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Sureshot Cricket Betting Tips To Help You Win Every Time

While making predictions in a cricket match, wouldn’t you like to have the most reliable source of online cricket betting tips to help us Indian punters to get the most out of cricket wagers.

Look no further, we have sureshot cricket betting tips to help you win every time.

Best cricket betting tips

There are two broad factors that one needs to consider when placing bets in a cricket match; the out of play variables and the in play variables.

Out of play variables include the pitch, the weather, and team ranking.

While the pre game pitch report serves as a great help to understand what the prevalent conditions are, taking into account the weather and its effects on the pitch is a point that cannot be overlooked.

The team ranking helps in a minor way, but assessing the squad that will actually take the field matters and is part of in-play variables.

In-play variables include the batsmen of the day, the bowlers being played, the overall team and the toss.

The batsmen and bowlers in the day’s squad when compared to the out of play variables would give a fair idea of the performance that can be expected by the side in question. Analyzing the squad on the field and how they complement one anothers game would paint a picture of the teams performance.

While the toss for the day is left purely to chance, an analysis of the variables discussed will give you some clarity to understand how a team will fare when handed the bat first.

Beyond the out of play variables and the in play variables, the confidence of the squad on the day of the game makes a big difference in the demeanor with which the day’s match is approached. Past wins or losses play a major role in this scenario.

Cricket betting tips app

While there are several apps available in the store, you still have to put in the work to understand the analysis that you have carried out. Apps help, but when you put in the work. Your understanding of the wager helps you gain an understanding of the game that no app is capable of handing to you.

Cricket betting tips CBTF

If you are looking for the best cricket betting tips, you have come to the right place. CBTF has set a goal to share all the best cricket prediction tips, analysis about online betting, the best betting sites, industry news, bring out the scams by other betting websites, betting tactics, strategies and more.

By feeding the right cricket prediction tips to Indian betters like you, CBTF intends to increase your level of proficiency while guiding you on your journey to becoming a skilled punter.

Take a look around; there is a lot to learn.