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Latest Betting Tips For the Best Cricket Match Prediction | CBTF

Millions of people are searching for cricket betting tips and predictions daily because the frequency of the game is high. Every day, we get to see multiple cricket matches due to franchise, international, and domestic cricket. Most of the cricket board has started their franchise cricket league, and we witness multiple matches. It also allows us to earn more and more. With the increasing number of games, the number of people is also increasing who are playing cricket online. We have come to provide the cricket betting tips prediction after analyzing all the aspects of the game. We provide accurate predictions on international, bilateral, multinational, and domestic cricket tournaments due to our expertise.

Top Things to Predict In Cricket 

Cricket is a complex sport, and if you are a newbie, it will become overwhelming to understand its technicalities. We are here to help you with the cricket term and the cricket betting tips prediction.

  • Away/Home Team Top Batter

Who will be the best batter in a series or a tournament? This is one prediction that everyone wants to make, and it is one of the difficult things to do. When a batter plays in their country we call them home batter. We call a batter, an away better when they play away from their country. We gave the cricket betting tips prediction about the best batter of a tournament after analyzing all the facts like cricket pitch, batters’ form, weather conditions, etc. Tournaments like IPL give the orange cup to the highest run scorer, and it popularized the highest run scorer award.

  • Away/Home Team Top Bowler

As it is said that the batter won the match, and the bowler won the tournament. Every tournament gave the award to the maximum wicket-taker, and it is another popular market to predict. IPL gave purple caps to the highest wicket-taker, and it is one of the most difficult things to predict. We provide cricket betting tips prediction after analyzing the facts like conditions, cricket pitches, and weather. All things matter as a bowler, if conditions would be favorable for the bowlers. They will be unplayable.

  • Player of the Match

Another famous award in cricket. A player gets the player of the match award after the match and whoever creates the maximum impact on the game, gets the player of the match award. It is a challenging task to do, and bookmakers offer the highest return. We are here to help you with our expertise.

  • Highest Partnership

Cricket is a game of partnership, and a team wins who does the partnership in every stage of the match. It is the most unpredictable and challenging task to do, but if you see the previous record and the latest form of the batter. The answer becomes obvious. We are here to help you with our cricket betting tips prediction.

  • Final Results of the Match

The final results of the match are in most demand and are a crucial part of the betting industry. It is the safest bet because the favored team has the highest probability to win the match. We can reach the result after analyzing a few terms like previous records, forms of the player, home condition, and pitch conditions. All of these things matter in a match.

  • Toss prediction

Toss is a crucial aspect of a cricket match, and sometimes, it decides the result of a match. It is in demand because it doesn’t take too much time, and you get to know about your bet instantly. It tends to go either way, but if we see the previous record the probability of winning a bet gets higher. For example, former Indian captain Mahendra Sing Dhoni used to win the toss most of the time. South Africa captain Temba Bavuma won most of the tosses, and Indian captain Rohit Sharma lost most of the tosses. Analyze every aspect of cricket and bet.

Analyze the Factors Before Betting

Betting without analyzing the cricket odds will not help you and may become the reason for a loss. Analyze a few things and master the betting skills.

  • Team Previous Record

How has a team played over the years in cricket? Tell us about the result of a match. It might be possible that a team was playing great but lost form recently and started losing matches. The most recent example is the Sri Lankan team.

  • Players Form

11 players play the cricket match, and the contribution from each player is crucial. See the recent matches and the performance of the player.

  • Pitch Conditions

Pitch conditions are the most crucial part to which we should give attention. It also tells us about the result of a cricket match. For example, in Indian subcontinent conditions, spinners will dominate, while in the SENA countries, the fast bowler will dominate.

  • Weather Conditions

Weather conditions are also crucial things that we should pay attention to. For example, a match is going on in England, and the weather conditions are cloudy. A swing bowler will become unplayable.


Cricket is one of the most popular sports and provides us with multiple options to bet like the toss, highest run, highest wicket, etc. As a fan of cricket, analyzing all the aspects of cricket is difficult without being emotionally involved. We, CBTF, are here to provide you with cricket betting tips predictions. Visit the CBTF website to learn more about cricket and betting.



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