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Amit Majithia Rules the World of Cricket Betting Predictions

Amit Majithia is a person who has gained tremendous success in the world of cricket betting. His in-depth knowledge of the game of cricket has pushed him to great heights of success. 

The excitement and thrill of a live cricket match are made double when you begin to get predictions about the game before the match. Knowing which team would win is thrilling and might take you to a different zone. The game of cricket has several fans worldwide and anticipating a player’s or a team’s performance has become a great scope of timepass for many cricket enthusiasts. With so many formats of cricket introduced in recent times, there is no off-season for betting as one or two essential cricket matches are held every day all year round. You can never be out of action if you are betting on cricket. 

However, the individuals who estimate the game’s future right on point are hard to find, but one person has taken this space by fire due to his extensive knowledge and experience with the game. That name is Amit Majithia, who can be termed the Cricket Guru of India due to his extensive knowledge and expertise in the game.

About Amit Majithia’s Unique Quality

Amit Majithia has a unique quality of anticipating the outcome of a match beforehand, and most of the time, his predictions are accurate. It has impressed a wide range of audiences who have witnessed his prediction extravaganza. Amit Majithia has said that since his younger days, cricket was something that interested him. When he was not at school or was not studying, he would be found playing the game. He has learned a lot about cricket by studying and observing the game closely and also by conducting thorough research on the game of cricket on the internet. He has also met many cricket enthusiasts and experts who are well-accustomed to the workings and functioning of the game. 

With progress in time, he has realized that he has learned a lot of little things about the game and has started to apply his expertise and skills by estimating what would happen the next moment in the live games. Everybody was surprised when his anticipations started to hit the right targets, making him famous in the cricket sphere.

Endeavors of Amit Majithia

Amit Majithia, the Cricket Betting Tips Guru of India, has been instrumental in several prosperous ventures that include CBTF Speed News. This platform has all the news, tips, and strategies about cricket. The platform offers live updates about the sport 24/7. Emran Hashmi is the brand ambassador of the famous news platform on cricket, and Amit Majithia aims to reach more and more people and increase his audience base. He wants to spread his knowledge about the sport, and as he is a top-class cricket analyst, he wants to influence others with his impactful works. He wants to stand out from the rest with his outstanding skills and expertise. 

Besides his endeavors related to the game and his CBFT platform, Amit Majithia also owns a BCC Events, a production company of music that has introduced its innings with some the celebrities such as RCR, Palak Muchhal, Adah Sharma, Simran Kaur, Karishma Sharma, and many more. He says he is proud of himself as he had started his career and business with only Rs. 3,500, and today he is the owner of a company worth millions. 

Wrapping Up

If you are a passionate cricket fan, you must have surely come across the popular name of Amit Majithia, who is the Cricket Guru of India and has surprised the world with his match predictions. You should follow his platform CBTF for all the news, updates, tips, and strategies and try your luck at cricket betting. He had started his career as a simple cricket fan and is now the owner of a company worth millions. His passion for cricket led him to touch extensive heights, and is well-known for his spot-on cricket predictions. 

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