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From a Cricket Fan to a Cricket Guru, Amit Majithia’s Journey | CBTF

Amit Majithia is a well-known cricket expert and commentator interested in anticipating the future of cricket matches. For the passionate fans of cricket who enjoy the cricket betting culture, his spot-on forecast results have been of immense help. Amit Majithia began his career as a simple cricket fan with a great interest in cricket, and he is a well-known and popular cricket analyst.

Amit Majithia – An Inspiring Entrepreneur

Amit Majithia had begun his career as a cricket fan and followed the game as a common fan. Still, the world of projections and anticipations about cricket engrossed him, and he has become the unparalleled Cricket Guru of India. He had immense interest in the sport since childhood, and whenever he was not at school, he would be found playing the game. He was addicted to cricket from the time he was a child, and he would watch and follow cricket as if it were a God he needed to worship. He has studied and observed the game up close and researched a lot about the game on the internet. He has met and talked with many cricket enthusiasts and professionals who have immense knowledge and know how things work in cricket. 

After some time, he thought he could use his skills and knowledge to match predictions. Several times, he predicted the match results accurately and came to be noticed by his peers. His talent for anticipating the outcome of a match took everyone by surprise, and he became popular. He became the Cricket Guru due to his extensive knowledge and experience in the game. Amit Majithia could predict what would happen the next minute in a cricket match, and his ability has helped thousands of cricket fans to cricket betting. This was a boost to his career, and he launched his platform to provide cricket betting tips to new bettors and experienced ones as well.

Successful Ventures of Amit Majithia

Amit Majithia runs a couple of profitable organisations. He is behind the successful venture of CBTF Speed News, a platform that centers on cricket. The platform provides news, updates, tips, and strategies about cricket betting and cricket 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The brand ambassador of the platform is the famous Bollywood actor Emran Hashmi. 

Amit Majithia is also the owner of BCC Event, a production company dealing in music. The company has signed RCR, Adah Sharma, Palak Muchhal, Karishma Sharma, Simran Kaur, and more on the roster. He has produced several successful and super-hit music videos under his label. All the music videos that he has released have received more than a million views. Some of his music videos are Juda Hojaye, Chubhti Hai Saansein, Dil Todiye, Saare Jahan Se Aacha, Chadd Ta, Will Shoot Ya, CBTF Anthem, and Bewafa are some of his music videos. 

Amit Majithia is an inspiring entrepreneur who started with a meagre amount of Rs. 3500, and at the present moment, he is the owner of a company worth millions. He has transformed his love for cricket into a successful venture and has turned it into his career. His love for the game, knowledge, and talent have helped thousands of people in the field of cricket betting and depend on his tips and strategies for wagering successful bets.

Wrapping Up

Amit Majithia is a successful entrepreneur who was a mere fan of cricket and is now an inspiring and influential person in cricket. His cricket-centric platform, CBTF Speed News has all the latest cricket updates, news, tips, and tricks of cricket betting, cricket betting strategies, and so on. As cricket betting has gained popularity over the years, many people follow cricket betting sites to place their bets successfully. Therefore for them, the platform has been of immense help. 

You can register on a cricket betting site in India and place bets on cricket matches with cricket betting tips from CBTF Speed News. 

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