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Cricket – A Team’s Support Despite the Odds | CBTF

Cricket is one of the most preferred sports around the world due to the very competitive and adrenaline-exhilarating nature of the game. The survival of this game is dependent on the audiences and particularly audiences contribute a great deal during the World Cup

With the passing of time and several additional factors, the popularity of the game has taken a downward leap. Even during the World Cups, the audience index is not at the level it used to be, and cricket can be considered at its lowest. Several factors have contributed to this change, and the downfall of some great teams is one of the major factors that can not be ignored. 

The best example of this issue is West Indies. West Indies used to be among the best cricket teams, and at present, the game of the team is not as it used to be and is average at the best. This downfall in the standard of this great team is due to miss management for years. The team still has the potential, and the caliber to take the title, and the players of the team have demonstrated several times things in the games they have played. Even though they are not considered to be the top contenders in the game. 

The recent history of the team is also quite very promising, and they have mesmerized the world with their game. They faced the same issue as they are facing now in the year 1999. In the World Cup, they were not able to manage to have a place in the super six and were kicked out before the game. 

It was due to the fact the team was filled with un-experienced players and very few experienced ones. They did not let their hopes down despite the best cricket odds. They began to prepare the team with much more dedication and determination, and it allowed them to fight back the cricket odds that were obstructing their path. 

 Batsmen like Chris Gale and Wavell Hinds to the charge with their aggressive and promising cricket style and made efforts to overcome the existing situation and comply with the West Indies Legends of the past. Brian Lara, on the other hand, made a significant contribution to the team, and his skills and techniques need no introduction. 

 Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Carl Hooper were other players that were able to bring the required stability to the top batting order of the team and were able to fight the winning odds without any hiccups. Chanderpaul played consistent games throughout the matches, providing a strong position to the team. It remained his mode of playing throughout his career.  

On the other hand, Hooper was a moody batsman, and his batting career is filled with inconsistencies. When the mood hit him, he played attacking cricket and provided the team with a strong hold over the game. The partnership of these two players was worth watching, and when these two played their best games, they ensured the winning of the team. 

Ramnaresh Sarwan was also a player that was worth consideration, and he maintained a batting average of 50 runs and 80 runs in limited-over crickets. His batting style and technique were also brilliant. He was among the players that made West Indies a winning team in the matches. 

Not only the batsmen, but the bowlers also contributed to the rise of the team and provided the team with a strong position. Ballers like Mervyn Dillon, Lawson, Drakes, and Collins contributed a great deal to the game. Carl Hooper, Wavell Hinds, and Chris Gayle also facilitated the team with their spin bowling. Even though the condition of the West Indies is not up to the mark. 

Due to the lack of management, the team has not been able to comply with the legendary past it had. Despite the falling standard of the team, the Board of directors has not changed. The team requires a good leader on the management front and current leadership needs to be changed. 

At present, the management requires the insightful leadership of the players like Sir Garfield Sobers and Sir Viv. Richards and Clive Lloyd to improve the decision-making process. It will fill the gap and will make the team the whole. 

The team is still playing its best but does not comply with its legendary past, and to have the same, the management needs serious consideration. 


West Indies has a legendary past, and to follow the footsteps of the legends, the team requires to turn cricket best odds to their advantage and change the leadership. CBTF is the best cricket betting platform and provides the best cricket odds to the players. Cricket betting tips services provided by CBTF are the best and are spoken in high regard by consumers. Strategies and analysis are something that can provide the bettor with the best results from the bets placed in the game. 

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