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Taking a Look at Cricket Betting Tips | CBTF Tips

Taking a Look at Cricket Betting Tips

Cricket is one of the prominent sports plates across the globe but still, newcomers might feel very insecure about how to start and make perfect bets as there are numerous options available. If you are also new to betting do not skip this article. Here, we will discuss the best betting tips you must follow to make a winning bet. 

Why is cricket betting so popular?

Cricket can be played in three forms, evolving from its traditional ways i.e. Test cricket. Nowadays, three varieties of cricket are available which are test cricket, ODI cricket, and T20 form of cricket. People have more options to choose from and win exciting amounts. So, let’s brief about all the three forms of cricket you can bet on:-

  • Test Cricket: Test cricket is known as the most challenging form of cricket as the matches last up to 5 consecutive days to complete the four-inning match. 
  • ODI Cricket: In this form of cricket the match ends in one day and consists of 50 overs between both teams. The ICC cricket world cup which occurs every 4 years is the form of ODI cricket. It is one of the most popular forms of cricket to bet on.
  • T20 Cricket: This form of cricket was started in 2007. In this form of cricket, the matches last for only 20 overs. It is one of the most exciting and twisted forms of traditional cricket. IPL also follows the same model as the T20 cricket world cup. In this variation, teams are allowed to participate in single-inning matches.

All of the above forms of cricket come with their own play type. These matches have their own champions, skilled players, and games that make it more exciting for betting. 

Tips to follow while betting on cricket 

Do extensive research

Cricket betting is also a type of gambling and research is the key when we imagine winning the bet. Cricket is also a mental sport like other sports, so the poor form of a player can make a huge impact on the performance of the complete team. It is also advised to keep an eye on the performance of the player in previous matches, health status, and attitude. There are numerous cricket news sites such CBTF news which provide you with accurate and updated information. There are numerous sites available on the web that provide tips so rather than blindly following the tips you can read the public opinion. 

Check pitch and weather conditions

It is highly advisable to check the pitch and weather conditions before betting on the match. Sometimes the matches are stopped or delayed to the rain in such scenarios your calculations might get hampered. The other factor is the condition of the pitch, which also has an impact on betting. For example, during the test match, the pitch became naturally tight, which reduces the chances of hitting a huge target and also helps to spin the bowlers on the fielding team.

Bet live and in-play

Cricket is the most suitable game for life in-play betting as there is a long gap between every ball and over. When the odds move fast, it takes a big shot and a wicket to alter the momentum of the complete game, which might make an opportunity for the winning wagers.

Use free betting bonus

Before betting with your money, you can use a betting bonus for practice purposes. There are numerous sites available that provide free bets for newly signup accounts. So, during the initial days use free bonus money instead of playing with actual money. When a prominent cricket tournament like the ICC cricket world or IPL is being played, numerous sites offer different bonus amounts. There are some VIP reward schemes offered by some betting sites that allow the customer to earn free cricket bets by placing qualifying wagers. 


So, above we have gone through a few hints that will help you make a secure bet. The world is crazy about cricket and everyone wants to bet on the same. It is also advised to not take tips from any unprofessional person as it will definitely lead you to lose a bet. To increase the possibilities of winning follow the above-mentioned tips and use technical analysis rather than guessing or choosing the wrong bet. The tips mentioned above will assist you to bet both tactfully and reliably- we will recommend you keep all the tips in your mind.

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