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T20 is one of the most exciting cricket formats, it has delivered a record viewership globally. The craze of this format is not only famous in foreign but in India as well. ICC T20 World Cup is the shortest format and that’s why it’s been the most happening event. However, this period is the golden opportunity for gamblers to make money.  Follow the tips by the World’s No.1 Betting Guru- Amit Majithia

  • Play With 2 Limits Means 200%
  • Limit Back Australia At 2.75 Odds With 100% Limit Our Main Lead Team
  • Back New Zealand At 11.00 Odds With 50% Limit
  • Back South Africa At 8.70 Odds With 50% Limit
  • As Our Prediction India Not Play Finals So Lay India
    If Possible


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