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Ace the Cricket Betting With These 9 Tips

Cricket is just not a sport but an emotion and religion for millions of people in India. You can find cricket enthusiasts glued to the television screen in their homes or on the street when a match is going on. The enthusiasm keeps increasing with the match and the anticipation to witness their team winning.

In recent years, cricket matches have come to the mobile screen due to the rise of the internet. Dozens of cricket betting sites also entered the market because of their popularity. Millions of people have also started betting online and want to win money. The online betting industry is different from the offline where people used to bet in the stadium. So, they miss out on cricket betting tips. In this article, we will see the betting tips to win the betting.


  • Consider Pitch Report

Pitch is a crucial part of a cricket match and plays a vital role in match results. Many betters miss out on this part and they neglect the pitch reports and bet without researching the pitch reports. For example, a match is going on between India and Australia in India. We all know the Indian subcontinent pitch helps the spinner. Compare both teams, see which one has a balanced team, and predict your winning team.

  • Don’t Obsess With Big Name

Cricket is a team sport, but every team has one or two players who become big and the backbone of the team. Since cricket is a team game, an individual won’t change the result of the match. For example, Rashid Khan is one of the big names from Afghanistan and is a world-class leg spinner. He will never be enough to win the match for his team. Don’t also be obsessed with a big team as it won’t always win the match.

  • Read About Weather Report

Cricket is an outdoor game played in an open area. Weather will have a strong impact on cricket matches. Sometimes it helps the bowler, and sometimes it helps the batter. Wind or clouds helps seamers to swing the ball and raise uncertainty in the batter’s mind. On the other hand, fog helps the batter because the bowler can’t grip the ball very well, so they can’t give their best.

  • Watch Out for Toss Result

Toss may not seem like a big thing but play a crucial role in a cricket match result. Even tossing becomes one of the best things to bet on for bettors. Either you can place a bet on the toss or consider it for the match result. A toss-winning captain has the highest opportunity to take advantage of the pitch. In the start, some pitches support the bowlers, and they can generate problems for the batter.

  • Research the Fact Before Placing the Bet

The cricket win tip is to research facts and history. Do your research about teams, players, and the form of the key players. Compare both teams based on their key players and pitch. You will get to know which team is stronger and which team is weaker after comparing the players. You can also see the past and recent records of both teams.

  • Bet on Both Teams

When two teams face each other, one is stronger than the other. Results become obvious. Things become difficult when two teams are equally capable and filled with strong players. You can bet on both teams when you find difficulties to select a winner.

  • Look for a Reliable Website

A reliable website is the most crucial aspect of betting. Look for a reliable website that will not do fraud. For example, if you placed a bet and won the money but couldn’t withdraw the money. It will be an intimidating and hurtful experience. A reliable website will have a great user interface, 24*7 customer support, and easy depositing & withdrawing.  

  • Don’t Invest Your Money Into a Single Match

First, set your bank limit, and don’t invest all the money into a match. If you are sure about a winning team, still don’t put all your money into a single match. Be prepared about the bet and even ready to bear the losses.

  • Learn About the Ground Size

The ground size also becomes the key factor to match the result. The dynamic of the pitch in New Zealand and Australia is different from others. It allows some batters to take advantage of smaller boundary sizes. A longer ground size will restrict the batsman to hit the boundaries.

Read about the free cricket betting tips on the CBTF website.

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