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Betting Guide for the Asia Cup 2022 | CBTF Tips


Betting Guide for the Asia Cup 2022 

Being recognised as one of the most admired sports, cricket leads the board for betting in India and other nations as well. Enjoying its immense popularity, cricket is played in three formats – One Day Internationals (ODI), Test Matches, and T20. The cricketing world is about to witness the Asia Cup 2022 event which is starting from August 27 to September 11. 

The forthcoming cricket event will open a wide range of opportunities for gamblers to bet on different cricket events. with your understanding of cricket, you can place multiple bets to win big through live cricket betting. This blog will be a helpful guide for the new gamblers to dive into the cricketing world to place successful bets on Asia Cup 2022 events. 

A Glance at Asia Cup 2022

If you are an adamant cricket follower, you must be familiar with the top cricket tournaments like IPL, ODIs, World Cup, and T20s. The upcoming cricket tournament would be conducted in T20 format on the pitch of UAE. No wonder the upcoming Asia cup event would be promising and action-packed with different twists and turns in the matches. 

  • Since gamblers place their winning bets on every match but it is predicted the tournament will welcome most bets in India vs. Pakistan match on August 28. 
  • There will be six teams participating in the upcoming cricket matches, including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan. Hong Kong, UAE, Kuwait, or Singapore would fill the sixth sport for the cricket mega event through a qualifier round. 
  • The last edition of the Asia Cup was played in 2018 in UAE in the ODI format, where India came out as a winner and the 2020 edition got delayed due to the Covid-19 outbreak. 
  • Initially, the mega event was to be conducted in Sri Lanka but the political turmoil and a lack of foreign exchange led it to shift the tournament to UAE but Sri Lanka still owns the hosting rights. This is a key factor for you to understand the pitch conditions for accurate predictions. 

Here are betting tips and predictions for Asia Cup 2022 

Keeping the current form and playing the rhythm of the players and the teams, we have compiled tips and strategies for your assured win in cricket betting: 

  • UAE pitches are expected to have humid weather conditions, leading to cracks in the pitches. Here, the spinners would play a pivotal role in the tournament to turn the tables. Chances are that the bets placed on the spinners would be more lucrative for you.
  • The scoreboard may not witness staggering figures in the forthcoming cricket event. The captains of the participating teams may prefer to chase. If you are thinking of bidding on the batters, Babar Azam, Mohammed Rizwan, and Suryakumar Yadav can be great picks for the tournament. Currently, Babar Azam is in the right rhythm and gets the top batter’s crown. 
  • For a successful betting strategy, Rashid Khan, Shaheen Afridi, and Yuzvendra Chahal are efficient bowlers on the list who have a good track record.  
  • India can have a good chance to win the tournament while Pakistan would be rough to give a fierce competition. 
  • To come out with the highest-wicket-taking record, Rashid Khan from Afghanistan could bag the title. 
  • Sri Lankan players like Dasun Shanka and Wanindu Hasaranga are also expected to deliver brilliant cricket performances in their respective roles. 

Beware of the following Mistakes Before Cricket Betting

Now that you have the names of the best players and the betting strategies, we must acquaint you with the common mistakes that gamblers commit in live cricket betting. Refining your cricket betting skills enables you to make accurate predictions. 

  • Not Understanding Cricket 

Before bringing your steps into the cricket betting world, it is important that you get the ins and outs of the game. Certainly, this is a huge mistake that you start gambling on cricket without knowing the format, players’ or teams’ performances. A clear understanding of the sport cuts down on your research and helps you place effective bets. Moreover, you get a rough idea about what and where to place the bets as the different cricket formats require different betting strategies. 

  • Overlooking Players’ Injuries and Form 

Ignoring the gameplay of any player is another mistake that you can commit as a gambler. In the haste of placing the bets, the injuries and the current of the player may often go unnoticed. Resultantly, it hurts your betting outcome.

Keep an eye on the player’s medical condition as it marks a significant impact on the team’s overall performance. 

Summing Up 

Asia Cup 2022 is the much-awaited cricket tournament among fans. The bookies were eyeing this megaevent for a long time but it was delayed in 2020 due to the Covid-19 outburst. 

All the teams have the best performers on their side who may tweak the game at any time. If you are looking to place effective bets in live cricket betting, you can seek cricket betting tips from experts.

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