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BBL Cricket: A Comprehensive Guide To Predicting The Outcome Of The Game | CBTF Tips

Big Bash League (BBL) is a T20 league conducted by Cricket Australia and is one of the world’s premier domestic cricket tournaments. With the full support of the eyes and minds of 2 billion audiences, it enjoys appreciation and love from cricket fans across the globe. 

The Women BBL features 8 city-based matches from 8 city-based franchises as they go tough in a 9-week slugfest in the scorching heat of Australia. While the franchises fight for the coveted title on the ground, the players and the teams perform to get global recognition and lucrative future opportunities and so do bettors who find the best online market for BBL cricket prediction. The seasoned bettors get lured virtually with a plethora of wagering options available, such as pre-tournament, pre-game and live in-game. If you love to bet on cricket, it would drive you crazy to let this betting bonanza pass you by with a huge winning amount. 

Events that Help in Predicting the Outcome of the Event 

In various cricket events, there are multiple options where you can bet wisely and reap higher profits. Here are those events: 

  • Wait For The Toss

In the cricket betting market, the toss is something that is considered if a team wins the toss, it is more likely to win the game. Before the toss, markets are posted for logical reasons but the toss before a cricket match lets the winning team dictate the preferred style of match, be it setting a goal or chasing down the target. More often, this can be the right call or even poor news for the opponents. It gives you a brief understanding of the preferences of a team even if it means watching a few games at the beginning of the season, before starting your betting journey. If you are betting on the toss event, many times, the official teams are also announced during the toss, so be careful of the last-minute changes. 

Waiting for the toss helps you see which team is in the better condition and while the odds fluctuate accordingly, it’s worth losing some value to scrape out all the information related to the matches. 

For cricket betting, betting on ‘the best to score the most sixes’ is a fun market. The teams with higher hits perform when they bat first. Contrarily, when they come on the field to chase a small run score with 2nd batting, they don’t find the urge to score more runs and are likely to safeguard their wickets by taking fewer risks. So, toss-in cricket betting is a major factor that affects your cricket betting strategy. 

  • International Cricket Clause 

In Big Bash League, two players are imported from international teams that would surely affect your cricket match prediction. The risk here the bettors find is that the authorities call them up to play in their national team in the mid-tournament. All International players have a clause in their contract that representing their Country takes precedence over BBL contracts. BBL franchises are capable of replacing them in the squad without penalty but that won’t help you much. 

As a pro tip, when betting on BBL futures, it is better to avoid betting on international stars who get central contracts with their national team. They might leave the game anytime and your bet suffers gradually. 

  • Home Ground Experience 

If you want to bid on the value, it is always wise to pick homegrown players as they have a keen understanding of their home pitch. Even if they are not high profile, they won’t wait a bit to hit maximum against their opponent’s cricket megastars and bring them to their knees. 

Homegrown talent is underrated most of the time and you can get great value with their performances through betting. Similar to fantasy points, the bettors earn from field achievements like wickets, runs and catches in the betting market. Sportsbook offers an over/under points total on each player and often, under-the-radar local players can be over the odds!

  • Understand the BBL Finals System 

The BBL Finals system is helpful to give your betting strategy the right direction and that further affects your BBL prediction. So, here it is: 

At the end of 56 matches conducted home and away, the top 5 match post starts. In this, top teams qualify you can understand the format of BBL Finals works that you can implement for betting. 


Finals Stage Who Plays Nuts and Bolts
Match A “Eliminator” 4th v 5th  Winner plays away in “Knock-out” (Match C), Loser Eliminated
Match B “Qualifier” 1st v 2nd Winner to host “Final” [Match E]; loser to host “Challenge” (Match D)
Match C “Knock out” 3rd v Winner of Eliminator (Match A) Winner plays away in “Challenge” [Match D]; loser eliminated
Match D “Challenger” Loser of “Qualifier” (Match B) hosts vs winner of “Knock-out” (Match C) Winner plays away in “Final”; loser eliminated 
Match E “Final” Winner of “Qualifier” (Match B) hosts vs Winner of “Challenger” (Match D). Winner Crowned Champion


Wrapping Up

BBL is a T20 cricket league and you can say one of the favourite formats of the bettors to see the monetary benefits behind the cricket events. If you are new to BBL match prediction, every detail of the cricket ground can bring major differences in your betting strategies. 

For expert cricket betting tips and latest cricket updates, follow CBTF experts! 

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