Format of Upcoming Cricket Matches

Since the inception of cricket in 1751 in India, the sport has enjoyed immense popularity. It has come a long way from being played on the field to betting online. Historically, cricket has been played in 4 different formats but one of them has been undervalued in the cricket world. In the ICC upcoming matches, only the three formats at the highest international formats are followed - Test Matches, T20, and One Day Internationals (ODIs).

Indian Cricket Council (ICC) is the governing body for regulating cricket matches and holds the accountability for taking decisions about the match officials and the umpires.

All the formats of cricket leagues are played either in limited overs or in unlimited overs. Wondering how these are implemented?

Unlimited and Limited Overs in Cricket Tournaments

In the cricket world, Test Cricket is the oldest and most traditional form that is played in a span of 5 days. Out of all three formats, test cricket is the only form with unlimited overs played at the international level.

Contrarily, T20 and ODIs are conducted in limited overs format and both the participating teams play for a stipulated number of overs on the ground. Both the teams play 1 inning on each side and the match is completed within a day, declaring the outcome of the event the same day. This brings instant profits for the bettors in cricket betting.

ICC Members of Cricket

Currently, there are 12 countries that hold the crown of being an ICC member which provides them with Test, ODI, and T20 status to host the matches. Here are the countries:

  • India

  • Australia

  • South Africa

  • England

  • New Zealand

  • Pakistan

  • Sri Lanka

  • West Indies

  • Bangladesh

  • Zimbabwe

  • Afghanistan

  • Ireland

Along with these countries, Scotland, Netherland, UAE, and Hong Kong are the countries that own ODI status, leading the ICC membership count with an ODI status of 16.

Similarly, Oman and Papua are the countries that are registered with the T20 International status, taking the eligible countries to count to 18.

Prestigious Cricket Tournaments

Based on the performances of the teams, the rankings are allotted for individual cricket formats. The cricket world witnesses the hosting of the biggest tournament in the limited overs format at an international level. The events are ICC World Cup (50 Overs format),World Cup T20, Champions Trophy, and ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup.

There has never been a time when an international World level cricket tournament is being played in an unlimited overs format as it takes up a lot of time. In such leagues, the fans witness the competition between the teams in shorter versions of the matches.

In the cricket world, the biggest rivalry is considered between Australia and England. These two teams get engaged in a 5-match Test Series after every two years which is known as ‘The Ashes.’.

Cricket Formats in the Upcoming Matches

With the different forms of cricket, the bettors love to wager on the following cricket formats that are followed current as well as in upcoming cricket matches:

  • Test Cricket

Beginning with the oldest form of cricket, Test cricket is a traditional format that is continued to date. Starting in 1877, the test format was a way to test the mental and physical fitness of the teams, challenging them to give maximum potential in 5 days of play through two innings each. To succeed in this format, the teams require great stamina, smart techniques, temperament, and dedication to tolerate different conditions encountered in 5 days of gameplay. The players participating in this format don’t have to follow stringent fielding rules. The bettors don’t much prefer betting on this format as they have to wait really long to know the outcome of the event.

The cricket match is played with a red leather ball with the teams wearing white outfits. Traditionally, this format of the game has been played during the daytime but in 2015, fans witnessed a day/night international test match for the first time which was played with a pink ball.

There is increasing popularity of day/night test matches but the daytime gameplays still outshine the numbers.

How are Test Matches Played?

In the test format, two teams engage for playing two innings each on the pitch. Each day is split into a 3-hour session for the match with a 40-minute lunch break and a 20-minute tea break. The team is employed for fielding on ground bowls for 90 overs before the day sets down.

To make your understanding better, assume that the first team bats and scores some runs before all out or declaring their innings in the match. Thereafter, team 2 gets to bat and score unlimited runs within or beyond their potential. To be in the good shout of winning the match, they would go to score maximum runs. When the second team is bowled all out, it is the end of two innings.

However, the difference in the scores is used for the next team to bat in the next inning. The team who achieves the run chase within the dedicated time is declared the winner while if neither of the teams fulfills the achievements in the game, the match is declared the draw.

One Day Internationals

One Day Internationals (ODIs) are played in a limited overs format that brings a huge money-making opportunity for the bettors. ODI was introduced in1971 and it got popular in the 80s. In the beginning stages, the matches were played in a 60 over format on each side with the players in the same outfits as in the test format. The changing rules in the format have changed the face of the game over the years recently.

Now, the match is played with a white leather ball over the red one which is used in Test Cricket. These one-inning matches are now shifted to 50 overs on each side and thus feel more exciting and entertaining than Test Cricket. This is one of the favorite formats for the bettors to enjoy live cricket betting as they get the outcome of the matches by the end of the day with higher payouts.

The difference in Rules of ODI vs Test Cricket

In the ODI format, each bowler can throw a maximum of 10 overs with three power plays in each inning of the match. Here is the format of the ODI matches: Unlike test cricket where there are no fielding restrictions, only 2 fielders can be employed outside the 30-yard circle from 1-10 overs.

Proceeding to the next 11-40 overs, 4 fielders are allowed outside the 30-yard playing circle.

In the last 41-50 overs match, the number of fielders goes up to 5, outside the 30-yard circle.

ODI formats are simple with no complexity in the match. The limited overs matches have no possibility of the match getting a draw, such gameplays are declared a ‘tie’ or ‘no result’. Sometimes, the tie breakers are used to determine the winner of the tournaments in which the net run rate helps in deciding the rankings. ODI matches are wrapped up within a day but can observe obstructions due to poor weather conditions.

Twenty20 (T20)

T20 is a dose of powerpack entertainment for cricket enthusiasts and punters betting on cricket. For the partaking teams in the upcoming matches in the T20 format, it assigns a maximum of 20 overs to be played in each inning by both teams.

The T20 format originated in England in 2003 and since then it has picked up the pace of its popularity as it is completed in 3 hours. The format has drawn a young audience to betting on it

T20 cricket is the most enthusiastic that entertains the crowd amidst the deliveries and overs’ finishing, giving you worth watching and betting moments.

Rules of T20 Format

T20 is a cricket format, the rules of which are derived from the 50-over ODI format. In this format, the bowlers get to bowl for the utmost 4 overs and if they deliver a no-ball, a free hit is given to the opponent team on the following delivery. Whatever the number of overs, a maximum of 5 fielders can be employed to cover the leg side of the field.

Unlike ODIs, the power plays are different in the T20 format. Outside the 30-yard playing circle, only 2 fielders are allowed to field for the initial 6 overs. Thereafter, a maximum of 5 fielders are allowed to field outside the circle. The fielding restrictions paired with a limited 20 overs to bat gives a tough way for the batter to score more. This is a pro-betting tip for ICC upcoming matches, be it the next IPL match or upcoming T20 matches, wager wisely on the batters in such formats. However, it increases the risk, excitement, and reward factor for cricket lovers.

ICC ODI Matches

In the queue of the tournaments, the trophy event of ICC, ICC World Cup is conducted after 4 years, played in a 50-over format. The teams holding the ICC ODI rankings under 8, play the Championship Trophy tournament, which comes in number 2 after the World Cup event, conducted once in 4 years.

ICC conducts the Women’s World Cup every 4 years and the Under-19 World Cup in 2 years. The domestic matches in the ODI format are categorized as ‘List A’ and involve the hosting of the matches in 40-60 overs for each side.

Strategies to Bet on Upcoming Cricket Matches

To bet accurately on upcoming cricket matches, follow some cricket tips and get high monetary rewards with the ending of the match. To improve your chances of winning the bet, we have listed some of the best cricket betting strategies and tips here. Betting on the cricket matches without thinking feels tempting but to increase the win ratio, research is the key. Here are the strategies:

  • Research Conditions

The conditions on the ground plays a huge role in deciding the fate of the match.

Conditions can play a huge part in dictating a game. For instance, the weather can vary considerably between a game played at Eden Gardens in Kolkata compared to New Delhi’s Arun Jaitley Stadium. Understandably, these changes favour certain batters and bowlers more than others.

The climate also makes for different pitch conditions. A dry wicket tends to mean little movement with the ball for seamers, but if there are cracks, spinners can destroy their opponent’s top order.

Furthermore, the age of the pitch in Test Cricket is a critical factor with cricket betting in India. Regardless of the quality of the batsman, many will struggle on a well-worn pitch with uneven bounce and turn.

Check Player Stats

Another way of increasing your chances of picking the right bet is to study player statistics. For example, it is a good idea to look at average runs scored and strike rate on particular pitches.

Similarly, you can find player stats focusing on how well specific players have fared against seam bowlers and spin bowlers. For instance, if you want to bet on a batsman to score a 50, have they struggled against spin in recent games? Does the opposition possess an excellent spinner? Or, if a player is expected to face a barrage of seam bowling, it’s recommended to check out their previous record against the pacers.

Another important thing to check is a player’s recent form. If they’ve struggled for runs in the latest games, their lack of time at the crease suggests that they might have an issue.

Cricket betting tips can help you in this aspect too. The best cricket betting tips will analyse previous statistics to come up with a prediction. You do not need to follow this prediction, but reading the explanation can help you understand how seasoned Indian bettors approach their cricket betting online.

In-Play Value

In-play cricket betting can be a fantastic way of betting. However, it’s important to follow the play as it happens to choose your live bets wisely. There are numerous aspects you can consider when you bet in-play. Has a batsman come in who is renowned for scoring quickly? If so, a bet on the number of runs scored in the next over might be worth considering.

Similarly, are wickets falling quickly? A couple of quick wickets with two new batsmen at the crease could spell danger for the batting side. Batters are at their most vulnerable when they first come out to bat. A bet on a wicket to be taken in the next over could be a good choice.

Find the Best Odds

Finding the best odds each time you bet is paramount and it’s worth comparing the odds available at the top cricket betting sites in India.

Of course, there isn’t a solitary bookmaker that always has the best prices. In this case, there are two options, you can join a few different cricket betting online bookies, or you can choose the site that has the best average odds across all its markets. More serious customers prefer the former as it gives better long-term value, which is the aim of betting.

The Toss

The Toss is a significant decision that also makes decisions of its own. The Toss helps you understand how a team or favorite player will perform after they make up their mind whether they want to bowl first or bat first.

The following must be kept in mind after your favorite team wins a Toss and takes their choice of batting or bowling:

With a green pitch, the captain of the team should choose bowling fast as it is paradise for the seam bowlers of the team;

With a brown or yellow or even white pitch, it is often better to simply choose to bat first, as that is easier under these conditions;

With a cracked pitch, it is always better to bat first as the condition of the pitch with regard to batting will keep on getting worse with time, so batting later is not really recommended;

If it is cloudy and the pitch is generally suited for swing bowlers, then bowling first is the way to go.

It is usually better to wait for the Toss to be over before placing your as that gives you a clear idea of how the cricket match might proceed.

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