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Crazy Stats About the T20 World Cup | CBTF

Cricket is one of the most exciting sports globally, where the men’s cricket team gets more recognition, praise, and fame. Moreover, the icc men T20 world cup is the most popular series of all. It was started in 2007 and has become immensely popular and entertaining. This series happens after every two years, whereas in 2020, the world cup was scheduled to be held in October. Due to the effect of covid-19, it was postponed to 2021, and the country host was changed to India. Australia was the winner of the 2021 ICC T20 world, and now recently, in 2022, the latest winner of the trophy is England. All of the T20 world cups match are remarkable. Here are some of the major records made by players. 

The Fastest Century

One of the most interesting aspects of cricket is the fastest century made by any player, the top name who has this record is Chris Gayle. While playing against England, gayle scored the fastest century in just 48 balls. In 2007, while playing against to South Africa, he scored a century in 57 balls, which is again an excellent record to hold.

The Fastest 50 Runs 

Yuvraj Singh holds the record of having the fastest 50 in the world cup T20 while playing against England in 2007. He scored 50 runs in just 12 balls, which is the fastest 50 of all time in the history of the T20 world cup. Moreover, This record is one of the most interesting ones, where Yuvraj scored six sixes in one over, which is again a good record to hold.

Most Runs in the History of the T20 World Cup

The most runs in the T twenty world cup is held by a former batter of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli. Mahela Jayawardene kept this record for around 1016 runs, but in the year 2022, Virat scored more than 1000 and leads to 1141 runs. This makes Virat Kohli number one in the list of most runs by the player in the history of the T20 world cup. 

Most Wickets in the T20 World Cup 

This record was carried by the Pakistan team player Shahid Afridi, which was broken by the left-handed- all-rounder of the Bangladesh team, Shakib Al Hasan. Before him, Afridi holds 39 wickets record in the history of the T20 world cup, which is now held by Shakib, who has taken 47 wickets till date.

Most Dismissal

The top player of the Indian cricket team, who is world famous for its wicketkeeping, is Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He is also the most talented batsman and captain of the Indian cricket team, who has a record of holding the most dismissals in the history of the T20 world cup. Moreover, he has taken 32 dismissals from 2007 to the 2016 world cup series. He is the only player who has a record of holding 100 international stumpings.

Best Captain 

The record of best captain in the history of the T20 World cup is having by Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He was named Captain cool because he leads his team to win the title of the 2007 world cup. He served his captaincy from 2007 to the 2016 world cup, where with his hardworking and cool nature, he became the best captain. Moreover, he is considered as the best wicketkeeper in the world. 

Most Runs by the Team

For the most runs in the history of the T20 World cup, this title is held by the international team Sri Lanka, where they managed to score 260 runs against the Kenyan team, where the opposite team just scored 88 runs. Moreover, Sri Lanka won the match with 172 runs in the year 2007, 14 September. It was an amazing game that made the history of the World cup. 

Most Wins and Losses of the Team

The record for the most wins to date is held by the international cricket team Sri Lanka. They hold the most wins overall, where they hold 32 winning matches. Sri Lanka was the only team that played in the finals three-time 2009, 2012, and 2014. It holds the title of the world Cup in the year 2014 only. 

The international cricket team Bangladesh has a record of the most losing games, where they scored 28 losses matches. 

So, there are a lot of records and actions that happened in the history of the T20 World Cup. Cricket is a game where multiple players make a record, and other player breaks it. These tips help you to know better about facts and figures about world Cup historical records made by teams and players. Only time will tell which teams will break the record and make news in upcoming years. The next world cup is going to be held in the year 2024.  To know more about the T20 world cup today match, stay tuned with CBTF Cricket Betting Tips


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