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Fantasy Cricket Tips and Tricks- Best Tips to Win Big in Fantasy Cricket

People living in India are just crazy about cricket and they have made the cricket world a big deal. To replicate this world, fantasy cricket was brought to life for cricket lovers. It has become one of the most popular platforms for cricket lovers. 

The number of people associated with these types of platforms is rising and the number of platforms for playing fantasy cricket is increasing day by day.

Since everyone knows the relevance of fantasy cricket and how it has become one of the most favorite and played games not only in India but all over the world, the competition is increasing and thus the probability to win the game is not as easy as it used to be. 

What Is Fantasy Cricket? 

Fantasy cricket is an online game where the player has to create a virtual team from a pool of cricketers and earn points according to their performances in a match. The number of runs scored by your choice of batsmen or how many wickets has been taken down also shows how the fielder will be performing on the ground. 

This game is not as simple as it looks. All your luck depends on the players that you choose, thus you should select your team with complete thoughts. While luck does play a big role, fantasy cricket is majorly dependent on skills and anyone who has the relevant skills and knowledge can do pretty great in the field.

Just like today cricket betting, there are several free cricket tips today that will help you in winning big in the contests –

  • Analyze Player’s Performance

This is the first and foremost critical decision that you need to take. You have to check whether the player has been giving his best in recent games or not. Do not pick a player who was playing well a few months back but has lost his form now. 

You have to check the overall contemporary performance of a given player and their preceding track record or the recognition they experience as stalwarts of the sport. 

In the fantasy world, recent performances and form matter more than the player’s career record.

However, if you are choosing players for a league match then go for players who have a good record in the long run. 

Your player must be able to perform well under stressful situations, so try to collect all-rounders for your team, good batters, and some good bowlers. Choose a batsman who can smash the balls in powerplay overs.

  • Know The Pitch And The Weather Conditions

Pitch and weather conditions are some factors that fantasy cricket players do not give attention to and thus end up losing the game. Pitch performs a key function in finding out the destiny of the match. 

Although the behavior of the pitch changes continuously, you must still have a good amount of knowledge of the same. Identification of whether the pitch is a high-scoring or low-scoring pitch will help you in deciding whether you want greater bowlers or greater batters.

For example, if the pitch is slow and dry in an afternoon game then you should pick more spinners in your team rather than a swing bowler. 

Weather conditions are another thing that you need to be up-to-date with before the game begins. 

  • Find Out Which Players Are Playing the Game

The worst thing that can happen to you is if you pick out a player thinking he will play well and later discover that they are injured or are omitted from that match. Try to go for players who are regular with their presence and have left a mark on the team.

  • Captain And Vice-Captain

Another decision that you need to take care of is making the right players captain and vice-captain. These two decisions can make all the difference in the world. It can either make you win or lose the game or league. 

The captain of every fantasy game gets 2x points and the vice-captain gets 1.5x points. So, if you can choose them correctly, it will not be easy for your opponent’s team to beat you.

  • Selecting Batsmen

Selecting top-order batsmen is one of the easiest ways to win big in fantasy cricket, especially T20 matches. They have the responsibility to score big runs and face the maximum number of deliveries. 

Nowadays, almost all the teams are made in such a way that the top three players are the batsmen of the team. This makes the probability of them scoring more runs higher.

  • Calculate The Cost Of The Players

A few players are priced costlier than others but their overall performance does not justify their price. If you observe cricket closely, you will become aware of a good bunch of young players who are better than some established players.

  • Do Not Put All Your Money

You do not need to earn lakhs in a single day. Take your time and invest your money wisely in matches that you think will give you good returns. Devise a strategy and stick to it if it works for you. 

A couple of wins on any platform do not guarantee that you will start winning in future matches. Save yourself some money and invest it cautiously.

  • Update Your Team

After a toss, update your team. Firstly, pick the players who are playing. After that, change your strategy according to your opposing team and the team which is going to bat first. 

  • Research Every Detail Before The Start Of The Match

It is very essential that you research beforehand to have a solid foundation in the game. Focus your research on –

  1. A player’s statistics, their past and recent performance
  2. Pitch and report conditions
  3. Squad information
  4. Team performance while batting first & chasing
  5. Player performance at specific venues against other teams

Wrapping Up 

Fantasy cricket is a good way to earn money for anyone who has good information about cricket. These were some today cricket match tips that will help you in increasing your winning probability.

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