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Top 5 Secrets Of Accurate Cricket Match Prediction

Cricket is the most famous sport globally, coming next to soccer, with more than 2 billion viewers worldwide. With plenty of betting possibilities, sports enthusiasts and experienced and occasional bettors should know how to predict a cricket match through betting apps

Individual bets that you can place, how to read a match-winner, odds and betting strategies on cricket will be explored below. This guide revealed the top 4 secrets of accurate cricket match prediction.

  1. Match Winner

There is a possibility to bet on a draw depending on the format of the competition. There are several chances in cricket betting. For example, a famous football betting format, where you can bet on a team to win or draw or betting the correct match winner is an easy way for initial bettors to add a few stakes to a game and bet on cricket and win.

  1. Innings Runs

Scores betting in an inning is another famous technique many individuals choose to bet on a match. Bettors may choose to gamble the right number of runs in an inning or more or less on the total runs available online by a sportsbook. 

There are only two rounds in specific cricket formats, including T20, each cricket team batting once. In other formats, there are extra innings, with teams bouncing back and forth. Bettors need to follow these kinds of cricket betting tips and predictions to win more.

  1. First Ball/Over Cricket Betting and Coin Toss Betting

Betting on the toss is also possible for quick money and certain books allows it. Many fans will be very curious to see the sides of the coin.

If the bettors want to bet on a quick result, they can bet on the outcome of the first ball or the first over of cricket. Some online betting websites list cricket odds for specific results from the first ball with popular 4 or 6 or a wicket, but many only specify a total of more or less running for the first innings.

  1. Total Team and Individual Player Cricket Betting

People can bet on the first run or first over or first innings. There are many fans who have betted on the individual player scores.

Books can also indicate whether a player will achieve a 100 or a 50 as a separate total bet for specific players. Some books also indicate the ability to bet on the total points scored through an opening match.

  1. Top Batsman/Bowler

Fans looking for a way to bet on cricket stars instead of simple match events or results may turn to top batsman or top bowler props. A higher-scoring batter bet may be on which individual player will score the most in the match or the team’s best running marker. A top bowler bet will be on which bowler will take the most wickets in a game.


These expert cricket betting tips can help you predict the cricket match better, and it also enables you to make decisions wisely.