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Latest Cricket Betting Tips & Cricket Predictions | CBTF


Just like cricket itself, cricket betting requires a lot of skills, determination, knowledge, and a bit of luck to excel. With different betting strategies and bookmakers available in the market, it can be a bit hard to know how and what to choose. One should have insights into how cricket betting works to make the right choices and decisions.

Latest Cricket Betting and Cricket Match Prediction Tips

Learn the ropes of cricket betting and cricket prediction tips that’ll help you win whether you are a newbie or a seasoned pro. 

Gain Knowledge

While a little bit of luck is always necessary to win, you can’t solely rely on it. Deep and thorough knowledge of the game of cricket is required if you want to make better wagers.

Don’t limit your knowledge to just how the game is played, how the scores are given, or how the winners are decided. You would need more information about the players, their formats, and their skill sets. Study game statistics and past results of both teams before trading any match as it will provide useful clues about innings total and run rate.

Analyze Rankings, Ratings, and Performance

Cricket teams are ranked based on their performance, which includes the total number of games played, player’s performance, and points). These ratings will help you determine how beneficial a certain team will be for you if you bet on them. For anyone hoping to win cricket betting, it is very important to analyze the ranking, ratings, and performance of each team before placing a bet.

Do a weather Check before there’s a Rain check

It may be hard to believe but the weather does play an important role in the play. While a lot of matches are postponed if the weather conditions restrict gameplay, a simple drizzle or strong sun could affect the pitch significantly. 

This will impact the movement of the ball – the way it meets with the ground, how it spins, and how it bounces. In bad weather conditions, the bowlers could have a better advantage, but the advantages would shift to the side of the batsmen if the sun is out. 

Don’t Bet More Than You Can Afford

As much as fun betting seems, you don’t blow up your bank account for it. You should only bet what you can afford to lose and avoid taking unnecessary risks if you are a newbie or lack experience. 

In the beginning, you should bet with as little as possible till you gain some gameplay experience. When you go pro, you can go ahead and take some necessary risks without falling into debt or going bankrupt.

When betting on test matches, avoid the draws

Cricket is one of the few sports where the game ending in a draw is a likely event and hence makes for a popular bet, especially knowing how games can drag on inconsequentially from the third day onwards.

Instead of betting on draws, bet on the team that is playing well and has momentum going for it. 

Punters often forget to factor in the pitch conditions, especially on the last two days of the game, which can often turn the match either way. Hence, avoid betting on the draws.

Bet on both the teams

Cricket is an unpredictable match. You never know when an underrated team could become the star performer. Especially in T20 matches, where the game’s momentum can swing abruptly. 

So, if there are two teams ranked pretty close to each other, you can wait for one side’s odds to reach 2.5, and bet as soon as the odds get there. Thereafter, you can wait for the match to swing in favor of that team, and when that happens, you can bet on the other side (when the other side’s odds reach 2.5). This way, you’d have secured a guaranteed profit for yourself. This strategy works best in the limited-overs game but can prove to be expensive if there’s no change in the game’s momentum.

Know the history of grounds and pitches

Pitches and grounds are another crucial defining factor for placing successful cricket bets. All grounds and pitches have a particular kind of behavior. 

For home teams, there is usually a big advantage. They would be playing on the same ground they use for training which could be a big bonus. Certain pitches favor bowlers or batsmen, while others don’t.

Have a strategy

A strategy is a must-have during betting. Sticking to a good strategy during good and bad times is important. This will help you in resisting the temptation to make spontaneous decisions on bets, which you haven’t had the chance to properly research. Pick the type of bets you want to place and the odds that will bring the returns you are looking for. 

Decide the platform for your Bets

The odds and type of bets available will vary according to the platform you use. Choose carefully to ensure you can activate the betting strategy you have developed on your chosen platform. 

Search out ways to increase your available funds

Saving enough money readily accessible to see you through the downtimes is crucial. It is a good idea to establish a budget that will allow you to keep making bets even if you hit a losing streak. This could be somewhere around 10-30 times the amount you plan to wager on one bet. Another way to boost your funds is to use a payment platform that offers cashback.

Today’s Cricket Match Prediction 

A Cricket match was played between Nepal and UAE on November 18, 2022.

Prediction – It was predicted that UAE would win the game.

Outcome – Nepal won the match against UAE by six wickets. 


It’s better to remember that even with the best betting tips ,strategy and techniques, there’s no guarantee that you’ll always win. You’ll lose money sometimes and win at other times. But if you heed the methods above, and put in some work, you can relatively reduce losses. 




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