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Memorable rivalries between teams in previous editions of the ICC World Cup: Will they continue?

One among the largest athletic events worldwide is the ICC World Cup. It has seen some fierce rivalries emerge between teams throughout the years as they compete for cricket’s greatest reward. According to cricket world cup news, this post will look at some of the most famous rivalries from past World Cups and address the likelihood that they may recur in subsequent competitions.

  1. India vs Pakistan

In all of cricket, the rivalry among India and Pakistan is among the fiercest. Given the political tensions as well as longstanding rivalry between the two Asian powers, games between them always have a great deal of significance beyond the actual game. 

The India-Pakistan matches at World Cups are a spectacle unto themselves. With billions of supporters cheering for their favourite teams, these games attract unmatched attention and excitement. One of the best World Cup matches ever was the 2003 final, which India won by barely 3 wickets with a win in the last ball. Other thrilling matches between the subcontinental rivals, such as the 2015 quarterfinal match that Pakistan won as well as the 2019 group match that India won in the end, have only contributed to the history of suspenseful matches between them.

Cricket bilateral series between India as well as Pakistan have been discontinued due to fragile political relations. They only play each other in Asian or ICC cricket competitions. For fans who anxiously await spectacular spectacles, this has made World Cup matches even more valuable. An India-Pakistan encounter will undoubtedly be the most viewed World Cup game due to their enormous fan bases as well as the achievement of both teams worldwide.

  1. Australia vs England

In cricket, Australia and England have one of the fiercest and longest-running rivalries. It all began when these two countries competed in the inaugural Cricket World Cup in 1975. Since then, they have faced off many times in World Cups, producing a number of exciting games. 

When England beat Australia in 1979 despite losing half of their team for just 17 runs, it was one among the match’s most dramatic moments. Mike Brearley as well as Geoffrey Boycott batted with such bravery that England pulled out a surprising comeback to chase down Australia’s score. However, thanks to the genius of David Boon, who hit 75 runs, Australia exacted revenge by beating England in the year 1987 semi-final. 

In the 2015 competition, which was hosted by Australia as well as New Zealand, the rivalry peaked. Both teams faced off in the semifinal after winning their respective pools. Australia advanced to the final by virtue of a greater net run-rate, winning a high-stakes elimination match.

  1. Sri Lanka vs West Indies 

Given that Sri Lanka and the West Indies are not geographically adjacent, a competition between them may not be immediately apparent. But a fascinating rivalry has been established between the two Island nations thanks to some genuinely great World Cup matches.

What really sparked everything off was the St. Lucia World Cup semifinal in 2007. With 186-8, Sri Lanka was in serious danger trying to match the West Indies’ score of 218. However, they were on the verge of victory thanks to a valiant 51-run combination between Mahela Jayawardene as well as Chamara Silva. In among the most dramatic endings in the one-day international history, Jayawardene’s scoop shot failed to score the last run, leaving the West Indies with a one-run victory.

Four years later, Sri Lanka exacted retribution for the close defeat. The West Indies put up a formidable 205-4 after being put to bat. However, Sri Lanka eliminated the West Indies in the quarterfinals by chasing it down with seven wickets remaining. Following the devastating events of 2007, Sri Lanka was able to find some relief thanks to the outstanding century played by Tillakaratne Dilshan.

  1. South Africa vs Australia

The rivalry between South Africa and Australia was forged throughout many tight matches during the ICC World Cup semifinals. South Africa lost by less than one run in 1999, falling just two runs short of Australia’s score of 213. The Proteas were denied their first World Cup final appearance due to this devastating loss.

In their rematch in the 2007 semifinals, Australia scored 281 points. South Africa put up a strong fight, chasing what appeared to be a difficult goal, but they were beaten by a mere 4-run difference once more. Australia, South Africa’s adversary, destroyed their hopes of winning the World Cup both times these last-over endings occurred in the semi-finals.

The two teams’ rivalry became stronger as a result of the defeats. For many years, South Africa was unable to get past the semi-final stage in multi-nation championships, despite their continued strong performance. When they had the opportunity to host the final again in the year 2015, they fell to New Zealand at the same level.

  1. India vs South Africa

Although South Africa and India have previously competed in World Cups, their rivalry has really intensified in the last few years. The World Cup 2015 saw an intense match between the two nations in Perth. South Africa’s first-inning total of 237 was below average. It came down to the last over, though, as their bowling assault made things challenging for India. South Africa prevailed by barely 4 runs because to JP Duminy’s defense of 14 runs during the last over.

India would have suffered greatly from this defeat, as well as the teams played again in the year 2019 World Cup. It was another low-scoring match, with South Africa scoring 227. Nonetheless, their bowling gave India another fright. With three wickets left, India was able to chase it down with to Rohit Sharma’s century. Nonetheless, the game demonstrated how fiercely both sides competed with one another.

The rivalry between South Africa and India reached new heights as a result of these two hotly contested games on the largest platform of all. Although they had previously encountered one other, the years 2015 and 2019 were when their rivalry really took off. It shown that both sides will step up their game as well as battle it out tooth as well as nail regardless of the competition.


As per cricket world cup news today, these five rivalries between a few of the most popular cricketing nations in World Cup history are certain to continue providing drama even if some sides may rise and fall. Fans may anticipate many more exciting matches in the ICC World Cup editions as long as these teams’ competitive spirit is intact. When new generations of cricket players write their own tales on the biggest platform in the sport, the history of these legendary rivalries will undoubtedly continue.

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