and fixers earn huge sums of money.