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Cricket Odds: Get the Best Cricket Betting Odds Online | CBTF

An expected thing can never happen here because cricket is a game of odds. A small team can upset one of the big teams, and in the recent world cup, we witnessed upsets. Small teams upset teams like England, Pakistan, and South Africa in the T20 world cup 2022.

The best cricket odds start with a toss, and any team can win the toss. The winning odds of the toss is 50%. If we convert it into numbers, the odds will be 2.0. For example, the odds of Pakistan winning the world cup is 9.00 means the probability of winning the match in Pakistan is 11.1%. The probability of winning a match will reduce if the cricketing odds increase. Bookmakers offer the highest return on the team with the best cricket odds.

The probability will decrease means the chances of winning will reduce with increasing cricket odds. If a team wins with higher cricketing odds, punters get maximum return.

Explanation of Cricket Odds 

There are many odds formats like American, Decimal, and Fraction. In the Indian betting community, decimals and fractions are the most preferred cricket betting odds. For example, the bookmaker offers 3/1 on Virat Kohli if he becomes the most scorer in a bilateral series, which means you will get INR 3 for INR 1 if Virat Kohli becomes the highest run scorer. Bookmakers do the tricky thing to increase your temptation. They offer the highest return on the player who has the best cricket odds. For example, KL Rahul is out of the form, so the bookmaker will offer 5/1 means you will get INR 5 for INR 1. Many people get trapped in the temptation and may bet on KL Rahul, but the probability of becoming the highest run scorer is very low.

In the Indian betting community, most people are using the decimal system. Understand the best cricket odds by an example. We will take 2.0 as a reference because the cricket odd 2.0 means the probability of happening anything is 50%. If odds are greater than 2.0, betting is risky, and we know it is as adds-against. If the odds are lower than 2.0, betting is safer, and we know it as an odds-on.

In decimal, if the cricketing odd is 1.5, you bet the INR 1000 on a team to win. If you win the bet, you will get INR 1500(1.5*1000).

How to Use Betting Odds

If you are betting on a sport, the betting odds are essential for us, and the odds help us the most in cricket. Picking out one team and getting the expected outcome is one thing and picking the odd is another. The odds decide how much money the bookmaker will return.

Let’s understand with an example, there are two bettors A and B. Bettor A, and Bettor B made the same prediction, won and lost the same amount of matches, and also invested the same amount of money. Bettor A chose the odd of 1.90, while bettor B chose the odd of 2.0.

Both the bettors played 60 matches in a league, won 39 matches, and lost 21 matches. In the end, Bettor A will have INR 70,500, and Bettor B will have INR 90,000. The difference is around 20k, and the reason is odd.

The only problem in choosing the bet with the highest odds is that they have less probability to win the world cup matches.


Betting Advice And Tips

If you want to become a good bettor, paying attention to a few things might help you. If you are betting on cricket, know the technicality and basic rules of cricket. Choose your match and a team from the cricket section to bet after analyzing a few terms: strengths and weaknesses of a team, pitch and weather conditions, and previous record. The record may include multiple things like a team is great at defending the total or a team is great at chasing the total. For example, SunRisers Hyderabad from IPL is great at defending the total because they have shown it again and again, while Chennai Super Kings is great at chasing the total. Analyze a match-winner player and their form because their form is crucial for the team’s success.


Cricket is one of the most celebrated sports, and people are crazy about this game. Millions of people bet on it without knowing the odds, and they lose the match. Cricket odds are a crucial aspect of a game, and you can become the best bettor without knowing it. In the Indian betting community, there are two types of betting odds that are famous: fractions and decimals. For example, bookmakers offer 3/1 on a team for winning. You will get INR 3 for INR 1 if the team will. In decimal, if the cricket odd is 1.5 and you bet INR 1000. The bookmaker will pay you INR 1500(1000*1.5) if your team wins. Visit the CBTF website to learn more about best cricket odds and cricket betting tips.

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