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Professional cricket bettors have a real eye for high-value odds because of forming unique betting strategies. For novice bettors, it is important to remember that there is no win-win betting strategy.

To play profitability at a distance, you won’t have to get deep into the nuances of the rules but also take up all the latest cricket updates while adapting and modifying your strategic approach from match to match. In cricket, minor factors can shift the balance in an unexpected direction, which is really important for you.

There are several approaches to analyze the condition of the matches, irrespective of the format of the match. As India is all set to face the upcoming matches in the ICC T20 World Cup tournament, we have compiled multiple factors that would affect the bets in the upcoming cricket matches.

Fundamentals of Cricket Betting

Betting on cricket matches is not that difficult. Before betting on any specific cricket event, it is a good idea that you understand the sport fully while watching and enjoying it. Here, the comparison of the best odds with the sportsbook is essential as you are more likely to multiply your profitability with betting. Utilizing your knowledge to turn the bet on your favoring side can be beneficial for you in the long term. There are many complicated bets in live betting that you can wager on but before attempting the run, look at the latest cricket updates. Several factors like the Player of the Match, the team with the highest number of runs, and the best bowler and batter affect your bets significantly.  

Factors that Affect Your Bets in the Upcoming Matches 

There are many factors in cricket that affect your bet and further affect your profitability in the betting market. Have a look below: 

  • Draw Results

Before the match starts, the attack order for a particular team is determined by flipping a coin in the air and winning the toss. This marks a major impact on the outcome of the match. 

The team that attacks first in a test match gains the benefit of making the first attack on a fresh field with a new ball. 

The batter finds it easy to hit more after bouncing off a flat, unworn area of a field. Hence, the first attacking team gets an advantage and opportunities to start a dash and seize the initials in the game. This is one of the reasons that professional bettors love to place live bets and wait for the results of the starting draw. Resultantly, it eliminates one factor of their control. You can follow this strategy for the upcoming matches

  • Field Factor

In different areas and at different stadiums, the coverage of the pitch where the main action takes place can be different from earthen surfaces to a very short and longer lawn. The coverage in a pitch can also vary in a stadium in different seasons.

Slow pitches prevail where the ball accelerates a little lower after hitting the ground and it makes it easier for the bettors to make a decent hit in the matches. In the pitches where the surface is faster and the power bowlers are already in full glory. Here the attack gets difficult for the bowlers. 

In cricket, there are players that perform wonderfully on the home ground. The management of these clubs or national teams does great in preparing the pitch and building the squads to suit the conditions of the home stadium for the players. This helps the players to manifest their strength better and the weakness fades on the ground. The records say that the home team wins more often. 

  • Teams and Players Form

The current form of the players can’t be underestimated in a particular cricket match. If in a long series the home team wins the first match, then it often demolishes the next opponents, and the guests fall into a black streak of failures at an unusual guest pitch.

In betting on the stats of the individual players, the past forms at a certain type of pitch can be decisive to place the bet in the cricket events. A good batter can depict a stellar level not only on the favorite pitch but on the away ground as well. If a player is in good shape, you can target for the upcoming matches and place winning bets and the likelihood of winning the match increases. 

  • More Duration of the Match attracts More Bet 

Tier 1 cricket matches are hosted for a few days, making in-play bets more valuable. Cricket is one of the few sports that attracts a lot of professional bettors in the live betting market. 

Weather, the tear of the ball, the field conditions and the results of the draw make a great influence on the events of the match. If you closely follow the match the whole day then you can gain an advantage over the bookies’ betting odds. Unexpected moments in cricket and sudden changes in the team often change the fate of the bettors. For future bets in upcoming cricket matches, you can consider this factor. 

Team India will be playing T20 World Cup, T20, and ODI matches in the upcoming months. If you want to bet on these events, keep checking the latest cricket updates and bet wisely on upcoming matches. For the new bettors, it becomes difficult to understand the betting strategies for maximizing profits. 

With free cricket betting tips, you can progress in the betting market. For more information, stay tuned with CBTF Betting expertsFor betting on the upcoming matches, read IND vs AUS 1st T20 2022 – Betting Tips & Preview.