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Like men’s cricket, the Indian women’s cricket team has been on the boom over recent years. For wagering on India cricket women matches, you won’t have to look more to enjoy the glorious performances and moments on the field. 

Women’s cricket is now played in prestigious domestic competitions in India, backed by thrilling franchises and major international tournaments like the Women’s Cricket World Cup. So, if you are looking to bet online on women’s cricket, be sure to keep an eye on the matches. 

History of Women Cricket 

The rise of women’s cricket began in the early 1970s. Since then, women’s cricket has come a long way. The worldwide emergence of women’s cricket harks back to the 16th century in the United Kingdom which evolved intergender matches. In the modern cricket world, women’s cricket has its individual significance across the globe. When women’s cricket was overlooked, now women’s cricket features many popular franchised leagues, backed by major sponsorship and massive crowds. 

Female cricket has been around for a long time, enjoying appreciation and popularity. In 1887, the first women’s cricket club was formed in England. Later, there was established the first female cricket association in 1926. In the year 1934, the first international tour was conducted by England against Australia and until 1950, female cricket was played on an international scale. 

From the 1970s to the late 90s, female cricket evolved steadily and by the mid-2000s, the women’s cricket squad established their own recognition. With the cumulative efforts, the International Cricket Council (ICC) officially sanctions women’s cricket with many international competitions. For effective betting, you must know about those events. 

Women Cricket Tournaments to Bet for Assured Wins

To place winning wagers, let’s give you a rundown on the women’s cricket matches: 

  • The Hundred 

The Hundred is conducted in the United Kingdom which is a professional franchise league. Its format is new and features just 10 balls in a match. This is a short form of cricket which is aimed at enticing the younger audience and keeping them glued. In the inaugural season of women’s cricket, The Hundred ended in August 2021 in which Oval Invincibles were the champions, taking the first women’s title.  

  • Big Bash League 

Women’s Big Bash League is the female version of Australia’s most popular T20 competition. In this league, eight teams feature local talent, emerging players, and international marquee players for better career exposure. In recent years, BBL has gained momentum, earning its own schedule in 2020, with the men’s league not coming in between. The first season of Women’s BBL was named ‘25 moments that changed cricket’ by ESPNcricinfo. 

  • Women’s T20 Challenge

Women’s T20 Challenge is also named the Indian Premier League (IPL). India cricket women in IPL show stellar performances which the bettors take into account for betting on different cricket events. IPL is cricket that gives opportunities to local as well as international stars of the cricket world. Do you love watching the India women match? It is a reflection of the power of Indian women on the ground that helps the punters to frame the right strategy for betting on different cricket events.  

T20 Challenge is a smaller cricket format in which there are only 3 participating teams. 

  • ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup

ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup is one of the oldest championships in women’s sports and has been conducted since 1973. Likewise, the men’s cricket world cup, this tournament is played in a 50-over One Day Internationals (ODIs) format and holds record-breaking viewership throughout the league, near to 180 million global audiences, indicating approx. 300% increase yearly. 

In 2022, the Australia Women’s squad won the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup after defeating England women in the final match by 71 runs. The bettors can understand and get the performance analysis to bet on future cricket events. 

  • ICC Women’s T20 World Cup

ICC Women’s T20 World Cup was first played in 2009 between the 10 nations on the ground. This women’s cricket tournament has gained huge popularity in recent years and every year. T20 World Cup has been played in 6 countries to date. 

The 2022 Women’s World Cup was arguably the most-watched female sports event in history with 89 million unique viewers. This is giving the bettors huge popularity to bet on women’s cricket events and reap maximum profits.  

  • The Women’s Ashes

Originally, the Ashes Series tournament was played as a points-based system in 2013. The Ashes series is a specific clash between the two greatest female cricket nations, England and Australia, featuring Test, ODI, and Twenty20 matches. 

Wrapping Up 

India women’s matches are not far from men’s cricket leagues. The domestic and international women’s cricket leagues are sponsored by official partners. 

If you are thinking of betting on various women’s cricket tournaments, CBTF Betting experts provide you free cricket betting tips and latest cricket updates to get winning wagers in cricket betting.  

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