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10 Free Cricket Tips To Improve the Prediction Ability in Fantasy Cricket | CBTF

Millions of cricket enthusiasts and fans have preferred fantasy cricket as the mode of cricket betting. Through elegant and sophisticated software virtual reality is projected to the user with an approximation to the real cricket situations. It provides the user with the fun of the game and high returns simultaneously. 

Due to features that can not remain unnoticed, fantasy cricket has become part of the daily routine of several users across the globe. Several platforms provide real cricket betting and tips related to the same. Despite the availability of these platforms, demands of fantasy cricket have grown over a very small period. It is priorly because of the level of convenience and ease of doing things it offers a person. 

Playing fantasy cricket has very many similarities with real cricket betting. A person playing the same needs to follow the required norms and needs to be attentive while playing. With the required diligence, a person could succeed in these fantasy cricket games and have the desired output. 

Playing without thinking and with randomness does not work in the favor of the person. It is also important for the person to play with caution after considering the financial profile. 

Free Cricket Tips for Best Outputs in Fantasy Cricket 

These are the tricks and aspects of fantasy cricket that provide a player with the desired outcomes:-

  • Strategize As Per the Format of the Game: Different players have their strong suits and drawbacks. Every player is not suitable for every format of the game. When it comes to selecting the team for T 20s and one-day matches, the team selection requires a certain set of logical analyses for the same. Selecting the appropriate players for the required format a person plays ensures the creation of a strong team. With a strong team, the chances of winning the match increase. 
  • Take the Hint From Weather: It is a fact that weather affects the game and performance of the players. It is also an undocumented ground rule of fantasy cricket. With the determination of dry or wet weather, a person could determine whether the weather will show a tolerable fare for spinners or fasters. The same could contribute to an effective strategy for the match. 
  • Pitch Conditions Must Not Be Ignored: Considering the pitch conditions is a wise choice and an effective betting strategy. The same provides the person with insight regarding the game and partial prediction about the performance of the players. By knowing the pitch, a person could also understand whether the pitch, will favor fasters or spinners. It contributes to effective strategy-making through the required analysis of the same. An effective strategy provides a person with the required outputs. 
  • Decide the Correct Batting Order: Deciding the right batsmen in chronology is an important factor that can not be ignored. The correct chronology facilitates a person with the desired outcomes, while the wrong one harms the game. The batting order should be in a manner that provides fast scoring and consistency in the game.
  • Consider Bowlers That Bring Wickets: The fall of the wicket of the players of the opposite team is an important thing that makes sure you win the game. The fall of the wicket takes you a step closer to winning the game. It also stops the flow of run-making of the counter team. Experienced bettors and players employ this strategy to maximize their chances of winning the game. 
  • All-Rounders are Game Changers: All-rounders are the trump card of the game that should be part of the team as an effective betting strategy. All-rounders increase the potential of the squad. All-rounders contribute significantly to the team either as a batsman, as a bowler, or both. Choosing the all-rounders is an impactful decision to win the game. 
  • Select Wicket Keepers With Better Batting Skills: Wicket Keepers who can contribute to the team as batsmen are boon for the team. Such players add aid to the team. With the same, a person ensures the win of the squad in fantasy cricket. Wicketkeepers are also like the all-rounders that provide a significant contribution in either way. 
  • Selection of Captain and Vice Captain Should Be Done After Consideration: The right leaders of the team ensure the best performance by the team. The same contributes to the best gaming by the players associated with the game. With the right captain and vice-captain, the probability of winning the games in fantasy cricket increases and provides the person with fruitful results. 
  • Consider the Current Form of the Players: No matter how good a player is, if the current form of the player is not up to the mark, the selection of such a player is not advisable. A person willing to have fruitful results should consider both the records and the existing form of the player. 
  • X-Factors: A person willing to win the games in fantasy cricket should not only consider the names of the players in the team, but also the players of the counter team. With the same, strategizing about them becomes easy, and a person can counter all the possible outcomes concerning them.


Fantasy cricket is one of the most preferred modes of betting these days. With the right set of strategies betting becomes easy and provides a person with fruitful results. CBTF is a platform that provides a panel for betting and free cricket tips. With the free cricket tips, the person could maximize their knowledge about betting and have fruitful results. 

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