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Guide to Online Cricket Betting: Everything you should know | CBTF Tips

Post Covid-19 pandemic, most of the betting systems have switched their betting from offline to online modes. This drastic shift to the online world has been a big craze among the better community. Now, people love making bets online rather than moving to physical betting places. In online betting, various sports games have the pinnacle of demand, enabling people to generate greater earnings from betting.

When we talk about online betting, various games come under this, like basketball, football, cricket, car racing, golf, etc. In all these games, people make match predictions and generate potential earnings. Did you know that online betting is relatively seamless and remarkable? They let you rejoice in the free bets, joining bonus, and various credits than the physical betting bookies. 

However, betters may experience some complications in making the best in the online mode as they are new to this mode. Put your mind at ease as this write-up lets you thoroughly dive into the knowledge of online cricket betting.

Let’s explore this blog: 

Basis of the Betting Odds in the Cricket Match

Suppose India & England are playing a cricket match. By considering this example, we’ll learn to calculate the betting odds. Gone were the days when bookmakers set the betting odds. In the online betting world, there will be a sportsbook known as a virtual bookmaker responsible for calculating the betting odds set for the results of multiple matches.

So, the betting odds will be shown as 

  • Match drawn
  • England’s Win or defeat
  • India’s Win or defeat.
Match scenario Betting Odds
England 1.73
India 4.50
Draw 5.35


The payout calculation will be as follow:

Here is the formula to calculate the payout: 

Payout= Wager Amount X Betting Odds

If one places the bet on an Indian player winning by considering the above odds via a wager amount of INR 1000, one is entitled to receive the following payout on having the right prediction:

1000 X 4.50 = 4,500 

So, this will be the winning prize on making betting if the prediction is. However, when you lose the bet, you’ll only receive the wager amount based on the sportsbook’s policies. Various online cricket betting websites give you back the wager amount of INR 1000 even if you lose the bet after deducting some commission percentage. On the contrary, some websites give nothing about losing the bet. It entirely relies on which website you use for placing the bet.

Furthermore, what better place to bet on England’s Win? Here is the calculation:

500 x 1.73 = 865 (payout).

If the match draws:

So, the payout on a 300 INR wager is 

300 X 5.35= 1606.5.

Before placing the bet, ensure that you are fully equipped with the full knowledge of the online betting world. You can explore the cricketbettingtipsfree website that gives you an in-depth understanding of placing the right bet and cricket bet winning tips in the cricket game and winning the amount. 

Best Ways to Find a renowned Cricket Sportsbook involving Higher Betting Odds

  1. Quest Thoroughly & Furiously: Choosing the right cricket betting website is highly complicated unless you are new to the online betting world. It’s like you explore the shops while shopping and then ending up with one shop where you love the collections. So, explore the betting sites furiously. Alongside, you should start exploring the cricket win tips. 
  2. Go Slowly Rather than Hurry: Most importantly, we know that hasty decisions always waste our time and give us immense loss. Whatever website you use, ensure that you check its authenticity, security, payment options, and reliability.
  3. Flexible Payment Modes: A sportsbook should always support various payment modes like Visa Cards, Neteller, ecoPayz, UPI, Paytm, Google Pay, etc. 

Final Words

Hopefully, considering this write-up is worthwhile for you as you get in-depth insights into the betting odds, payout calculations, returns, and other handy tips while choosing the perfect cricket betting site. You can adhere to the CBTF website for Cricket bet winning tips.

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