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Who is the Best Tipper in Cricket? | CBTF Tips

Did you know that during the IPL 2022, there were 370 million bets placed on cricket in India? And of these 370 million individuals, 140 million frequently bet on cricket! This amount is enormous.

It goes without saying that as more people bet on cricket, there are also more cricket tippers. On Telegram channels and other platforms, you may have even noticed a lot of purported cricketing specialists. Who would be the finest cricket tipper after this confusion?

You require an authentic cricket tipper with comprehensive knowledge of the cricket industry before betting on cricket, as you are placing a bet with money, you have worked hard to obtain it. To help you locate the top cricket tipper in India, we will cover this in this piece.

One such well-known person in India for cricket betting tips is Amit Majithia. Amit Majitha, the founder of CBTF, has effectively offered top-notch suggestions for the past 20 years. This lengthy period shows how well-respected the CBTF brand is among cricket betting fans.

So let’s go into more detail about it.

Amit Majithia: Best Cricket Tipper In India

One of the most prestigious names in cricket betting is Amit Majithia. He had been the most skilled and precise cricket tipper for more than 20 years, long before the T20 format even existed. He has had a complete knowledge of cricket since childhood, and today he earned this fame as famous cricket better in India. 

Young and enthusiastic Amit Majithia started a Facebook page in 2010 where he posted his betting advice and thoughts after being intrigued and interested in the idea of sports betting tips. Quite a few people responded to the Page. The following year, in 2011, Amit began a website ( ( to expand his audience. The website was the first of its kind in the world to be entirely created, conceptualized, and designed by Amit. Several foreign websites at that time offered football and tennis betting predictions. CBTF became the first website to provide cricket betting tips around the globe.

Some notable achievements in Amit Majithia’s career as a tipster include that in 2012–2013, he predicted the outcome of nine England vs. India matches with 100% accuracy. Before the commencement of any ICC, IPL, or other major competition, 85% of championship-winning predictions were correct. During this time, his website received 50,000 daily visitors.

Amit Mjithia and CBTF have given many years of cricket betting tips, covering ODIs, International Test matches, and the T20s. 

Where To Find Amit Cricket Betting Tips?

Visit our official website, CBTF, to find cricket betting tips provided by Amit Majithia. Get yourself registered and subscribe to our online platform to receive accurate cricket betting tips regularly. There is also the same website available in the market providing false information about cricket in the name of CBTF. Beware of duplicate cricket tippers using the same name in the market. 

You can invest your money in cricket betting and earn extra income by utilizing the cricket betting tips by CBTF. CBTF provides almost 100% accurate betting tips and predictions to help you make more money to live a standard or luxurious life.

How To Find A Cricket Betting Tips Expert?

As the trend of cricket betting increases, there are many companies that come up with the marking denoting themselves as cricket betting experts. Along with this, fraud cases have become more frequent. Satta is all about taking risks, but it doesn’t mean trusting anyone with a blindfold. Finding a cricket betting tips expert is now one of the most tedious tasks as it requires a lot of time to research that you can dedicate to cricket betting instead. This is why we have made certain criteria to select cricket betting tips experts. Follow these while selecting cricket betting tips experts to avoid cheating by fake experts.

  • Check their reviews from previous users – People who have already taken the tips from the experts can guide you better in choosing a trustworthy cricket betting expert. 
  • Check the experience and skill of the cricket betting tips expert – It is a must to check how much experience and knowledge the person has, who claims himself a cricket betting expert. 
  • Check their accuracy in match prediction – Before putting your earnings in cricket betting utilizing cricket betting tips from any expert, take a test by putting small amounts in predictions. If their predictions are correct, that means they have expertise.
  • Apart from that, also check whether the platform is providing good customer service and assistance. Sometimes you may face difficulties while betting. Your expert must listen to your problem and should give you relevant solutions. 

For the best cricket betting tips, follow CBTF – Cricket Betting Tips Free, and you’ll surely get complete knowledge of cricket betting from CBTF. Here you can also get Tips for Predicting Cricket Matches in the IPL | CBTF Tips.