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A Brief Discussion on Winner Odds for India | CBTF

Millions of people are looking for cricket betting tips and information daily because the frequency of people is high. Every day, we saw new matches due to the international, franchise, and domestic cricket. Most of the cricket boards started their leagues and series after watching the high population and trends. Cricket is one of the most famous sports, and where the T20 world cup is one of the most popular. Here are some brief discussions on the World cup, including India’s victories, the match against Pakistan, and the winning odds. However, cricket is a well-loved sport, especially in India, so it was not surprising to see how fans were waiting eagerly. 

The recent ICC world cup T20 was held in October 2022 in Australia, every cricket fan from all over the world was waiting for that and looking forward to the tournament. In this world cup, 20 teams who have to compete with each other are enrolled in four different groups. The first match was held between Namibia and Sri Lanka. On 23 October, India’s first match was against Pakistan, where India scored 160 runs and won the match by four wickets. 

India’s Victories 

India’s victorious during all the seasons of the icc men T20 world cup was only in 2007 when the former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni led the team toward the finals. This was the first-ever T20 world cup, which South Africa hosted. During that tournament, the team India won the match against Pakistan and took the 2007 world cup title. However, India only loses one match against New Zealand during that tournament. 

Since then, the team has been trying to achieve the title in every T20 world cup. In 2014, the team went to the final against Sri Lanka, where the result was not in favor of India. Where Sri Lanka won by six wickets, and that match was remarkable for Sri Lanka. Till now, India has won 23 matches in the T20 world cup. 

India’s Performance in the 2022 T20 World Cup

The Indian team’s journey in the 2022 world cup is quite a roller coaster ride. Where they have played eight times, the team led by Mahendra Singh Dhoni for the first six times, Virat Kohli led India in the 2021 world cup, and Rohit Sharma led the latest. Moreover, India has played a total of 44 matches till now in the T20 world cup. 

The eighth series of the T twenty world cup was held in October 2022, where the performance of team India was good at the start, but they ended up in the semi-finals against England, like in 2016. they lost one match before entering to semi-finals, but after losing that, they got eliminated, and the winner of the 2022 world cup is England. 

Virat Kohli is the highest scorer in the series, not only in India but also throughout the entire tournament. In bowling, the Indian bowler Arshdeep has played very remarkably in the season and a standout performer from team India. 

India vs Pakistan 

One of the most famous rivalries among all the teams is between India and Pakistan. In the 2007 T20 world cup match finals, India defeated Pakistan by five runs and held the tournament’s trophy. In this season of 2022, they played together on 23rd October, where India scored 160 runs and won the match by four wickets. It was a great victory for India in the series of the word Cups, but they couldn’t make it to the finals. 

In the recent Asia cup, which ended in September, India stepped up the game and defeated Pakistan by five wickets. However, on the 4th of September, Pakistan won the game by five wickets, which made it difficult for India to step into the finals. Both of the matches were very exciting and edge-to-edge.

Winning Odds of India

Every Indian fan hoped to see India holding the Tile of the 2022 world cup, which can make history by winning the title after 15 years, but unfortunately, it does happen. Moreover, the team plays remarkably well under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma. For the upcoming future matches, it is expected that the former captain of India to have many victories and trophies in future games. 

Rohit Sharma is a successful batsman that led the IPL team Mumbai Indians to victories in 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2020. Five-time it made the team proud with his captaincy. Fans are looking forward to more victories in international cricket and other franchises.


Cricket is a globally competitive sports game that is widely famous among people. In this article, there is a complete analysis of the t20 world cup with India’s victories and performance consisting of winning odds. This helps you to get better knowledge about facts and the performance of the Indian team in the T20 world cup. To get an update about the T20 world cup today match, stay tuned with CBTF cricket tips



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