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Choosing and chasing a career of your interest is a traditional practice to shape your career but there are few who could identify their strength to come up as leaders. Amit Majithia is one of the few names who shook the cricket world with his accurate prediction about live cricket events. 

While everyone aired their opinion about cricket matches’ outcomes, he leveraged his prediction skills to start his ventures. Prediction of different cricket events has led him to climb the success ladder. The zest for prediction accelerates when it comes out to be true.

Cricket Inspired Majithia to Identify His Potential 

Luring a huge mass in the intriguing formats, the cricket fans never lacked their interest in the sport. 

While the eventual result of the cricket matches is uncertain, Amit Majithia stepped in to revolutionise the prediction world while hitting the right target for placing the wager. This way, he became a cricket expert and ruled the cricket prediction market with his extensive knowledge and experience in the game. 

Amit felt an undefined connection with cricket that drew his interest in the game. Since his childhood, when his friends just enjoyed cricket, he started to get a knack for cricket. Watching videos about cricket, learning the ins and outs, and developing an analytical understanding of the sport polished his prediction skills. He exerted much effort into meeting different cricket experts with a rich knowledge of cricket that enhanced his research abilities. 

Meanwhile, he realised that he has learned enough to implement his for predicting the next possible outcome in the live matches broadcasted. Surprisingly, his predictions nailed the right targets that continued to date and he started getting recognition in the cricket circle. 

A man who walked down the lanes with only Rs. 3500 in his hands is dominating the prediction market while holding successful ventures with the valuation of millions. 

Tapping Into Multiple Successful Ventures

With his potential, Amit Majithia is a brand in himself and this cricket betting guru operates multiple successful ventures working towards the beneficence of thousands of individuals. His ventures include CBTF Speed News. Being a cricket-specific web channel, it broadcasts cricket updates, serving you 24/7. Moreover, CBTF has roped in the famous Bollywood celeb, Emraan Hashmi as the brand ambassador of their news platform. Bringing the latest cricket scores, entertaining IPL news, and T20, the platform keeps you entertained with the facts about your favourite cricketers. 

He has a vision of reaching every individual admiring cricket and emancipating their prediction skills with his knowledge. 

Amit always had an entrepreneurial mind who had been curious about developing new ideas and interests to get rewards and benefits from it. After starting his first venture and since then, he never looked back, keeping his hopes high.

Well, he is undoubtedly a top-notch analyst who has tweaked the fun of watching cricket which makes him stand apart from the crowd. 

Next in the queue of his ventures, Amit is associated with the BCC Event which is a popular music production house that features the gems of the music world – Palak Muchhal, RCR, Adah Sharma, Karishma Sharma, Simran Kaur & many more. BCC Music Factory encourages the artist’s development and promotion while bringing up amazing musical tracks.

Wrapping Up 

For all the cricket fans out there, the cricket guru, Amit Majithia spares no effort to enlighten your lives with this immense knowledge about cricket. His ventures are a gateway to new opportunities for cricket fans and music artists to shape their future. 

If you feel inspired by the cricket prediction legend Amit Majithia, know more about him and the updates about cricket and tips at CBTF.