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Cricket Betting Tips & Predictions – CBTF

Cricket Betting Tips & Predictions

Everyone loves cricket. It’s practically a religion with worshippers from every country.

Anyone who loves cricket and prefers watching each national and international event associated with cricket, supporting their home team or favorite sports star, would also want to make profits from it. 

Cricket betting is one way through which you can do that.  The most common form of cricket wager is to make regular profits. It involves predicting the match results and betting on the team or a player one thinks will win or if the match will end in a draw.

However, as easy and fun as it sounds and looks, you should only place a bet spontaneously if you know the tricks and strategies behind them. It would be best if you were careful when putting your money or assets at stake. Know some valuable insights on cricket betting so you can go from being an amateur to a seasonal pro.

Top Cricket Betting Strategies

Here are some of the top cricket betting strategies you must know if you wish to earn money through cricket betting!

  • Dogon’s Strategy

Numerous betting strategies can be put to work for winning the bet, and one of the most effective is Dogon’s strategy.

It’s relatively pure and basic mathematics that is based on the principle of catch-up double the staking at every step to lose the losses incurred in the previous round.

It is an elementary form of betting strategy that is good for the short term.

  • Flat Betting

One of the oldest and most well-known betting strategies is flat betting. Again a work of simple mathematics, flat betting can be helpful for inexperienced people who put stakes. The principle behind a ‘flat bed’ is that every stake is worth the same amount, no matter how many wagers you place.

The advantage of flat betting is that it’s easy to stick to and doesn’t require a lot of thought or analysis.

It is an ideal cricket betting strategy, but It’s best to go with a small flat bet initially. 

  • “Percentage of Bank” Strategy

The “Percentage of Bank” Strategy is one of the punters’ oldest and most popular betting strategies. In this strategy, you divide your payrolls into a series of small wagers, usually between five and ten percent of your total fund. 

You then bet on every match, regardless of the chances of your winnings or losing. The logic behind this strategy is that you are more likely to win in the long run by making smaller bets. The most important thing is to stick to your betting plan and avoid getting too greedy.

  • The Kelly Criterion Betting Strategy

One of the most complicated betting strategies of all time, but it can be highly resourceful and effective if applied correctly. 

The prime objective of this strategy is to keep an equilibrium between risk and reward, which will help you maximize your reward and minimize the degree of incurred losses.

This strategy takes into account your winnings, losses, and bankroll size to give you an accurate figure to work with. 

For the Kelly Criterion to work, you have to calculate the chances and possibilities of winning a wager. Only then can you bet more on a team/player with a higher probability of winning and, likewise, stake less on a team/player that doesn’t have as much of a chance to win. You are required to have a thorough knowledge of the game/ player you are betting on. One thing to remember with the Kelly Criterion is that it sometimes works out differently than planned. Sometimes you will lose more money than you make, or vice versa.

  • Oscar’s Grind Strategy

Very similar to Dogon’s strategy but with a twist. Oscar’s Grind strategy is straightforward and easy to follow that is designed for grinding out profits. In this strategy, you don’t increase the stake after you lose. The stake will only increase when you win. Divided into ‘units’ and ‘sittings,’ every sitting begins with a unit bet and is followed through until you’ve earned the unit’s profit. After you win, a new sitting will start. However, if you lose, the sitting will continue until your wager comes through eventually. 

A great thing about this strategy is that there are no complex rules or progressions to follow. Keep placing small bets until you win, and reset it after four wins. It is an ideal strategy for a beginner who wants to try his/her cricket betting.

  • Ladder System

Another betting system that is ideal for beginners. Here, the amount you win in one bet is staked on the next bet. Always choose outcomes with relatively lower odds – ones with a high possibility of winning. Moreover, you specify the number of bets in a cycle. You should go for a three or 5-step ladder considering every new bet induces that one chance of losing it all. The major downside of this plan is if you lose a bet, you’ll lose everything.

Key Takeaways

  • Thoroughly research the team or the player you’re betting on. Their past performance, if they’ve suffered any injuries etc.
  • Keep tabs on the venue and weather of that location.
  • You should also be prepared for how betting markets are and work.
  • You should know how all the betting strategies work and the most suitable one for you. 
  • You must be disciplined and bet responsibly.
  • Regularly monitor your performance so that you’ll understand where you incur losses and how to plug them. 
  • Keep a record of all your staking, all the tournaments you’re participating in, and your winnings.
  • Set a tight spending limit to avoid exploiting your bank account.
  • Do a couple of dry runs to fully understand how cricket betting works. Move forward only if you feel confident in staking.
  • Don’t bet on the same team repeatedly. 

Wrapping Up

Betting is a fun activity until you spend all your resources carelessly. Have a thorough and apt knowledge about every strategy, player, and team and consider all the outcomes and factors that can affect the conditions of the game. Bet carefully and responsibly.

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