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3 Tips For Finding Good Cricket Picks

When it comes to sports, cricket takes the first place objectively. So many countries, especially those in southeast Asia are avid supporters of cricket and religiously follow everything related to it. 

What’s more, is that you can put wagers on your favorite team or players and earn money once they win the match. It’s one easy way to earn money however there are some things you should consider for finding good cricket picks. This guide will provide you with cricket tips and strategies to become an expert punter.

3 Tips For Finding Good Cricket Picks

Not everyone who enjoys betting on cricket online is as well versed in selecting winning bets as others and thus may want to accept cricket picks from bettors that know what they are doing or have a proven record in betting online. This will help the newbie and recreational wagerer in having a better chance of winning when betting on cricket. But how will you know that you are finding good cricket picks? It may look like a cakewalk but it might not be as easy as you think.

Is There Any Information?

The main thing you need to look at is the write-up from the inventor of the pick. It doesn’t amount to how long or what information it contains (although this matters as well), as long as you read through it, it makes sense to you, and it can produce a possible edge from it. If the author only says: “I like India to win over Pakistan”, then you cannot deduce much from so little information. In such a case, he should have a long-running record of winning bets for you to trust his intuition.

Is The Information Useful?

Now, when it comes to the actual cricket picks, you should carefully read them and assess whether you think an edge can be gained from the information and analysis that the author provides. You don’t necessarily have to use the actual picks that are broadcasted, as you can just use the data provided to make up your own decision of what you want to gamble on. This is usually the best thing to do, as you then aren’t having to depend on anyone to make the bets for you, but getting ideas from other tipsters is not a bad idea.

Can The Information Gain Us An Edge?

When you filter through the cricket picks, you also need to consider how this can be utilized by you to gain an edge. Knowing which players are injured or not, in the beginning, may be quite beneficial information especially when few people know about it and at other times it might be nearly fruitless when someone has been injured for a long time, everyone knows about it and the bookmaker has probably taken it into account in their calculation of the odds. So see if you can deduce how the information you are given can be used to find an edge in the market and the odds you are given.

Other Cricket Betting Tips And Strategies

Look out for the best available odds

Always watch out for the best odds when betting on cricket. Take enough of your time to compare match odds before you decide on a certain bookmaker. With the best odds known, you are ready to make a more significant win if your bet victories. One of the major secrets of finding fantastic cricket odds is looking out for future bets and specials. A good bookie offers odds ranging from 1.20 to 500.00 and sometimes more. However, fetching a sportsbook with average odds of 100.00 is a great beginning.

Follow cricket tipsters and their expert predictions

Following cricket tipsters and noting down their masterful predictions is a brilliant move if you want to improve your chances of placing successful wagers. However, ensure that you do your research before going for expert predictions. This will give you a vast scope of the markets. Referring to this strategy is highly recommended for expert and newbie players. After all, if you can do satisfactory research, you can refer to this information to verify your findings.

Take the small wins and profits

Oftentimes,  Beginners’ biggest mistake while gambling online is failing to enjoy small victories. Betting is unpredictable, having an unforeseen future. You must appreciate any profits you make. Most punters presume that they will only enjoy notable payouts at one point or another. However, this is not always true. Ensure that you pocket every profit you earn. It may be surprising to learn that the chances of small wins stocking to a better payout are higher than that of attaining a substantial earning with a single bet.

Check the Weather Forecast

If you are an avid cricket fanatic, you can testify that the weather is a pivotal determinant of the result. Learning about the kind of weather expected during cricket matches will determine the length of the event. Also, humidity can affect the movement of the ball, this may affect the team set-up – should the team include swing bowlers or not? It can also help you determine the expected score, especially if you combine it with your extensive research. This strategy is suitable whether you are placing player bets or team bets. It is also most recommended regardless of the event.

State of the Pitch and Creases

Take note of the pitch inspection as this will affect all aspects of the game. Is it a flat pitch so more suited to batters or will it deteriorate to create better conditions for spin bowlers? These questions and resulting answers will affect the coin toss when the winning captain must decide to bat or field first, so what pitch conditions suit his/her team the most. As you can see this will affect how the team plays and therefore your cricket betting strategy.


These are the cricket tips for finding good cricket picks for better gambling results at your end.

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