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Cricket and betting have always gone all along while enjoying immense popularity among the fans. Being one of the oldest sports, it has a huge fan base across the globe. It is played in three formats – One Day Internationals (ODI), Test Matches, and T20 which brings its own set of opportunities for the bookies to leverage for earning money. 

New to live cricket betting and wondering how to get started? For effective bet placement, you should have an in-depth understanding of the type of bets and learn the tricks on how to play each of them. 

To mitigate your financial risks in online cricket betting, let’s unveil the type of bets in the cricket betting world to unlock money-making opportunities. 

Popular Cricket Bets

Here are the following cricket bets to get started: 

  • Match Betting 

This is the primary cricket bet for gamblers who love to bid on. In this, you only need to pick one outcome out of three – winning or losing team, and if the match will draw or not, which makes it a straightforward wager. If you are a newbie, you can start with this simplified bet. 

  • Tied Match 

Cricket offers multiple betting options and this is another simple wager in the queue. Before the start of the match, you have to call the shots if the match will end with a tie or not. If your wager matches with the outcome of the event, you certainly get the payouts through live cricket betting.

  • Completed Match

For full-day matches like ODIs, this is a common bet among the punters to predict if the game will end by the day or not. It is a yes or no type of bet in cricket betting. If your analysis about the pitch and weather conditions goes well, you can bet accordingly as if the match will roll on for the next day or wrap up the same day. 

  • Top Bowler

A top Bowler bet is an individual player-specific bet and based on your prediction skills, you should place your bets on who will be your target bowler to take the highest wickets in the series or a match. You can make a selection of the bowlers from either of the teams and get a payout after your bets match the real outcome. 

  • Top Batsman 

To place an effective wager, you have to be more cautious about choosing the right player. His/her performance during the match will have a complete dependency on your payout, so, pick the player with the highest scoring goals from either of the playing teams. Since this bet is a bit difficult to predict, certainly it adds huge bucks to your pocket. 

  • Innings Runs

In this wager, the gamblers predict the number of runs to be scored in specific innings in the cricket match. Many bookies offer such bets as under or over-wagers where they define a particular number of runs. Go to bet on under or over the shown figures at the sportsbook. 

  • Team of Top Batsman 

If you predict a team to have great batsmen on their side, this wager can come as a lucrative bet for you. This is a more simple bet than predicting the specific player. In this wager, you only have 2 options that indicate that the probability of winning odds is more than placing bets on the top batsman. 

  • Toss Winner 

The importance of winning the toss before the match can never be underestimated as it defines the fate of teams. Since it is much unpredictable, the punters may refrain from risking their amount on such bets. 

However, solely the toss doesn’t ascertain the win of the team but it gives more advantages to the toss-winning team. To predict the bet, you just need to guess the toss favour without any research and analysis. It doesn’t require any strategy or mathematical analysis to guess the toss-in air. 

  • Player of the Match

Though this is a simple wager, it attracts many gamblers to risk their money. In this type, you have to bid on the player of the match which surely calls for analytical research about the player’s performance. So, if there is a player who has shown brilliant cricketing performance, you should look out for such players. 

Choosing to place the bets on the right player brings a financial risk and you are aware of all the possible options.

Wrapping Up

To get started in live cricket betting, we have listed some of the popular bets that may yield significant returns. If you are new to betting on cricket, you can stick to cricket betting tips free by our experts and gradually build your strategy for more technical bet types. 

Know all about the online cricket betting and free tips at CBTF betting tips.  

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