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Betting on cricket is equivalent to learning a sport from scratch. You can’t predict accurately until the batter holds his bat to hit the boundaries or the bowler swings his ball to knock out the batters. 

However, when it comes to live cricket betting, the expert bettors always have their best strategy to display and turn the game in their favour. For your wagers to yield profitable returns, you should take a run through this blog to know various cricket betting strategies and how you can turn the betting fun into profit. 

  • Dogon Betting 

The Dogon Betting Strategy follows mathematical principles which are commonly applicable among the new-age bettors in the cricket betting sphere. This strategy is a system of ‘rates’ as per the increasing amount of bets to recuperate from the previous losses in cricket betting. 

This system suggests that you should increase your stake amount in cricket matches after you undergo any loss. Furthermore, you should be consistent with this process till you recover from the losses and get onto the profitable side of the returns. 

It may seem to be a simple strategy that can bring short-term profitability but when one indulges in this practice more often, it can be a way to bankruptcy. The Dogon system takes the charge of your finance distribution, so be careful of your wagers. This strategy system can be practised in various forms, such as Standard Dogon or Martingale, Classic Doogle, Progressive Doogle, Dubl-Dogon, and more. 

To get better at placing bets, you can use the first two bets as the most secure and simple to proceed with your betting strategies. 

  • Flat Betting 

In the list of the most renowned strategies, this is yet another betting type, requiring a mathematical approach. A flat betting system signifies that each of your bets will be equal to the same amount or percentage.

To mitigate or nullify the financial risks, the professional bettors play under this strategy by restricting a specific percentage of their stake on a wager.

  • The Static flat bets – 1-2% of your bankroll;
  • The Academic flat bets – 3-5%;
  • The Aggressive flat bets – 6-10% and;
  • The Chaotic flat bets – 10% and more.

Owing to these tips and techniques, you make significant profits, significantly lowering the risk of mislaying your stakes. A flat betting strategy is an effective one to avoid risks and leave little room for minor mistakes. 

For inexperienced bettors, flat bets are great to know how to place winning bets. 

  • Martingale Strategy

Martingale strategy is a mathematical variation of the Dogon Betting Strategy. The bettors prefer to bet on cricket with gradually increased stakes using the Martingale strategy. 

Martingale Betting strategy pushes you to increase your wager each time you lose a bet. If you are observing a consistent losing streak in cricket betting, this can be a wise pick to minimize your losses. 

On losing a bet, the bettors put up double the initial amount while on winning the bet, you have to place the next wager of an equal amount. 

For a safer side, opt for the wagers in cricket matches with odds higher than 2 as you’ve doubled stakes for doubled wins. In the cricket matches to bet on, bettors choose the Martingale strategy with ‘over for under bets. 

However, if you have more professional skills, you can go for player bets or other proposition bets.

  • D’Alembert Betting System 

The D’Alembert Betting Strategy is much like the Martingale system but only the amount of the next bet distinguishes them from each other. According to this strategy, you choose the bet on the matches and outcomes with 3 or more odds to compensate for the previous losses. For newbies, these wagers can be a bit riskier than the bets with 2 odds but ensure that you don’t stick to zero after losing a bet. 

This simply follows if you win the wager, you increase the next bet by one unit, if you lose the bet, you decrease the amount by one unit. 

  • Counter-D’ Alembert Strategy 

Counter or reverse D’Alembert System is simple and convenient for the bettors. In cricket matches, you need to pick the gameplays or the probable outcomes with odds of more than 2. To avoid woeful losing streaks, you can place bets on top bowlers, top batsmen, match bets, over/under, toss wins, and much more. 

To improve your betting, you can combine multiple bets, using the Counter-D’ Alembert system. Before placing your bets, look for current series, player stats, best odds, and more. To bet on live cricket betting odds, this can be a great solution to get more returns. 

Summing Up

In live cricket betting, certain wagers can put you in major losses. To recover from them, you can seek free cricket betting tips. The perfect amalgamation of the analytical approach and the cricket betting strategies helps in assured cricket predictions. 

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