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Winning Bets With The Best Online Betting ID Provider | CBTF Tips

After the 2013 expose that revealed the millions in which bookies trade, India lost its aversion to what was considered taboo gambling and started looking for online betting ID providers.

While online betting ID providers are plenty today, finding one that can offer a hybrid model of operation is practically impossible. Even the best online cricket ID providers offer just a mechanism to bet with a few options offering odds. Getting expert tips with a built in mechanism to use them in a bet or to exercise odds is unheard of. CBTF offers its users IPL betting IDs that seamlessly flow into this process.

Getting tips from seasoned bookies to use in the form of bets is almost like having the experience yourself and using that experience to win big. 

With your CBTF online ID for cricket betting you get a whole range of options that you can use to place bets in a variety of ways. While CBTF is affiliated to over 500 casinos you can also bet with cricket, tennis, soccer, basketball, horse racing and a plethora of virtual sports. What’s more, CBTF ‘all ID pay’ offers you one wallet account for all top 10 bookie IDs of India. Register with the code ‘CBTFIN’ to get a 5% joining bonus.


Under usual circumstances, upon completion of the registration process and right before you are set to make your first withdrawal, a notice from customer support is displayed asking you to verify your betting account. This is a mandatory obligation that has to be fulfilled and your bookie ID needs to be verified to keep up with prepositioned online betting rules. This process informs your bookmaker about the origin of your money and if you are legally permitted to bet 

Knowing the facts mentioned above, it is evident that CBTF follows all legal protocols while offering you the best user experience possible out of an online betting ID provider.


The above mentions an ideal scenario but what if your verification has been refused? Firstly, don’t panic. Get in touch with customer support to understand the reason why. Most rejections occur as a result of expired identification that had been overlooked by customers like yourself. Blurred photographs on a document or not uploading both sides of an identification card are commonplace. You may be asked to re-send an updated version of the document in question. With the guidance of the customer support service, you will surely be able to complete the entire verification process smoothly.

Going all in CBTF does not just give you the best cricket tips but has committed to guiding you around the workings of the game to explore exactly how cricket betting odds are calculated. CBTF has recently launched an amazingly insightful YouTube Channel called CBTFMyTube where you can pick up valuable tips and tricks to strategize your bets accurately.

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