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A Young, Lazy Girl Turned Into Lady Sachin – Mithali Raj | CBTF


Mitali Raj announced her retirement on Wednesday. It brought an end to the decorated careers of Indian cricket women. Moreover, it is also one of the most influential stints in the sport. She was born in jodhpur on 3rd November 1982. Her parents Dora raj and Leela raj who was an officer in the Indian air force and housewife respectively. From her childhood only she loved dancing, but she was very lazy from the beginning of her life. She started her journey, with what their parents chose for her as a career.

She was so strong that she defeated England on their own soil whereas the men’s team failed to do that. In 2013 she got her title as ‘lady Sachin’ when she bagged as the no.1 in the cart of the women’s cricket world cup. Mithali is an all-rounder as she can do both bowling and batting. 

Her career spans about 23 years. Raj represented India almost 333 times in all formats. She also scored 10,868 runs which makes a world record. 

Meanwhile, she gets a chance to become the captain of the Indian team and she leads the country in 2 world cup finals. She leaves behind the legacy and goes in mere numbers. She is the first woman who made women’s cricket dominant after male sports. She not only fulfills her dreams but also fulfills the dreams of other girl’s dream who want to make their career in any sport. She announced her retirement and wrote on social media about her retirement at the age of 39. 

Retires From International India’s Great Mitali Raj

She always follows the discipline which gave her support to stay in a team for a longer period. It was very shocking that she was introduced to sports because she was very lazy. To ensure that she did not sleep for a longer time Dora Raj, the father of Mitali Raj worked in the air force.

He makes his daughter accompany her brother to cricket training at John’s cricket academy in Secunderabad. During the session, she spends most of the time sitting in the boundaries and completing her homework. Jyothi Prasad, the coach of the institute was impressed by the techniques that she used while playing and referred her to Sampath Kumar. Sampath Kumar gives an appreciative appraisal of who coached for teams of women in Secunderabad. Her passion is for Indian classical dance but she left her passion and started to prepare for her journey which was decided by her parents.

She generally starts her training at morning 4 and she sometimes consumes it for six hours of her day. For batting practice, Kumar would try to make raj to play on the narrow corridors of her school and she made her bat to the stumps so she would ensure that she was middling the ball. She said that she used to get hit by a stick by her sir if by chance the ball touched the walls. 

Raj Becomes The Leading Woman In Run-Score 

Those intense training and focusing hours laid the foundation of the most efficient and proficient batter in India who makes everyone proud. She is the one who scored a lot but not only that she also used the correct techniques. She has a special talent that is ranked through fast track. At the age of 13, she was selected for the Andhra Pradesh team and at the age of 16, she won the first Indian cap in 1999. Raj scored 114 runs against Ireland on her first Indian ODIs which happened at Milton Keynes, England.

At that time India became the highest run-scorer in ODIs with a record of 7,805runs at an average of 50.68. She also scored 7 consecutive 50s and made a record in women’s cricket. In 2005 she became the captain of the Indian team. After that year she took India to the first-ever world cup final.

Many times in different countries women’s cricket gets neglected and obscured whereas men’s sports or cricket always get riches and fame. Per India, there are no proper facilities available for women cricketers. Like there is no access to facilities, coaching structure, or even proper domestic structure. And the players need to graduate from the pitch mats to the international wicket. Many Indian women cricketers were constantly fighting for better funds and better-trained rivals.

In the 23 years of her career, she played only 12 test matches. She scored about 214 which is the highest score in Indian cricket women guided India to win against England which happened in Taunton. After this match, she played only 5 test matches in 4 years and never played any in the last 8 years. 

Raj is the one who was the face and voice of Indian women’s cricket. Many players who are playing nowadays or join the team recently grew up idolizing her. Moreover, when she was in her tenure the sports had taken a significant stride and the richest federation in the world, the board of control for cricket in India brought the women’s cricket team under its flag in 2005. Until the women cricketers were given central contacts in 2016. India won another world cup final in 2017 under the captaincy of the raj. From that time the whole of India woke up and started a craze for women’s cricket. In 2017 England won the game which happened at lord’s they just lost the game but they won the heart of the whole of India at that time.

Wrapping Up

As you all know that Mitali Raj announced her retirement, people around the world miss her because of her techniques and how she helped the women’s Indian cricket team and brought them to the world cup final. People will miss her captaincy because the one captain of the Indian team who helps the Indian women’s team to win the world cup. From that time only people also started to watch women’s cricket. As women’s cricket was not so famous in earlier years.




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