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Cricket Tips and Tricks For Perfect Pitching

Being a good bowler keeps the batsmen on their toes and the audience on the edges of their seats. You never know when the tables in a cricket match will turn. A bowler just has to strike a good batsman and the match is theirs to win.

Perfecting the bowling technique is not easy and requires a lot of time and practice. By developing a strong delivery and strengthening the body, the skills required to be a good and fast bowler can be acquired. 

Being a fast bowler is not easy. Fast bowling is one of the two major delivery styles in cricket, the second one being spin bowling. A competent bowler can be a major asset to a cricket team but acquiring these skills requires hard work. 

Firstly, let’s talk about the cricket tips that will help you in improving your basic bowling technique. 

  1. The pitching line is very important as it determines how much space the batsman has to play with. As a bowler, your focus must be on bowling your ball toward the stump. Put your mind into bowling in the “corridor of uncertainty”. 

All this means that as long as you can keep the bowling in the right region, there will be pressure on the batsman to either hit a shit or get caught in this game or if he misses the ball then he will get bowled. This technique is easier said than done but this skill can be developed through practice.

2. The length at which you release your ball is also necessary. An ideal delivery does not give the batsman enough time to hit a shot. It cannot be too close to the bat but neither too far which means that after the ball bounces, it will either turn or pitch in whatever direction.

3. Using the length to advantage is one of the biggest perks of being a bowler. They can deliver in a variety of lines of deliveries and confuse the batsman. Starting with short balls and following it with a full-length delivery can earn you either a leg before a wicket or a clean bowl. This trick can only be achieved when you have full control over the ball.

4. The length before the wicket in which the ball is pitched is either short, long, or good. A good length of pitch may send the bowler into deep thinking about whether to step back or forward since there are chances for the ball to get to too much height for a ground-safe stroke.      

If you take a delivery stride too early or you attempt to bowl too quickly but the release of the ball is late then your bowling may be short of the ideal length. An early release of the ball will result in a full-length or excessively high delivery. A high-length delivery will allow the batter to drive the ball farther away. 

How To Get Fast Bowler Skills?

There are some steps that you need to follow to get those fast-bowler instincts –

  • Begin From The Same Point

Count the number of steps you will be taking while approaching the crease. Make sure that you are consistent with your muscle memory. Practice your delivery to determine your natural starting position. Mark this spot on the pitch and measure the distance between the starting location and the crease. 

Mark these spots on both ends of the pitch before you start the match.

  • Get A Good Final Bound

Body position and jump height vary from person to person. While practicing the run-up, determine which foot position feels right and natural to you for your delivery. Jump towards the batsman to gain momentum and an edge over him.

A high bound can disrupt your momentum and having no bound will lower your power to deliver the ball.  

  • Land Your Leading Foot In The Same Location Every Time You Bowl

Point your toe towards the batter as you move. The hand position and spin will vary with each delivery but your mechanics and placement position should be consistent.

Try to land in the same place to prevent being called out for no balls.

If you are a backfoot person, try to keep your weight on your toes. After this, transfer your weight to the front foot as quickly as possible. 

  • Practice The Run Up

After determining the optimum distance, bound height, and foot placement for your delivery, keep practicing your run-up so you don’t have to think about it during the matches. Let the muscle memory guide your body and the speed of delivery will come naturally. 

  • Find An Effective Grip For Fast Bowling

Place your fore and middle fingers parallel to the vertical seam on the ball. Then wrap your thumb around the bottom so that it is resting directly on the seam. The ball should be able to fit in your hand without wiggling or slipping. 

Keep a firm grip on the ball but don’t hold it too tightly. This will make your arm and shoulder muscles tense up and will stunt your delivery. Becoming a good bowler starts with knowing how to hold a ball.

  • Fine-tune Your Run Up

Experiment with the speed, length, strength, and angle of your approach and settle on the one that feels comfortable and natural. The majority of fast bowlers favor a long run up which gives them plenty of room to build momentum before they reach the crease. 

Others may do better with a relatively shorter run-up.

Many fast bowlers use fairly short run-ups. Some take as less as 8-10 paces before delivering the ball.

  • Use Your Wrist To Generate Momentum

While releasing the ball, snap your wrist and follow through with your arm until it comes to a stop just above your waist height. Give the ball a little push as it is leaving your hand and channel your full power into the bowl.

Wrapping Up

These were some of the cricket tips that will help you in picking your bowling pace. Bowling isn’t just about speed, you need to have the perfect line as well as length.

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