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Top Free Cricket Betting Tips Straight From The Masters

Here at CBTF, we provide you with free cricket betting tips to sharpen your match prediction strategy so it actually works.

Match prediction is like learning to play a new sport: only once you get to doing it, do you actually start to understand it. Experienced punters swear by the need for research to turn their bets into gains. 

In this article we are set to run through some tips for online cricket prediction, their working and how to use them to turn the analysis into gains.

CBTF Amit Tips

If you have not heard about Amit Majithia, here is a quick introduction. He progressed from being a cricket fan like any other to predicting the outcome of games to utilizing his knowledge in predictions and just with INR 3500 to start what has come to become the top tier of trusted brands in the betting scene.

With all of this experience under his belt, Amit’s predictions are nothing but top notch. CBTF relies squarely on his experience and instinct to make predictions. Amit has a few tips for betters when it comes to match prediction.

Expert cricket betting tips

Session betting is extremely risky as a novice. Punters usually lose bets in session betting as the bets placed have to be accurate. Betting on the game itself is a safer bet with better odds when compared to session betting. Keeping session bets to a minimum of 1 per session in the final 3 overs of the match makes for a calculated bet.

Do not bet with impulse. This is an unmissable cricket betting tip. While the ball-by-ball market offers the best returns, it is also the highest risk as the uncertainty of the bet promises all or nothing. The update of odds is swift while allowing a very short window of opportunity within which you can place your bet. Owing to this urgency in decision making, the time to make a calculated prediction is meager which could lead to impulsive decision making which progresses to become large losses. Having a betting strategy and plan in place and sticking to it throughout the entire course of the match helps immensely.

Online cricket betting tips and predictions

Online cricket betting has been around for a while and betting from the confines of your home makes a large difference in calming your nerves. With over two and a half crore visitors, CBTF is trusted by over seven lakh punters that get paid over twenty crore in winnings every single day. 

With features like a 2% bonus on each deposit and rolling bonuses, CBTF now covers not just cricket but tennis, soccer, horse racing matka and casino games.

With insights coming directly from Amit Majithia, the CBTFMyTube Channel gives you access to all of Amit’s online cricket betting tips, match predictions, analysis, tips & tricks and everything you can learn from this match prediction genius.