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Top Tips to Predict Cricket Match Results

Did you know?

140 million plus people bet regularly on cricket online in our nation. This value is expected to surge to 370 million during the Indian Premier League (IPL). Well, that’s a huge number.

Immense love for Cricket unites most of India beyond cultural differences. However many feel cricket is an unpredictable game maybe because you don’t know when everything changes at the last moment. Your favorite team can win out of the blue in the last over or it may be vice versa, something you did not expect. It’s a game, after all, one can win or lose. But everything becomes bitter if you bet on it and you lose.

The correct prediction depends on an in-depth analysis of the game. Take a decision carefully and don’t panic no matter what the situation is. If you are one of those who are not good at predicting cricket, this article is exclusively written for you. 

 Let’s now explore today’s cricket betting tips that will help you find the winner:

Analyze the Previous Data

If you are someone who watches cricket matches frequently, you will know there is a pattern. This is the point from which you predict a particular pattern. For example, there is a player who is performing consistently well and scoring high in various matches. We call, ‘he is in his best form. 

This is not just in the case of one-day matches (ODI) but also in T20 and test matches. Sometimes there is another batsman who finishes his innings close to half a century or century. There are a few things you will notice if you watch the game very carefully.

Let me give you one good betting tip, currently, the chasing side is usually winning the game. The reasons are different but this is a current pattern. 

To know more about the latest pattern, we recommend you closely look into the previous head-to-head analysis of the teams playing the game. Know who all are the layers. Also make a note of who is doing well whether they are batting, bowling, or fielding.

Consider the Weather Conditions

Another cricket betting tip is to consider the weather conditions. The 50% result of the game depends on the weather conditions and pitch conditions. Also, consider the pitch condition and match timings(whether day match or night match). 

If the team has the best pace bowlers and they are all set to play in a green track, trust us, that particular team is at an advantage. The team that adapts or takes advantage of the weather conditions is likely to win the match. This is why you must have heard, home teams have an advantage over other teams. 

Winning the Toss Plays a Key Role

Toss is a primary factor in winning a cricket match. Today’s cricket betting tip includes winning the top. Well, winning the toss is all about luck. 

Earlier the one who went to bat first usually won the game, But times have changed now. Chasing the score has become a cup of tea for many teams. While already having the target on the board, most teams are winning. But when the pitch has dew residue, it becomes challenging to bat as well as to defend the total. 

But when it comes to Test matches, the scenario is the opposite. The team that bats at last usually loses. Batting and chasing a huge total become a challenge, especially in the last two days as the teams are tired.

Have a Close Look At the Key Players

Never underestimate your competitor. You must have heard this phrase time and again. Always consider the strengths and weaknesses of the other team. Another good cricket betting tip is to pick the right winning team. If you are getting a gut feeling that this player will help win the game, it is equally important to look for the strengths of the opposition team as well. 

If there is a good opening batsman of one team, which is the in-swing bowler from the opposition who is likely to trouble the batsman. 

And if there is a team with more left-handers, facing a wicket-taking spinner is a challenge for sure. Choose a team where there are amazing batsmen that can stay on the pitch for long and they can hit big till the end

Closing Thoughts

Before betting, choosing a team and its players is very important but you should never do this randomly. The aforementioned tips will help you predict who is going to win. There is no shortcut or magic trick in this. Everything depends on your considerations and in-depth analysis. Carefully take care of the proceedings. And all of this will certainly boost the odds of being right. When you are making a match’s bet, choose with your head and not your heart.