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Cricket is one of the sports that keep you engaged throughout the year with intriguing cricket matches on the ground. Cricket enthusiasts wait for back-to-back cricket tournaments to bet on various events and earn huge amounts from it.  

If you are eagerly waiting to support your favorite teams and players in the upcoming matches, we are here with detailed information about the 2022 tournaments for you to be prepared for wise betting. 

Upcoming Schedules of Team India

Team India has been busy the whole year and here is the schedule for the upcoming cricket matches by the end of the year 2022:

  • T20 World Cup 2022

T20 World Cup is an eminent sport in the cricket world that the bettors keep their eyes on. Conducted under the cricket governing body, T20 World Cup is commencing from October 16 to November 6, 2022. 

Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Namibia, Scotland, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Ireland, UAE, Netherlands, and Zimbabwe are the nations to square off against each other in the upcoming matches of the World Cup in 2022. 

As per the latest cricket updates, the matches will be hosted on the grounds of Australia. If you are looking to bet on this huge cricket event, get free cricket betting tips and get huge winning amounts. 

  • India Tour of Bangladesh 

India’s team is all set to face off against Bangladesh in November 2022. Both the teams will play 2 test matches and 3 One Day Internationals (ODIs). India will tour Bangladesh and if you are betting on different cricket events, look for the latest cricket updates till the match starts to indulge in smart betting. 

  • India Tour of New Zealand 

This will be another tour of team India in November only. On the tour to New Zealand, team India will come against NZ in 3 T20 and 3 ODI matches. You can bet on either of the winning teams and get huge profitability from this wager.

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Expert Betting Tips for the Upcoming Matches

Cricket betting is not just about staking the sum in the online market but you need to apply your understanding and analytical approach in the betting market. 

Out of the upcoming cricket matches event, the bettors pave their way to win extra bucks. 

You can employ the following free cricket betting tips and ensure your wins. 

  • Current Ratings and Rankings

Based on the overall performance in the cricket matches, every cricket team gets ratings and rankings by BCCI. These rankings are helpful for bettors to know the strengths and weaknesses of the team while placing a bet. It can give you an idea if you should bet or not in a particular cricket event. 

  • Weather Forecast 

In cricket betting, weather forecasts are crucial. While batters get the benefit on dry and sunny days, bowlers get the benefit from cloudy conditions. So, before placing the wagers on the upcoming matches, keep up with the latest cricket updates and bet smartly. 

While examining your cricket betting predictions, check daily cricket news and the environment in the hosting country. If the sun sets early in the playing nations, the particular match suffers due to a shortage of time. Cricket is the major sport that is affected by weather conditions. For the upcoming cricket matches, keeping an eye on the weather reports helps you anticipate the result of the match and place a profitable bet accordingly. 

  • Learn about the pitch grounds

Considering the state of the playing field is also important as it is one of the factors that you must take into account on the field. It can be impacted by the weather or surface groundskeepers at other times. Due to the increasing temperature, some bowlers get an edge on surfaces. These dry conditions help spin bowlers to make a more significant impact. The success of your cricket wager in the upcoming matches will significantly influence your ability to notice small details like these.

  • The coin toss

The winning captain gets to choose whether their team bowls or bats first in the first cricket match of the day. It has been discovered that a lot of factors affect the gameplay and most teams that win the coin toss at a test match go on to win the entire game.

  • Batters Experience

When you place a cricket bet, you should remember that the bettors have varying experience levels and are likely to be at various points in their careers. Less seasoned batters may appear to be successful in short versions of cricket like T20 cricket, but they might not be as fortunate in lengthy test matches.


The bettors love to bet on various upcoming matches and there are many ways that you can get profit out of it. If you are a novice bettor, be sure to make the most of your betting experience in the upcoming cricket matches with the latest cricket updates and free betting tips. 


CBTF Betting experts give you reliable advice that you can follow for reaping higher profits in the online cricket betting market. Don’t just rely on a single source but extend your understanding of the sport to place smart wagers in live cricket betting. 


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