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For decades, cricket has played a pivotal role in Indian as well as international markets. Since its introduction by the former colonizers, cricket has grabbed the attention of the major population in the online betting market. Live cricket betting is just like learning about the sport and getting better at it with time. 

Today, cricket is an emotion for enthusiasts and betting on it has become an obsession to make money out of predicting different matches. With a fanbase of tens of millions, the sports account reaches nearly 85% of the Indian economy. 

For you to make huge money and verge out some profitable returns, you must familiarize yourself with the competitive bets. Let’s dive in. 

Competitive Cricket Bets for Profitable Returns

  • T20 International Matches 

Out of the most admired cricket matches, T20 is one of the events for professionals. Played in England in 2003, this format of cricket took a bit of time to catch up in the initial stages.  

The T20 format began to take a serious turn in the matches in 2007 when the first edition of the World Cup was played for a short period. Over time, these formats emerged as advantageous ones for professional bettors, making it much more popular among the spectators and a wider betting community. 

With the major cricket tournaments, there opens wide opportunities for the bettors to get profitable payouts. The T20 cricket betting market has much higher scopes than other formats of cricket. This is because the Indian Cricket Council (ICC) officially sanctions the tournament matches between the finalists. This makes it a much more fascinating format for the bettors to gamble on. 

  • One Day Internationals (ODIs) 

In the cricketing world, the first ever ODI was played in 1971 that was after nearly 100 years after the first test match. Thereafter, it expanded with time, bringing up different series and tournaments conducted across a calendar year. 

Debuted in 1975, the ODI World Cup is the leading competitor which is now held every four years. In the T20 matches, there are several competitors like Asia Cup but all the squads of ICC indulge in the gameplay of regular bi-lateral series. 

ODI cricket has the most adamant followers among the betting community, keeping the market always busy at the sportsbook. 

However, the fans find it more profitable and intriguing at the time of the World Cup which gives you brilliant betting opportunities. Besides this, the bettors have immense betting opportunities throughout the year and get higher profits. 

  • Test Matches 

England, Australia, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, South Africa, West Indies, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, and Ireland are considered to be the best playing nations, receiving full status by the ICC. 

Throughout the calendar year, the bettors enjoy betting on cricketing seasons for series, occasions, and one-off tests facing each other on the pitch. After ICC introduced a World Test Championship, New Zealand lifted the cup in the first edition in 2021. 

Being played over a span of five days, the ODI series entices the interest of the bettors in the live cricket betting market. You have to keep in mind that the test matches have their own set of rules which can impact your betting strategy as well. Speaking of the top batsmen and the top bowlers, the expected figures of the run chase and wickets are based on the first innings only. In the domestic matches, the limited overs’ test matches enjoy the presence of a huge crowd in the betting market 

Test matches are the pinnacle of cricket for the professional bettors and the betting always observes a busy calendar during the arrival of the test matches.  

  • Indian Premier League (IPL)

Since its debut in 2008, the IPL has expanded and has become one of the biggest T20 domestic tournaments in the cricket world. In the 10 years, the format of the game has changed and since 2022, the tournament has seen two more franchises in the mix. Traditionally, the tournament commences at the starting of April that expands right through to early June, keeping the bookies engaged. 

Mumbai Indians are ahead in the competitive curve with a successful winning history with Chennai Super Kings at the near chase.  

Wrapping Up 

Online cricket betting is a huge market that brings profitable options for the novice and the professional bettors. There are different competitive matching bets that you can gamble on. To get started, get online betting tips from the experts.

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